Team Grey

Fresh off his “Just People With Ideas” art show, Robert Gallardo has unveiled his latest collection of t-shirts.


This shirt version of his latest piece “Cursor”, brings the piece to life. Of the new series of physical works from the show, “Cursor” was my favorite, glad it made the cut to be on a tee. With that grey color way you already know I gotta scoop that one up.

My first friend

This Tom from MySpace shirt is very nostalgic. He was a lot of our first friends back in the old MySpace’s days. Despite the platform being on the decline, Tom will always live on in our hearts and now on our shirts.


If there is a WEB3 version of “Get Out” it should be called “Log Off”. Coming in grey and white color ways, you already know I’m going grey all day. When I see the shirt I also here “Hey You” by Jordan Patrick in my head so hopefully he could record the soundtrack.


This one has big nomad vibes. Could this be a tease at some upcoming No More Land merch, or possibly a hint at a more nomadic state Gallardo will be returning to.

High Fashion

These joints are high fashion as hell. Simple and to the point. That grey one might be my favorite piece of the whole drop.

End Times

It could be the end of days or the end of times. So many different subtle meanings on this shirt is what hits for me. Out of all the white tees this is my favorite design.

The Only PFP is No PFP

This is a big shout out to the “No PFP Project” family. Down the road I will be incorporating the ones I own into my own line, but until then I have to get this one to show love. Maybe that long sleeve will drop for the winter collection.


Sometimes the best thing to make is a new folder. Reminiscent of the folder rug Gallardo designed last year, this tee makes a perfect pairing to go with the rug. If a grey color way is available id pick it up.

Not sure if or when this collection is dropping, but I know personally I need about 3-4 of these joints for my wardrobe. With Grey Day on the way it’s time to stock up on the grey pieces.

Dyingoutsouth- Bich video breakdown

Darkaire affiliated Dyingoutsouth, drops the visuals to one of my favorite songs in the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene right now “Bich”. With visuals from Good Job Adult, you already know I had to drop a video breakdown.

🏕💯 🥂 😵
All this stress

The grim vibe Dyingoutsouth portrays, fits perfectly with that Darkaire esthetic. The underground dingy tone is just what the city needed.


Tony0k starts the track off just spazzing on his verse. He brought a lot of energy and personality to the song, and made for my favorite moments of the video. It was dope how versatile Tony got with his flow.


Between smoking stoges in the shower to slamming lines this video is doing shit no one else is. They really living what they are talking about. Big vibe.

Mystic Jit

Mystic Jit had a pretty dope verse, dabbling with some Uzi like flows. It was a nice contrast to the verse Tony0k put down. Very interested to hear more from Mystic Jit.

Ryan Beckford

Ryan Beckford comes through at the end of the track with a more melodic flow. That Dyingoutsouth High school line was pretty dope.

3 Eyes
Shout out Darkaire

With Darkaire fully behind the group at the moment, I see big things coming from Dyingoutsouth. Good Job Adult is able to set the vibe to go along with the music. Full review of their project coming soon.

Onlyonetwo- Black Alchemist

After mastering all four elements, Onlyonetwo has become the “Black Alchemist”.


The project kicks off with “Golden Chopsticks”, which has Onlyonetwo harnessing his Lion Style secret technique. That flute sample over the hard hitting 808s sets the tone. This track has some many quotables for me. From the NFT line to the “I’m from the south” line, bro came with straight bars.

The instrumentation on “Moody Daemon” is on some Men At Work shit. The homie Mike Weezy really did his thing on production. This joint has one of my favorite hooks on the whole project. We might need a video for this one next.

After having the songs off the “Element EPs” in rotation over the last few months, all the previous releases songs just hit harder in context with the album. I could see “Poison” in a montage for like a Netflix romance show. This joint also shows Two’s versatility.

The Cloud Rap vibes on “Snake Skin” make it my second favorite track on the project. The etherial production pairs well with Two’s slowed up flow. We def need some visuals for this joint.

The message on “Storm” is a vibe for sure. Since we from the south, a storm ain’t shit to us. Things might be rough at the moment but we gonna make it through the storm. This joint needs to be in Madden or some sports game. I could also see a boxer or fighter walking out to this one.

“Live Free” is one of those feel good tracks. This is one of my favorite videos Two has dropped and it added a lot to the track. One of my favorite hooks on the album.

