The Summer Of The Scrying Orb.

It is time to once again enter the world of Garbäj, with their latest SS22 collection featuring the brand new Orb Weave logo hats, as well as the Scrying Orb shirts in Sky Blue, Yellow, and Matcha color ways. If that wasn’t enough the clerics have blessed us with a dope Labwork shirt and an exclusive shirt drop for PRIDE.


It’s been a minute since we got a hat and shirt combo from Garbäj. The color combos on the collection are pretty interchangeable but I feel the way they are presented by Garbäj are the best looks. I really dig the color font on the Forrest Green hat that pairs nicely with the matcha orb tee.

It’s the purple for me
Harness the power of the black orb

It’s always the yellow tees for me. This color combo kind of gives of villain vibes to me but it’s cool. The purple font on the yellow tee seals the deal for me. The black hat has the most rockability so I have my eye on that joint.

The sky blue color pairing is on some hero type beat. The green orb and the green trim around the font really shines on the tee. Garbäj always nails it with the blue tees.

My favorite drop of the collection though is the labwork shirt. It reminds me of the more experimental designs coming out of the LA scene but they feel right at home in Sunny FLA. Despite being not the biggest fans of white tees, the green and black hits are to good to resist, maybe it’s the aura of the orb calling to me.


For their surprise Pride Release, Garbäj will be donating the proceeds of this special Pride shirt to the Fitzlane Project, a project that helps aid underprivileged Transgender Youth and Young Adults of the Greater Tampa Bay Area by offering therapy to better aid them in their journey and transitions.


It is unclear what role the Scrying Orb will have on the world of Garbäj, but as long as the clerics have it in their possession we are all safe. Big shout out to Garbäj for everything they do for the community, as well as blessing us with the finest quality clothing in the land.

Deleteeglitch- How To Make A Tissue Dance EP

We take another trip into the mind of Deleteeglitch, on his latest EP “How To Make A Tissue Dance.”


Whenever I listen to Glitch he puts me in a wonky space, sort of how David Lynch films make me feel. Apparently recorded while battling a sickness, we the listener also experience the sickness of the music with production handled by DØØFUS, giving the “Walking Error” room to breath on the beats.

I love how “GOTHROCKVOYCE” starts out with the weird bells, and Glitch just spitting “yo yo yo yoyoyo yo yo”. Glitch just hits this pocket on certain beats, where you just get hit with a barrage of bars, but it’s not on some lyrical miracle shit, just good Hip Hop.

“INFRAREDINCUBUS” featuring ROMAN is by far the wonkiest production on the project. ROMAN always does his thing when he pops up on a Glitch track, brining that boom bap vibe. Standout bar for me is that one where Glitch spits “I was twelve rapping off of Dilla beats”.

My favorite track on the project is “SNOTTRAWKETS”. Anytime Glitch is over some creepy production I am here for it. The beat by DOOFUS sounds like it could be from the sixties film “The Naked Kiss”. That constant “Dooo Doo Dooo” will get stuck in your head. You can hear Glitch sneeze and cough at the beginning of a couple of these joints, making the sickness element really hit home, despite how sick he feels, the “Walking Error” has gotta drop that heat. At this point is it the drugs or the Benadryl.

Deleteeglitch kept it short and sweet on this one, which is really all he needs to do at this point. Die hard fans are still running “Whispers Of The Wayside” which is reaching Classic status, or his previous effort “Primordial Soup”. This is how you stay active and relevant, without having to drop full bodies of work. Just drop little nuggets here and there to keep the fans hungry for the big ones. The theme and reality of the project made it feel more then just a 3 track EP, little things like that are what make Glitch one of my favorites in the game.

Super Smoke Bros 727

It’s finally that time, the homies from Rajax are finally ready to unleash their latest store onto the city with the Smoke Brothers smoke shop.


The homies will have all your favorite smoke products and accessories. Pretty sure they will have some Delta 8 smoke available, hopefully we can get the homies over at Green Diamond CBD in the shop soon. Exotic Snaxs and Exotic Pops will also be on deck for your munchie needs.

Shout out to Laurent for the artwork.

