The Future Is $GREY

With the shift to Web3 on the horizon, the holders of $GREY have come together to create the $GREY DAO to ensure the mistakes of Web2 are not made again.

🏕💯🗿 🪙

The $GREY DAO is a decentralized design house with the mission centered on creating digital and physical products. Taking inspiration from the efficacy of the group “Anonymous” and the anonymity of Maison Martin Margiela. The existence of the group is to give ownership back to the creatives. The success and failure of the $GREY DAO is based solely on the community.

$GREY Is The Way

Season 1 began on 11/05/2021 establishing citizenship within the $GREY DAO as well as how to attain more $GREY. The 3 member $GREY Council helps steer the direction of the $GREY DAO as well as decide the monthly $GREY budget for citizens, how the governance will evolve, team members postpone, as well as the evolution of each season.

$GREY Is The Future

There is only 10 Million $GREY in existence. The only ways to obtain $GREY is to be given it for activity in the $GREY Area, or swapping it out for ETH. In the $GREY society your role is determined by how much $GREY you poses.

The Tourist role is required to hold at least 1 $GREY in order to have access to the $GREY Area.

The Citizen role unlocks the UGI (Universal $GREY Income). You must be active in the $GREY Area to remain a citizen. As a citizen you are able to submit proposal ideas for the group. A citizen must hold 200 $GREY at all times.

The Architect role opens up the ability to propose votes and partnerships. The suggest requirement to obtain the role of Architect is currently holding 2000 $GREY.

The Partner role will reward those for providing the group with the essential manufacturing and production abilities in order to help the collective prosper with each coming season.

With the $GREY DAO Manifesto only being in existence for a little under a month, we are merely on the cusp of what the $GREY DAO could eventually become. It is up to the inhabitants of the $GREY Area to create and work together for a better future.

Mackey Emmanuel- Feelings on F*ck It

Coming off last years St.Pete Hip Hop classic “Sky Zhone” by Zhudaru1963 introducing a majority of the core members of the Zhudaru Collective, it was only a matter of time before Mackey Emmanuel dropped a banger for the city. On “Feelings On F*ck It” Mackey Emmanuel is able to capture the streets and club, providing the soundtrack for anyone living that life in Sunny St.Pete.

🏕💯 🐼 🍃 💨 🔥

The triumphant “Groove” has Mackey in his bag. No one is on his level when it comes to the melodic street shit. The vocals on this joint are some of my favorite Mackey has done to date. Perfect way to kick off the project.

At this point “Too Much” featuring Kalixo Ratchet is a St.Pete Hip Hop classic. It fits the vibe of the album for sure and was a nice addition.

An ode to Mackey’s Grandma, “Pauline” was one of the first singles released off the project. Whenever you are having a bad day just throw this joint on and let your worries fade away. Hopefully down the road we can get some visuals for this one.

Other than “Too Much”, “Tommy Vercetti/Kerosene” featuring Kayo Da Beast is my favorite track off the project. The first half “Tommy Vercetti” is a St.Pete Strip Club anthem. All the clubs in the 727 need to have this one on repeat. This one just got that Zhu vibe. Once the beat switch happens and shit slows down it’s time for the melodic “Kerosene”. I remember when the teaser video for this track dropped and I was waiting for this one to get an official release. “Kerosene” is on some gangster shit for sure.

“Numbers” is another standout track on the album. The atmospheric beat is a nice change up for Mackey. This one has a bit of a J.Cole vibe to it but not anywhere near as corny. Mackey is spitting some real shit on this track, dealing with fallen foes and fallen friends it’s a struggle out here in the 727.

“Yahfehme” was the final single released before the project officially dropped. This one has a vibe that could be in a 2K game or Madden. I feel like this track pretty much embodies the vibe and tone Mackey was going for on the album as far as theme and sound goes.

The project ends out with the bouncy “Caicos”. This one has Mackey on his exotic shit. This some shit you just jam in the whip with the sun going down. The feel good vibe will have you flexing on everyone in sight.

With “Feelings On F*ck It” Mackey Emmanuel continues the run of dominance out of the Zhudaru in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene. With no signs of slowing down it’s only a matter of time before Mackey drops another single for the city.

