The Summer Of The Scrying Orb.

It is time to once again enter the world of Garbäj, with their latest SS22 collection featuring the brand new Orb Weave logo hats, as well as the Scrying Orb shirts in Sky Blue, Yellow, and Matcha color ways. If that wasn’t enough the clerics have blessed us with a dope Labwork shirt and an exclusive shirt drop for PRIDE.


It’s been a minute since we got a hat and shirt combo from Garbäj. The color combos on the collection are pretty interchangeable but I feel the way they are presented by Garbäj are the best looks. I really dig the color font on the Forrest Green hat that pairs nicely with the matcha orb tee.

It’s the purple for me
Harness the power of the black orb

It’s always the yellow tees for me. This color combo kind of gives of villain vibes to me but it’s cool. The purple font on the yellow tee seals the deal for me. The black hat has the most rockability so I have my eye on that joint.

The sky blue color pairing is on some hero type beat. The green orb and the green trim around the font really shines on the tee. Garbäj always nails it with the blue tees.

My favorite drop of the collection though is the labwork shirt. It reminds me of the more experimental designs coming out of the LA scene but they feel right at home in Sunny FLA. Despite being not the biggest fans of white tees, the green and black hits are to good to resist, maybe it’s the aura of the orb calling to me.


For their surprise Pride Release, Garbäj will be donating the proceeds of this special Pride shirt to the Fitzlane Project, a project that helps aid underprivileged Transgender Youth and Young Adults of the Greater Tampa Bay Area by offering therapy to better aid them in their journey and transitions.


It is unclear what role the Scrying Orb will have on the world of Garbäj, but as long as the clerics have it in their possession we are all safe. Big shout out to Garbäj for everything they do for the community, as well as blessing us with the finest quality clothing in the land.

Gifts From The Cleric

The good folks over at Garbäj are ending the year out strong, blessing us with some gifts for the holiday season.

🏕💯❇️ 🗡

In collaboration with Moose In The Burg, these new home decor pillows are replicas of the Holy Sigil Prayer Blade, forged by the Clerics of The Recyclical Basilica. This is an essential piece for any lover of all things Garbäj. Able to be used for display or combat this piece works as a fashion piece as well as protection against the Gatekeeper.

🏕💯❇️ 🏰

I really dig these new hand printed tote bags that just dropped as well. Featuring different designs my favorite as got to be the one featuring the Recyclical Basilica. Some of my favorite pieces are usually the ones featuring the Garbäj logo or a different spin on the logo. That Holy Sigil Prayer Blade on the strap is a nice touch.

With 2021 coming to a close I can’t wait to see what Garbäj has in the cards for us next year. I love the journey Garbäj takes us on with each release, further expanding the lore and world, while keeping the supporters dressed in drip.

Jet Set Garbäj Future.

The good people at Garbäj are back, blessing us with some new gear for the summer time with a tie dye drop as well as a tube top and muscle tee release,


Tye dye is having a bit of a renaissance lately so I am glad to see Garbäj showing their take on the tie dye tee. I have never seen the method they used done before, with instead of the whole piece being one or two colors the whole piece has various splotches. That yellow color way hits a different but I will probably end up picking both pieces.

Boycott Caustic Castle

Being in Florida, muscle tees and tanks are essential. We must stop Caustic Castle at all cost so now you can rock your “Boycott Caustic Castle” shirt in the heat. This more navy color way is a great addition to the already classic OG “Boycott Caustic Castle” shirt.

Can you feel the sunshine

Finally tube tops will be available for the first time. Adding into that cool summer vibe, the tops are hand printed and sewn with water based inks using recycled fabrics that are (100%) cotton. This yellow color way is really dope, I love how much Garbäj has been incorporated yellow lately.

The world of Garbäj is opening up more and more. I am very excited to see what the future holds as well as what new gear becomes available down the road.

Boycott Caustic Castle

Putting all their power into stopping the Caustic Castle, Garbäj is adding some “Boycott Caustic Castle” tees to the drop on Friday.

Stop Caustic Castle at all cost

I first caught wind of the message on a tote bag posted from a recent Garbäj pop up, seems like all the exclusives show up at those. Those that follow the Cleric would be wise to get behind the movement. Not sure if the totes will be available but the people at Jit Camp are here to ally in the effort.

The Gate Keeper can’t stop us all

Tons of dope gear dropping on the Garbäj site Friday 5/7. Like most of the drops, all these pieces are very limited, so don’t get stuck in the sludge.

Back And Forth

After saving the game on their last release, Garbäj is here once again with one of the dopest collabs and pieces I have seen from the brand to date.

Shout out DJ DABS

This go around Garbäj has teamed up with digital creator 2oo2.oo to create a dope new experience for any fan of the brand. The font choice is always my favorite part of a Garbäj tee, so when I saw a sneak peek of these at a recent pop up I just knew I had to pick one up. The style almost seems like some cyber renaissance festival type shit. The sun/star smiley face was a really dope take on what I feel is becoming a tired aspect of some brands. But Garbäj is always able to recycle trash into something beautiful.