The time has finally come, after a few years of running the Exotic Pop game in the Burg, the Smoke Bros got their one drank. Brand new Mexotic Fresca’s in the green “AJ’s GAS Gator” and the red “Ice Berry Lemonade”. The green is calling my name but knowing me I’ll probably pick up both, as well as any Tropical Sprite they have on deck.

Pull up to the Smoke Brothers Grand Opening this Saturday. Tons of great food, drinks, and vibes. I am sure they will be doing a crazy grand opening sale so don’t sleep, yesterdays price ain’t todays price. I really appreciate what the Rajax/ Smoke Bros family is doing to provide an official Exotic Pop presence in the city, since it’s one day a goal of mine to do the same.


REACH is back with the “Painters” long sleeves, dropping in white and sand color ways this Friday.


Despite it being hot as hell in the Tampa Bay Area right now, these long sleeves are primed for the winter time. You can really go wrong with either color way, but I am feeling the sand one the most.

📸 quinton2times
Florida Jit

This white joint has a 90s vibe to it with the green and orange hits on the sleeves. The white joint has more versatility when it comes to fits, plus your gonna be repping REACH front in center with that logo hit.

Desert Storm

The sand color way is my favorite. REACH always takes a step out of the box when it comes to their color ways, nothing is ever just a standard red or blue. Might have to pick one of these up and a mask, keep ‘em on ice until winter returns.

The shop is always reloaded with new heat, so pull up and get right for the summer. I personally plan on pulling up to get add a few new items to the wardrobe for the summer, on my FLA Jit shit!

Summer’s Not As Long As It Used To Be.

Raheem Fitzgerald aka ABSTRACTPOET is running it back with another art show at The Bends, but this time it feels like summer.


A majority of the pieces being created for the show, revolve around the idea of summer in America. If it’s any thing like this summer has been so far, it’s gonna be hot. The best thing about summer is you can feel it in the streets and feel it at the beach. Interested to see Raheems approach to the topic, and how he conveys those themes into art.

The homie is not alone, what’s summer without some friends? While you take in the dope art, you can browse through booths of some of the best creatives in town. Word has it the homie Cowboy might be pulling up with the goods and wears.

After I tried Dusty’s Hot Stuff for the first time at the last Backlot Brunch I was hooked. Hands down my favorite pop up cuisine experience I have had. Dusty’s is the type of food where you can taste every ingredient and understand why it adds to the dish as it takes over your taste buds. They pulled up with breakfast vibe at the last one, so hopefully we get some dope street food options, but the Dusty’s way.

Who better to curate the sounds than Dog Radio. The DJ collective is sure to bring out some of your favorite hits, while still putting you on to some new joints.

So pull up and support some dope art for the summer. It’s a real art to curate an event, and the homie Raheem sure has the magic touch.

Tampa Beat Weekend 22’

It’s that time of year again, BeatsNChill curated another Tampa Bay Beat Weekend, with Day 1 featuring some of the best artists on both sides of the bay, and Day 2 featuring panel discussions and the famous Beat Battle. I wanted to show love to some of the artists that performed this weekend by highlighting them in this piece.


One of my most anticipated performances came from the President himself, Yung Muji. I made it right on time when I seen the homie on stage ripping it. I couldn’t help my self, as I was being checked in I just had to start singing my favorite track “I Want You”. Muji is a rockstar and I can’t wait to see him perform again. The only President I acknowledge is President Muji.


I hadn’t heard Taylor Moon prior to this but the homie Cowboy told me she was really dope, and bro wasn’t lying. I loved her energy and stage presence, brining out two models to add to the set.

Mason Monroe was really dope as well. His collab song with Taylor Moon added some versatility to his set. Really solid vocals from the homie, I for sure will check out his past work.

This was my first time seeing Nico Sweet live, but I have been hearing rave things about her over the past year. I loved her attitude and stage presence. We really do need that Heyeyella collab very soon.

Zhu 🏕💯🐼🍃💨

The homie Heyeyella held it down for the Burg bro. The only 727 artist on the line up, the Zhudaru representative did his thing. I was surprised to hear “Different Vibez” on the set list but it’s one of my favorite Yella songs so I got really hype. “GOAT Cheese” and “Splash” hit different live. It was cool to see the 813 crowd embrace the homie, getting one of the best reactions of the night. Scan and stream “Cloud Crown” now.