Skully Cipriani- A Meticulous Process EP

After pulling up to the BTMVLE Studio for the exclusive listening party before the project dropped, I could hardly wait to hear the latest project in full from Skully Cipriani. On A Meticulous Process EP, Skully Cipriani blends the best elements of Boom Bap and Trill to standout on his own amongst the rest of the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene.

🏕💯 ☠️

Off rips the production on this project is a standout. I am pretty sure I have heard all of these samples before but Skully makes them his own with his swaggy delivery. It’s almost like 2010 era Charles Hamilton mixed with some Dilla.

“Head High” was a great track to start the EP off with. The horn based production allows Skully to talk his shit. Despite the everyday struggles of life Skully keeps his head up high, knowing that better days are coming.

“Eastern Market” has that Experimental Hip Hop vibe where the beat is off but on beat at the same time. This track is short and sweet but Skully doesn’t get caught up in the beat, making every line count.

My favorite track on the EP is “1 Spliff” from the funky beat to Skully’s laid back delivery. This is that late night smoke sesh joint on the way to Waffle House, shout out to Guapo. That wheels fall off lines continues the theme of despite being down at the moment if we keep grinding we will make it through it.

The next video Skully does needs to be for Bahn Mi. I would love to see a whole project dealing with food done by Skully that would be a vibe. The beat on this one sounds like some old school Vegas night club type shit. That David Lynch line is a favorite of mine.

“Where We Belong” features a really dope soul sample on the instrumental, that switches up into some laid back groovy shit. All the beat changes are really dope, and Skully is able to go from beat to beat with ease.

I really dig the style and sound Skully Cipriani went for on this EP. All the themes and content made sense and flowed well making the project stronger as a whole and not just a bunch of random songs. There is definitely a place in the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene for this type of Hip Hop. I will be anticipating what Skully does next, but hopefully we can get a couple visuals off this project, to bring the EP to life.

Deleteeglitch- “Oh Boy! This Is My Lucky Day!”

Originally put on to me by my brother Outside Illz, when I heard the enigmatic Deleteeglitch was dropping a new project, I had no choice but to press play. Combining elements of Abstract & Experimental Hip Hop mixed in with some Tampa Bay flavor, Deleteeglitch creates a new lane in the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene on “Oh Boy! This Is My Lucky Day!”.

🏕💯🧩 💻

The project starts out with the accordion based beat “My Bad”. Glitch does that thing other great Experimental Hip Hop artists can do, rap flawlessly on an off kilter beat that you think wouldn’t work but it does. Glitch kills it with that slow flow.

“Germs” featuring Deaudrick Williams contains a harp and flute sample that reminds me of fall days in NY. The imagery Glitch paints with his words, brings the listener along for the journey like when he’s talking about lobster rolls. That “My rich bitch, a witch, she gon hit you with this curse line was a standout for me. All the germ references from both MCs especially the end of Deaudrick’s verse tied the song together well.

The beat on “OffTheBrads” is chaotic and wonky. The listener can now feel what it feels like inside Glitch’s mind when he is off the brads. The outro of the track was a really nice touch, i really dig that type of thought when it comes to song structure.

“Mitochondrichronic” has that laid back Joey Bada$$ “1999” vibes style production. You can tell Glitch is really having fun on this one. That shockmaster reference will go over a lot of peoples heads but jit is definitely hip to the game.

“Maggots” is one of my favorite tracks on the entire project. The “Midnight Marauders” esque intro and beat remind me of some tribe shit until it takes a slow turn into the world of Glitch. The track feels like the start and ending of a high or trip Glitch is on. Everything starts out clear but soon things start to feel like a hallucination. Great fucking track!

Now if the last one didn’t have you “Siamese Gold” is one of them ones. From the atmospheric wonky beat to the god tier verses from each person on this track. YZM had so many standout lines on his verse from Kakarot, to Kanye, to shouting out the homie Outside Illz. 9Henom killed it with his mix of flows and rhyme schemes. He really went in at the end of his verse. We definitely need a video for this joint, it’s destined to be a Tampa Bay Hip Hop Classic.

