Floridarama At The Fairgrounds.

The Fairgrounds St.Pete has teamed up with my favorite Indie bookstore Tombolo Books to present The Floridarama Book Club.

This one is for the cat lovers.

The titles will all have Florida ties,either from a native Florida author or set in the Sunshine State. So many titles come to mind when you think books that have Florida ties. I hope the book club takes on some of the more wackier titles the area has to offer.

Already got my copy.

The first title on the slate is “Cat Tales” by Craig Pittman. Although I am not a fan of the Florida Panthers hockey team I am excited to learn more about the animal and it’s importance to Florida. Hopefully we can get Craig Pittman on one of those Fairground IG live interviews to give us more insight on the book.

The Floridarama Book Club gave me another reason to read more books as well as support my favorite local bookstore Tombolo Books. Really excited for everything The Fairgrounds has been doing recently, can’t wait to check out the upcoming art installations. To join the book club all you have to do is go to Tombolo Books and pick up a copy of “Cat Tales”, and start reading!

St.Pete’s Book Store Oasis.

Tombolo Books located on 2153 1st Ave S, is St.Pete’s premier indie bookstore and writers paradise.

Many favorites are showcased in the front of the store.

Despite the pandemic Tombolo has adapted to the changes by using resources like online orders and curbside pick up. They also recommend making a reservation if you plan on coming into the store however walk ins are welcome.

The staff picks wall are the go to for any blind buyer.

A friend of my Dominic one of the leaders of the Cat’s Meow dance group always raves about the great staff picks and is always keeping me up to date on the latest sales and specials Tombolo offers. Whether it’s fiction, non fiction, or some of the best local work, you more than likely can find it at Tombolo and if not they will be glad to order it for you. Some of the best book curation at Tombolo with new staff favorites added constantly.

Shelves and shelves for your reading pleasure.

Tombolo also partners up with various groups to host book clubs under their fleet, allowing anyone to join in any month just head to the rack and find this months selection from the various clubs on display.

The gift that keeps on giving.

My favorite part of Tombolo Books are the writers workshops they offer featuring local writing guru Roy Peter Clark. I believe the class is only like $10 and you get a gift card of equal value to use at Tombolo so it’s win win. The classes from Roy are very helpful in my writing journey, putting me on to skills I had not yet learned, allowing me to sharpen my sword.

Show your support for our indie book store by rocking some merch.
This would be the first book as a part of the Jit Camp book club.

Tombolo Books is now a cornerstone for our St.Pete Art Community. I would like to see more of the writers workshops in the future as well as my own Jit Camp book of the month club under the Tombolo Books umbrella. With the year just beginning there is so much opportunity, so start your New Years reading goal now.