📸 Franks Been Dead

One of my favorites right now is Plane Shifts on Junkyrd. Known for his artwork and tattoos, bro has reached another level with his bars. I get so hype anytime that beat from “Side a: Save Me” comes on for the live performance. “Don’t Be Late” hits different when’s its live, and is slowly becoming one of my favorite songs of the year.

📸 Franks Been Dead

Things went all the way up once Sunny Fritz hit the stage. The entire Scum Bag World crew pulled up to support their brother, shout out to Sage The Fox as well. Pretty iconic moment seeing the entire squad up there, shit was hype. We gotta hear “Snake Skin” live with the bro Kent Loon.


I was so hype to see Lil Fancy follow up Sunny Fritz, it was the perfect 1,2 punch. “AMG Benz” is a special record, you could really feel that with the energy the crowd gave the live version. The only thing is I wished he would have performed “MARSHAWN” with Indie.Indigo, the world needs to hear “I gave her half of a Percocet pill she turn into an animal, ahhhhhhh” live!

📸 georgebgoldberg

Got to see Scxtt Aye perform joints off his latest project “Doves” back to back weekends. It was cool to see what tracks like “Diamonds” and “In$omnia” sounded like without the live band. The album has been in heavy rotation since it dropped, with eyes on the album of the year No.1 slot.

📸 if.pho

Pusha Preme always kills it with his live sets. It was dope to hear “Calling Me Back” live. The homie AD the Artist came through to assist on a couple tracks, performing the Red Oktober standout “Wrong Way”.

Rookie of the year

Taz Money came through with that street shit. Tampa Bay’s rookie of the year pulled up with the whole squad. It was dope to hear “No Luck” live, that’s probably my favorite track from Taz.

📸 85visualsofficial

Drop City’s own Gat$ & Jordan Patrick shut it down as always. “Leap Of Faith” is one of my favorite songs this year, so hearing the live version was a treat. Gat$ played some cuts off 2 Much 2 Robb. Zion got elevated in stature after this live performance, one of my favorite joints off the project.

Tampa Bay vibes

Gitt Fai was definitely a standout for me. Known for his production, the homie really brought that 813 club energy with “Keep A Heaux”. He really brought me back to that mid 2000s FLA sound that artists like Frank Lini and Billy Blue used to make.

📸 othrwlrd

Barely Legal closed out the show like only they can. Performing cuts off of “CYBR” and the “Daytona EP”, it was definitely worth the wait for the patient fans in attendance. We even got an unreleased joint, and let me tell you the boys have another hit on their hands.


Besides the performances DJs where also present at the even. Our one, our only, and our everything DJ Donnie Luv put on for the 727 not only Djing Heyeyella’s set, but also rocking one of her own.

T.Couture has been killing every set I have seen her do live, and this one was no exception. Check out her Couture Radio series for some real gems.

Big shout out to HMTWN and the rest of the BeatsNChill813 family, you guys put on a great event. We haven’t really seen an event like this in the city since COVID so it was dope for everyone to come ttogether and support the community.

RodXTheXGod- Chapter Black II

St.Pete Hip Hop Pioneer RodXTheXGod returns to the dark side on “Chapter Black II”.


The homie comes starts the track out with a “Boyz N The Hood” inspired banger. RodXTheXGod is one of the best in all of Florida when it comes to production, but he’s also no slouch on the mic. It was dope to see AV get on the track, giving it a dash of gravitas, as well as holding fans over for “MUD II”.

RodXTheXGod shows his storytelling skills on “Back Trippin”. Bro is back in the burg, which means back to that trap shit. The menacing production sets the vibe for Rod’s gangster raps.

“Reed Thompson” has been getting heavy spins in the streets throughout the entire burg. The visuals for this joint added a lot. Moxx Biggz pulls up on the track spitting that street shit. In case you forgot, we really about that life.

“F I V E – 7 Flow” featuring the homie Geno Smoov. Rod’s flow on the first verse is really solid. The beat is menacing and the bars are even harder. Geno slid on the track as well, bringing that Smoov vibe to the song.

