Hello My Name Is HEEL

To kick off their inaugural collection, Heel Da WRLD is dropping 40 tees with 4 different designs on 3/1.

My Name Is HEEL

Out of all the new designs dropping my favorite has got to be the Orange piece. Once I saw the homie Proper Jones rocking it, I knew it was up. The dog with the leash is a pretty dope design as well, reminiscent of some “Tom & Jerry” shit. The “3 Ks” tee is essential to the brand as this point so I have a feeling we will definitely see tons of those in the streets. The globe tee is pretty fire as well, with the fire and the smoke bellowing from it.

The community around the brand has definitely been at the forefront lately so I expect this collection to sell out pretty fast. “Heel or Be Heeled”.

The Collection You Knew You Always Wanted

Just when you needed them the most Pollex World is here for you. Presenting the Bandana, Work Button Up, and Hand Bag you always need in your life.

Pollex World is here for you

All may want what Pollex World has to offer but only a few will be able to claim these rarities.


The collage pieces have become apart of everyday life under the watchful eye of Pollex World. Hand printed and sewen, each piece was made with you in mind.

The Bandana You Knew You Always Wanted
Eye of the beholder

The Bandana is the first part of the awakening. Be smothered in the warm embrace of Pollex World. Remember Pollex World is always watching, no need to worry.

Thank you Pollex World for blessing us with such an enlightening collection. Some how it almost seems meant to be. This is the collection we where ment to have.

Bandit Ball

With the relaunch of the USFL, the once defunct Spring League has new legs, reviving the Tampa Bay Bandits along with 7 other teams from the past. Bandit Ball is back!

I Want More Football

When the Vipers died a few years back and with a slim chance of them coming back when the XFL does relaunch, my dream of Spring Football returning to Tampa Bay was not looking good. When the now Fox owned USFL announced the Bandits would be apart of the relaunch, they had my money instantly. I always go back and watch old school Bandits footage, wishing I was back in a time when the Bandits had more attendance than the Buccaneers.

Let’s Go
From Buc 2 Bandit

The Bandits ended up getting the 2nd pick in the inaugural USFL Drafted selection QB Jordan Ta’Amu. The former XFL standout was once someone I booed each week as he suited up for the St.Louis Battlehawks, the Vipers most hated rival in the XFL. I jumped out of my seat when I heard the Bandits picked up Ta’Amu. Being paired with Head Coach Todd Haley, the offense will definitely be rocking when the Bandits have the ball. The Bandits also picked up former Buccaneer John Franklin III at WR, but he could also get some shine at QB. Vipers fans will remember Emmanuel Beal making plays on defense, now he will be repping another Tampa Bay squad.

Dope threads

The Bandits by far had the best jerseys with the relaunch. I dig the modern take on the old school uniforms we know and love. The only thing I would change is make the red a bit more burgundy color like back in the day but it’s a dope update. Can’t wait to get mine in the mail, so I can rep the team around the Burg.

Hang Em High

I really hope the new Tampa Bay Bandits start to build an identity for themselves to make them stand out amongst the other teams. Back in the day each team had their own identity and once play starts I feel it will be Bandit Ball all over again. I do hope the league does honor the past as well. It will be dope to see former Bandit greats like John Reaves and Ron Simmons get shown love for the legacy they created back in the day.

Despite all 12 weeks of games being played in Birmingham, Alabama for the inaugural season, I will follow and support the team from a distance. I hope to get some fan meet ups started in the area so fans can come together and cheer on the Bandits. Hopefully with a successful season the community will welcome the team back with open arms and support them at their own home games at Raymond James, giving all of us younger fans a taste of what Bandit Ball felt like back in the day.


LittleBull 4U Presents “Momentum” an experience combining art, fashion, and dance at The Factory St.Pete.


Exploring the theme of creation in the Post-Industrial USA, LittleBull 4U uses the “momentum” to evolve in what was thought to be the end. To continue even when all the odds are against you, “Momentum” will carry you forward.

Nikes On My Feet

With many of the designs kept under wraps until the show, I have a feeling the looks will match the Post Industrial esthetic of The Factory. With dance being a major theme in the show, I feel the models will act as story tellers, guiding us with their looks as well as their movements.