So far the announced color ways are a grey tee, a sort of off white pink colored tee, as well as my favorite the bright yellow tee. I heard these are going to be very limited so dope wait they drop on this Friday 5/7.

The Duality Of Garbäj.

Taking influence from RuneScape, Final Fantasy, The Legand Of Zelda, and Card based games, the homies from Garbäj Clothing are back with hands down their most ambitious drop to date. Which route will you choose The Cleric or The Gate Keeper?

The Light
The Darkness

The drop consists of two long sleeves, “The Cleric” one featuring a baby blue color scheme with hits of yellow on the side to represent the “Holy Espee”. “The Gatekeeper” comes in black with hits of purple and red to represent the “tool of sin”. As far as the product goes this is by far my favorite drop from the brand. I am a big fan of long sleeves, you already know the material is gonna be top notch. Plus $5 of each purchase goes to help Suicide Awareness and Mental Health. I personally plan on picking up both of these pieces but the roll out in which Garbäj dropped for the collection taking the RPG video game approach while adding in the environmental aspect is what brings the release to life.

The choice is yours.
We need this in the upcoming Exotic Pop machine.

Garbäj released a video game esque trailer, bringing us deeper into the world of Garbäj as well as expanding the lore. In this first person adventure you take a sip of the Garbäj Juice, transporting you to Garbäj mountain, were you choose whether you want to enter the “Recyclical Basilica” or the “Caustic Castle”!

I can hear the castle flutes.
Garbäj saved the game.

The “Recyclical Basilica” is what we all strive for. The structure is built from recycled materials built from clerics who’s mission on earth is to stop pollution. The bonus stats for this card are pretty awesome supporting your stats and allowing resurrection.

Chum Bucket vibes.

For those who embrace the darkness I would choose the “Caustic Castle”. The Gate Keeper watches over the stinky almost monster like structure. Pollution spews from the castle spreading death and disease to all inhabitants. Those that dabble in sin will gain bonus attack from the castle.

The Gate Keeper
But what is he guarding?
You triggered my trap card!

If you choose the “Caustic Castle” you will be greeted by “The Gate Keeper” who shall decide the ultimate fate of your soul. Armed with his tools of sin “The Gates Chains” The Gate Keeper will grant you all that you desire or blind you. What lies behind the castle walls?

Shout out to Clergy.
Blessings on blessings on blessings.
Let there be light.

For those of you who choose the “Recyclical Basilica” will be greeted by “The Cleric” the keeper of everything light restoring faith to the earth. Armed with his “Tools of Prayer” The Cleric uses the “Holy Espee” to heal all.

With many cards at play it is uncertain what will happen next in the world of Garbäj. It is up to the player to decide which path is best for them on their environmental journey.

Garbäj Bullets Pierce My Heart.

The homies at Garbäj clothing are back just in time for Valentines Day with the “Lupercalia” drop.

Sonic vibes.

The capsule is made up of a white tee shirt featuring the Garbäj logo we all know and love but this time with a more heartfelt vibe. The graphic reminds me of something out of Sonic or some life point heart a video game character would run through in order to gain an extra life. The candy blue pairs up great with the pink heart over the all white tee.

Candy blue is making a comeback.
Really like the minimalism of this piece.

The hoodie piece comes in this really dope candy blue color way, featuring the classic Garbäj logo in a white font. The minimalist approach to the piece allows the logo to take front and center.

With a bunch of other teasers popping up on the Garbäj IG page, it’s safe to say fans won’t have to wait long for the next drop.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Garbäj.

With Winter coming Garbäj Clothing is bringing product made to get dirty.

This “Faerie Ring” crew neck is a big winter vibe.
Perfect balance of fantastical and spiritual.

A majority of the drops Garbäj does factor into the “Recycle, Upcycle, Be The Cycle” movement. Their latest “Faerie Ring” collection bends the fantastical with the spiritual all in one drop. Bringing these images and ideas from the past into something new, strengthens the cycle theme of Garbäj. A majority of the proceeds from each drop go to charities, if you needed another reason to support this dope brand.

The “Gundam” tee brings everything full circle.
The “Nano Particle” tee is one of the harder to find Garbäj releases.

For me the “Gundam” drop hits home the most, bringing something nostalgic from my past, one of my favorite anime’s, into the present. The “Nano Particle” tee is one I own personally, the first piece of Garbäj I was able to get my hands on.

With all eyes on the “Faerie Ring”, I have a feeling Garbäj is planning something crazy for their next drop. The dope visuals they have been dropping recently leading up to each drop, reveals the story of what’s to next to come for the “meant to be dirty” brand.