“Tee Up” puts Rod in that Richie Spanish mode. This definitely will get heavy rotation at Turbo or any club really in Tampa Bay. Just a dope feel good record.

“Wish The Worst” featuring Glockstar Streetz is some more street shit, but the beat is much colder. That Kyrie line is a standout for sure. Glockstar Streetz was pretty dope as well, haven’t heard of him until now but definitely gonna find out more.

“Tap In/ Double R Truck” is on that late night creep shit. Rod dabbles more with the storytelling elements on this joint. Really dope record.

“BSO Relle Rotation Freestyle” is a fun little banger. Free Smooth Bandz bro! Rod definitely finds his pocket about mid way through the track spitting some the of realest shit the Burg has heard. With production by the man himself how can you go wrong.

The project ends on what could be my favorite track on the album. Big Beyo comes through on the beat for “Libra Scale” giving us that 813 & 727 collab both sides of the bay needed. Rod gets pretty introspective on this song, which is one of the reasons it stands out above the rest, you really feel the emotion in what bro is saying. That beat switch mid way though takes the track to the next level. “Ruth Chris, bitch you gettin Wendy’s fries.”

Definitely see the growth from the first installment to this new one. The west coast trip made an impact for sure with many of the cuts giving off a Cali vibe. One of the best projects to come out of the Burg in a minute. A lot of artists should hit the homie up for beats cause it’s killing the production game.

Geno Smoov- The Intro

The homie Geno Smoov comes through with “The Intro”, a project heavily influenced by his life in the Burg and from Detroit, executive produced by RodxThexGod.


The Rap Game Bruce Wayne kicks off the album with the hard hitting Detroit inspired “Bruce Wayne Game”. I also get a tad of west coast flavor on this one. Geno stays talking that shit, and this track is no exception. Bro got gadgets just like Batman. Just cause he’s Bruce Wayne, don’t mean he out here saving all these hoes.

“Coolin” is the song of the summer. You just want to lay out by the pool and smoke a fat blunt to this joint. This what St.Pete Hip Hop sounds like mane, that real feel good vibe. The hook is out of this world, and Geno brings it all together with the bars. The city needs a video for this asap.

You already know what happens when Rodxthexgod pulls up on the track. “BurlinGame” continues that lavish 727 vibe. I could low key see this on a new edition of the Richie Spainish collection so you know it’s a banger. We came from the bottom but now we shot callin.

Geno brings us back to the D on “Put Um On The Wall”. This one’s a straight banger. Gino’s delivery is aggressive and to the point.

Out of all the bangers in this project “Booted Up” is my favorite. The beat is a head knocker. Gino is really on his Bruce Wayne shit on this joint. It would be dope to see a video for this one. This a Trap Epic!

The homies get back on that west coast shit with “ReLoaded”. Rodxthexgod pulls up dropping one of my favorite verses on the project, “This a contact sport, and we playing through the whistle.” Day1 Zell does his thing on the beat as well.

“No Date Nights” is for all the ladies. I could hear this joint in Turbo or another club for sure. It’s a different vibe but it came at a much need moment in the album, to even out all the gangsta shit.

“Like The Things You Do” continues the more light hearted vibes. Geno really shows his versatility especially on tracks like this one. Definitely a surprise for me on the album.

“Real Smoov” is on that cool lounge vibe. I really dig this track, out of all the more love songs, this one was my favorite. I could see Geno doing some alter ego shit, and dropping a whole album like this. One of my favorite tracks on the album.

“I Feel” is on some more somber shit. It’s for all the real ones we have lost over the past few years. If you ever lost some one close this song will hit different for you. Long Live JJ Da Jet!

“Tables” produced by Rodxthexgod, has Geno putting the listener on game. No matter how good shit is going, you never know when the tables will turns you gotta be ready. I really enjoyed the story telling element of this track. A video would bring the whole story together.

“Church” is a feel good record. Probably one of the last verses from the 727 legend JJ Da Jet pops up on this joint, giving the light hearted track an extra splash of gravitas. JJ killed it with the double time flow, and Geno did his thing on the hook for sure.

“Song Bird” featuring Andria Rene’ closes out the project on some up lifting shit. Geno won’t be locked down, he’s gonna put his all into this music shit, and make something shake. Great way to finish off the album.