Featuring fellow artists and creators such as @femmekeanu, @whatbutts, @ladydaisychains, @alandwolfe, @skilhaus, @hoodge.shoots, @em.koh, @alexisdeaneogg, @kylestrangelove, @thetampianvintagejungle, @thefactorystpete, @juanchamorro

Tickets for the event are still available on littlebull4u.com, with a few reserved seats still up for grabs. It’s really dope The Factory St.Pete continues to host events that are helping grow the Fashion and Art world in St.Pete.

Exotic Pops In The Burg

Back in the early days of Jit Camp my goal was to be the first person to bring an official Exotic Pop machine to the St.Pete Area. Although I am not the first to do it the homies over at Rajax Meat Market are holding it down for the 727, providing official Exotic Pops, Cool Cups, and Exotic Snax to all the local sippers.


Out the gate Rajax has all the hottest flavors and are constantly restocking. You want “Firework Faygo”,they got it. You want Canada Dry Cream Soda in a 2 liter, they got it. From old time classics, all the way down to the latest imports, more than likely they got it in stock or can get it.

All types of flavors

The Exotic Pop “Cool Cups” are a big hit in the streets. With flavors like Soulja Boy’s “Pineapple Lemonade” to Pooh Shiesty’s “Slimeade”. My most wanted flavors have got to be Philthy Rich’s “Melonade” and Mama Moe’s “3rd Ward Sweet Tea”. Po it Up!

My go to

I remember when Tropical Sprite could be picked up at pretty much any store in the Burg. Now the only place in the city to come by the best Sprite flavor of all time is Rajax. Shit this stuff so rare I might have to pick up a pallet.

Hella Snax
Magical and Mystical

Gotta have some Exotic Snax to pair with your drank, Rajax has the latest snaxs ranging from sweet to savory. Why sign up for a mail in snack box when you can ride up the road to Rajax. The Exotic Skittles just hit different.

Rajax has been a staple of the community for years now, but with that official Exotic Pop location on their resume, they are the start at what could become the next big hub for Exotic Pop in the Tampa Bay Area. Shout out to the homies over at Exotic Pop Soflo and Exotic Pop Tally for always holding it down for Florida.

Only A Matter Of Time

Taking inspiration from the discovery of real life Time Crystals, multidisciplinary artist DATASYNCED is bridging the gap between digital and physical art with his latest 1/1 NFT titled “Edge Light”.


This interactive NFT is a web installation, experimental exploration, and artistic depiction of dream like digital Time Crystals on an infinite loop in digital space. Time Crystals are a newly discovered type of matter that resembles properties that are a kin to that of a perpetual motion machine.

The web installation is an exploration on the idea of breaking codes that are adequate in our current reality of what is possible and impossible. Think of an infinite power source that keeps going and going. The first real Time Crystal was created using a Google quantum computer.

Only a Matter Of Time

Not only can you see the piece digitally but once minted the holder will have the proper tools to bring the piece into the camera real world via projection. This allows the holder to project the piece at their own installation or events without the creator being present, an experience that will allow DATASYNCED’s work to live on forever.

With the piece already being sold, the future of Interactive NFTS is very bright, with the whole NFT game at its infancy, immersive artists like DATASYNCED are crucial to the evolution of the medium.

Barely Legal- Daytona

To hold supporters over until the next full project, Barely Legal drives into the winners circle with the 3 track EP “Daytona” which has been getting mad love in the streets as well as from one the internet’s busiest music nerd “The Needle Drop”.


“Dnd” kicks off the project with a head knocker. I like the anthem style vibe and fast paced nature of the track, fitting with the racing theme of the project. Hella quotableson this one, Barely Legal is always able to be clever and witty with their lines. Dope way to start off the project.

“That Way” is really one of them ones. The triumphant production sets the tone. I really mess with Kid Dre’s verse on this track, especially towards the end showing a lot of emotion. Jay Browne has been killing it with the features lately, and “That Way” is just another feather in his cap. Great track, can’t wait to hear it at the next live show.

“Run It Up” has the collective back on their anthem shit. This one is short and sweet but that’s really all it need to be. A barrage of bars and a banging beat is all you need sometimes.

“Daytona” will definitely hit the spot amongst the Barely Legal Collective faithful. Pretty much all these tracks will go great during a live show, so I am for sure looking forward to that.