“I Seen LITE” is that party starter. That beat is so dusty and Glitch just rips it. This joint was made to be played at the BTMVLE Studio. The ad libs and shout noises that pop up on the track add to the hallucination vibe of the project. Shout out to the 727.

Things take a slower pace on “Bad Luck 2 Kill a Seabird”. That Lou Thesz line was really dope and unexpected. Things pick up a bit after “The Lighthouse” sample and the horns it. That final beat with the horns is one of my favorite parts of this project. Really enjoying the film references. When things get $lugged out at the end of the track, things get a little more Trill.

“Wats Yo Hurry” features a really dope sample chop. I thought it was interesting how Glitch’s bars float over the already vocal heavy production.

I got a chance to see “Woman” performed live at the Skully Cipriani listening party and they didn’t disappoint. The whole “ollo” rhyme scheme from Glitch is definitely a standout on the album. I really dig the Trill production on this one. Skully brings his own swag on the track. That Kitano line was cold af. Glitch killed it with that double cup line on his second verse.

“Sun Turn 2 Ice” was the first single released off the project, and it had me hooked instantly. This one sort of reminds me of the vibe Blu be on, which is saying a lot since he’s one of my favorite MCs. The hook on this joint is my favorite on the whole project, shit has been stuck in my head since I first heard it. I always catch myself singing “ I wanna see whatcha made of?”.

This is one of the best projects I have heard this year, not only from both sides of the bay but in the entire game. Deleteeglitch is bringing a style and sound I would have never thought would come out of the south or the Tampa Bay Area, making his name very fitting. I am really hype to hear whatever he drops next, fingers crossed on that “Siamese Gold” video doe.

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like NFTmas

Following up his acclaimed “100 Everyday Items Collection”, Robert Gallardo is tapping into our childhood just in time for Black Friday with the new “100 Childhood Toys” NFT collection.


Just now getting into the Ethereum game I missed out on the first collection Rob dropped a few months back, it was a pleasant surprise to see these pop up on my feed. Despite not having the ETH to get past the gas fees at this time the prices on the pieces is still pretty reasonable with each one fetching around $44-$49 before fees. I still wanted to highlight the collection as well as shout out some of my favorite pieces.

“I’m Gumby dammit!”

A majority of the toys featured in the collection come from the 90s and early 2000s but a few surprises like the “Star Wars” figures and my personal favorite in the collection the “Gumby” figure come from a previous generation.


This “Hungry Hungry Hippo’s” piece is very nostalgic for me. As a Jit I would play this game all the time, trying to fill up my Hippos belly so much that it would pop. I don’t remember which Hippo I would select the most, more than likely the blue or the green. If this one is still available on Opensea I will definitely add it to the wallet.

Let it rip!!!

Now this one brings me back. From the show to it being a staple at everyone’s party as a kid, you knew it was go time when the Beyblade arena. was brought out. Jits would rev up their Beyblade so much it would break as soon as it it the area. Dragoon was always the best one in the show but my favorites were the cyber counter parts of the main characters Beyblades. Back in the day we really thought a big ass dragon was gonna pop out of the centerpiece, and for some of us it really did.

From the Robot Dog to Stretch Armstrong, this NFT collection has everything on your Jits wishlist. So pull out your MetaMask and sail on over to the Opensea, to get your hands on some rare Cybermonk NFTs.

What’s A Rugmarole

With rug culture on the rise, it was only a matter of time before someone with amazing tufting skills stepped onto the Tampa Bay scene. Introducing Rugmarole!

Ruff & Rugged

Despite just getting into the tufting game a few months ago, Rugmarole has already done a few solid commissions for some of my favorite brands in the Tampa Bay Area. These spooky skulls rugs commissioned for Chksonly raffle came out really dope.


This 30in “Psily Boy Troy” rug commissioned for Chksonly takes it to another level, adding in more colors and details to the piece. I really dig the take on Toad from the Mario series. For some reason it reminds me of Pierre Bournes music, I am not sure if it’s an influence but it definitely fits.