Geno really did his thing on this project. From the bangers to the soon to be classic records like “Coolin” and “Church”, it’s safe to say the Rap Game Bruce Wayne really made the city proud.

Haver Taker- Archangel

The artist formally known as Wheat, has taken on a new persona as Haver Taker, unleashing his latest project “Archangel” onto the Tampa Bay Scene.


Right out the gate Haver is on his rockstar shit. The homie Richie Guapo pulls up to assist on “Permanent”, I believe on production. This shit is a certified head knocker. I really mess with Haver’s raw delivery on this song.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on “Von$hine”. Named after the man himself, I would have expected some thing a little more crazier but the fact that Haver hits you with a more somber, introspective vibe is what makes the song so great. This shit really feel like it’s from the heart.

“Final Destination Final” is has more of a cloudy atmospheric vibe to it. Haver’s lyrics are hella slowed, so you know that boy Po’d Up. He made a deal with the devil to become Haver Taker.

“Vomittcomett” is one of my favorite cuts of the project. The beat just slides man. The altered vocals from Haver are pretty dope, giving off a darker vibe. This some Frankenstein’s Lab type shit.

“u lEft sOMn” once again features Guapo on production. You can just Swang to the beat. I could low key see this shit getting played at The Castle, with all the goth chicks going wild. Have no fear ladies, Haver Taker is here.

“Catholick” is on some grungey vibes. The guitar rift on the beat is right up my alley. We need more shit like this. Haver Taker truly becomes the Archangel on this one. That “What A Shame” hook gets stuck in your head for days. We need a video for this joint. Hands down my favorite track on the project. This a real Vamp Anthem!

Bro we really need this one live. “Nice Like Christ” gets so hype. The beat sounds like it’s from Space Invaders or some shit like that.

“Ccrimsonrush” has some pretty dope synth work. It would be really dope to see the homie Renald Bart hop on the remix.

Haver Taker brings us to the trap on “John Taker Must Die”. Bro is really sending shots at John Taker. It’s crazy how Haver can go from that goth vibes to some real trap shit like this joint.

“Tryn 2 Do” has the Archangel on some flex shit. The beat reminds me of some Florida Underground shit from back in the day but Haver rides it. One of my favorite hooks on the project, if not the whole year.

“Soft eyeZ” sounds like it’s in the middle of a secret lab with alarms going off. Haver switches up his flow throughout the song, at times even doing some spoken word type shit.

The project ends out on the bubbly “Times Up”. You shouldn’t sleep on Haver because your time could be up very soon. Once the beat really starts going, the transitions are pretty dope, kind of has a Sega Soundtrack vibe.

Haver Taker is such a dope versatile artist. I would really like for him to continue dabbling with the more goth synth type shit but the bangers are essential and will add to the more rockstar persona he gives off with his music. Definitely check out “Catholick”, I bet you aint heard nothing like it.

Another Kozyy Summer

The homie Kozyy has been on a run as of late, hitting up numerous performances as well as dropping a slew of the singles for the summer. I wanted to shed light on a couple of those singles and give my thoughts on what’s next for Kozyy.


This one caught my attention after being performed at ABR’s listening party, as well as a few other events around the city. Kozyy’s got everyone chanting the hook. I really dig the mellow boom bap production. Kozyy is able to mix hip hop and RnB so well that it doesn’t come off cliche or corny.

Summer time vibes

Love the chimes on “Came In”. Kozyy’s vocals are really on point on this track. Sometimes you just gotta tell a woman, that’s she’s the baddest in the room, on some love at first sight shit.

One of them ones

“Ice Crean Cake” will always be my favorite Kozyy track, but when it comes to his new shit it’s gotta be “Cycles”. It’s unreal how good his vocals are on the hook. This song is very relatable to me, dealing with the highs and lows of life, really great message.


It’s really dope to hear Kozyy on a bit more dusty soulful production. His bars are really solid on this track. Just when you think Kozyy can only sing, he drops a track like this that shows he can really be on his rap shit.

Over the past year the homie has shown so much growth, there’s really no telling how far he could really take this shit! Really hype to hear what he’s got next, I know he’s got plenty of more hits coming before the summers over.