Not Another NFT Project

Taking a different approach than a majority of the NFT projects that make up the space, Not NASA has arrived bringing dope artwork that has potential to create an even doper community, with the goal of brining their fleet of UFO’s to colonize people’s imagination.


The project is made up of 1111 NFTs, 222 of which are rare, 777 Generics, and 1 mysterious. The more energy you put into the project the more you get out of it. Airdrops will include accessories and power ups for your UFO that advance rarity. Your token will be your ticket to all Not Nasa events and merch, as well as lifetime 50% off physical artwork. The minting network has yet to be finalized, but gas fees are assured to be low.


This Metapunk UFO is one I have my eye on for sure. I dig how there is almost another UFO coming up from under the OGs beam.


This DOOM inspired Not Nasa 009 has got to be one of the rares. Anything DOOM is a vibe for me, so if I happen to snag this piece I’ll be hype.


The scythe on this Not Nasa makes it stand out for me. I am not sure what will go into rares and generics, but the almost web like beam coming from the UFO is very unusual.

I Love To Ski

This piece has got to be a rare. From the Skis to the Chanel chain. I really mess with now each UFO makes a face, making each piece more relatable and distinct.

It’s all Luv, Luv

With the goal of merch and spreading love through space, this is literally only the beginning for Not Nasa. Join the discord to be apart of the white list, as we travel through space on the road to 100%, allowing us to reach Mars.

No Rats In The Trap

The homies over at “No Rats In The Trap” are finally dropping the long awaited hats, as well as a restock on the super limited “Kill-A-Rat- Hotline” long sleeve.

🏕💯🚫 🐀 🏡

After seeing the homies Sunny Fritz and DJ Skum rocking a couple of pieces from this collection it definitely peaked my interest. “No Rats In The Trap” is a movement I can definitely get behind.

Photos by Franks Been Dead and Polar Visual

The “Kill-A-Rat-Hotline” long sleeve is finally being restocked. Each drop is small and limited so since this is the second release I would definitely recommend picking up one of these, cause they probably never coming back. Are you real enough to call the hotline?

Still Blunted

I can definitely see myself rocking one of these brand new “No Rats In The Trap” hats. It’s only a matter of time before you see the hat being rocked on both sides of the bay.

I am really hype that “No Rats In The Trap” came out strong with the restock, as well as gave us something new with the hat. With a brand new Fritz project on the way, things are all lining up in the sunshine.


The homies at REACH kicked off Super Bowl Weekend with their first LA Pop Up on Melrose, setting up shop with 2001 Odysey and Hunts Fabrications, the pop up was definitely big moment in time for everyone involved, especially supporters of the brand from out west getting their hands on some exclusive REACH.


In honor of such a monumental event, the homie brought out all the big guns. The LA Angels Fitted made a comeback, as well as the “Cigar City Fitted” and “Florida Jit” fitteds respectively. Plenty of these pieces will receive their first drop in LA, following up with everything being available in store days later.


Keeping it simple with these four REACH logo tees, the color way choices on the font are crazy. My personal favorites are the white tee with that classic red REACH font and that black tee with the slime green color way. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

Shout out Papo

This “Snorlax” tee from the homies is iconic. It’s been Papo’s IG PFP for the longest, so it’s dope to see the design finally come to life. This is a must grab for me, imma wear the hell out of this joint.


These “REACH Deportes” pieces scream REACH Sport to me. I really mess with that “Brazil” color way on the tee. That long sleeve in the red and black is a vibe for sure, but with spring and summer on the way jit might be to hot. Def have my eyes on that “Brazil” joint though.

This “Stay Sane” long sleeve is one of them ones. From the hands signifying the brand on the arms, to the graffiti esque font on the front. I mess with how they only used red and black, rather than adding in hits of white.


By far my favorite piece in the whole collection is the Mickey inspired “Shut Up, Stop Snitching”. I feel this is a movement everyone can get behind, so if you don’t by it for the graphic, you gotta respect the message. The tee comes in white and black color ways. The black piece is a must.

All of these pieces will be available in the shop from whatever remains from the pop up. From Tampa to LA, the homies from REACH are definitely on top of their game, dropping some of my favorite pieces we have seen from REACH to date. Everything Is Made In REACH.