My favorite piece so far from Rugmarole is the Before The Store “BTS” logo rug. Before The Storm is gang so you already know this was gonna be one of them ones. Any fan of the brand or collective would want this piece in their collection. Would love to see Rugmarole’s take on the three spirals logo the brand is often associated with.

With commissions closed for the time being, some more customs and a few surprise pieces will be released by Rugmarole in the near future. If you missed out on the latest commission openings, I would definitely keep it locked to the Rugmarole IG or just hit them up to see when you can reserve a spot to get the rug of your dreams.

Master Of The Craft

Fresh off crafting the score for the Luis Ramos film “Sunrise”, Jordan Patrick aka “Jxpvtty” is back on the scene with two brand new singles “Hey You” & “Leap Of Faith”.


The first single “Hey You” has a cinematic vibe to it. The haunting synths go hand and hand with hard hitting drums. Jordan’s flow glides along the beat especially when the icy piano keys hit. The “Get Out” esque cover art provided by Robert Gallardo adds to the chilling track.

Both cover arts by Robert Gallardo 🏕💯🗿🐐

The second single “Leap Of Faith” has more of a melodic Jeremih vibe to it. The piano keys on this one are more present, but they fit the more somber vibe of the track. Jordan’s vocals are really well done on here, not coming off corny or out of place. The saxophone and chopped and screwed elements towards the end of the track give it that splash of southern hip hop, you already know Jxpvtty is reppin 813. The album cover art by Robert Gallardo reminds me of a reverse of the scene from “Killer Of Sheep” the film by Charles Burnett that Mos Def used as the cover for “The Ecstatic”.

I am not sure what this means as far as a full release from Jordan, but at least we have these singles to hold us over until “2 Much 2 Robb” with Gat$ drops next year.

Illegal Streetwear

Bridging the gap between art and streetwear, i.B.O.M.S. dives into the world of fashion with his latest project “Illegal Streetwear”.


Inspired by a trip he had over to the Pacific Northwest, Jabari picked up some puff jackets and went to work on them. Each piece in the collection stands on its own while containing the i.B.O.M.S. signatures we all know and love.

After 9th St

The black and yellow instantly gives me bumble bee vibes. I really dig the abundance of blooms on the front of the puffer. An exit sign can be found on the back of the puffer as well as several ode to 9th Ave S. And 34th St. The “Shell” logo on the back is reminiscent of those old school “NASCAR” jackets from back in the day.

Child’s Park

As soon as you see the pink whale centerpiece you think “Child’s Park”. In a way this one comes off as the most abstract to me because of the whale but the Orange and the pink blend well. A couple blooms can be found along the whales back. The Exit Signs are tagged up along the back, covering a majority of the piece. The “Detour” and “Caution” hits make there way alongside the exit signs.

Lake Maggiore

“Lake Maggiore” is my favorite piece in the collection. From the aquatic color palette, to the small details of the gator on the front, this one has it all. Blooms cover the entire back piece allowing the front to take center stage. The small hits of yellow and Orange for the pelican make the piece pop. Big Florida vibes on this one.


Taking a stab at the denim game, this denim jacket features a slew of exit sign tags. From now on whenever I see the “snooze” tag I will subconsciously hear a snooze alarm going off. Would definitely like to see a team up on a denim piece with my homies over at Cowboy By Takeo, that would change the denim game for sure.

John Doe’s Hopscotch

I love the western vibes on the front of this piece. The green, white, and brown color palette gives off “Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas” vibes. On the front of the piece blooms are falling from the sky above a winding road in the desert. The skeleton arm was a dope addition. The back of the piece features a hopscotch board. Despite being associated with childhood, the hopscotch board on this piece has a ghostly vibe to it.

Neighborhood Philosopher

The red blooms over the blue puffer just screams “Spider-Man” vibes to me. On the left arm the swirls of red, white, and blue create a barber pole. Exit Signs make there way to the back of the piece in splotches of yellow and baby blue.

I am not sure if this series will continue but I hope i.B.O.M.S. continues to experiment in the world of “Illegal Streetwear”. With a couple surprise collabs on the way, hopefully some news pieces pop up soon.