We need Rod Wave on the “Count Ya Blessings” remix, do that shit for the city mane. This is one of the hardest tracks Two has dropped to date. Mike Weezy snapped on layers of this beat. That bell doe!

“Broken Feelings” is on some melancholic vibes. It was a nice change up from the other tracks and I dig the vocals Two went with on the hook.

I can’t wait to hear “Blinded Soul” at a live show. This track has a great energy and vibe. Two’s flow is top notch, especially when he hits that Isa Rae line. Air EP really snaps!

This track right here man gets me with all the feels. This track is so St.Pete man. Not sure yet but this might be my favorite track Two has dropped to date, hands down my favorite joint on the album. Brett Philips from the Rays needs to have this as his walk up music.

“Hollow Love” is that bop. I really love the approach Two went with on the hook reminds me of some early 2000s vibes. That ex lax line had me rollin.

“Streets Of Rage” is gonna be a movie when Two performs this joint live. The anthem vibe allows for repeat listens. Certified head knocker.

“Dirty Laundry” is on some beach party vibes. Two is able to make mainstream sounding tracks that are accessible for everyone without coming off as corny or forced. I could hear this joint in a movie as well.

Ever since Two’s cousin Jha Asjawn kept playing this at work, that hooks been stuck in my head. The visuals brought the track to the next level.

“Complicated” is gonna go off at a live show. The hook gets stuck in your head. Two’s double time flow at points in the track sets it apart from the rest.

“Black Swan” was a great way to end out the project. One of my favorite Two tracks to date. This joint just uplifts you if your feeling down. Mike Weezy put his foot into this beat mane. Amazing song.

The album roll out for this project is unmatched. Despite hearing many of these tracks on previous “Element EPs” they all make more sense within the context of the album. “222” was my album of the year in 2020 and Onlyonetwo totally surpassed that project with “Black Alchemist”. The cohesive production from Mike Weezy is some of the best production I have heard all year. Definitely will go down as a 727 Classic one day especially with “Southside Baby” on the track list.

So Jazzy, Yet So Trashy

The homie Jazzy Trashy has been dropping those hits the Florida Underground scene has been missing for awhile.


His track “Lean With It”, is one of those late night rider tracks, you just throw on when your cruising the streets of the 727. The production is pretty solid, and Jazzy is talking that talk like always.

A unanimous favorite amongst my studio mates and I was his joint “Drip Like Water”. This one is a straight banger. The beat is hard hitting, and that hook will be stuck in your head for days. I could see this one going viral for sure with the right video and roll out.

“Back In The Day” is on some more somber vibes but the mellowed production, as well as Jazzy’s slowed flow makes it all work. Jazzy let’s everyone know that this really ain’t the end, and we are gonna make it out ok.

Jazzy Trashy is really on to something. If he can promo the tracks right as well as incorporate some visuals to go along with the songs I definitely think he has what it takes to be one of the top artists in the underground.

Deleteeglitch- Whispers From The Wayside

Deleteeglitch delivers his most complete project to date on “Whispers From The Wayside”.


Many people have said this project has more of a DOOM vibe to it but Im feeling a more Roc Marciano mixed with “Fantastic Damage” era EL-P style to the production provided by Lonesword. Glitch’s music makes me feel like I am stuck in a Bunny Ear TV, and with each new song a channel is being changed.

The first track released to hype up the project is also the first joint on the album “BERNIE MADOFF WAX”. This track sounds like we are opening the creeky door that is the entrance into Deleteeglitch’s mind. Glitch has the best ad libs. Sometimes he just be yelling but my favorite is when he’s like “Uh huh”. The women laughing on the beat just adds to the vibe.

My favorite joint on the project has got to be “THEHEADBONECONNECTEDTOTHENECK”. The laser gun sounds on the beat are so dope. The teaser video Glitch dropped for this joint is all that plays in my mind, with the octopuses snatching wigs. S!lence did his thing on the track, bringing an outside element to Glitch’s world.

“CRYOGENIC IRONY” is one of those beats that doesn’t really have drums but is still knocking. That calculus line was definitely a standout on the project. The beat sounds like it was made in an abandoned factory, that Glitch is chilling in.

“THAT FEELY FEELING THAT FEELS FEELY” reminds me of “Danger!” off “Primordial Soup”. The laser sounds make a comeback again on the production, but there is also so many wonky sounds in the background creating a collage of sounds. When Roman hops on the track it adds a 90s NY vibe to the track. Glitch is always able to pull dope features I have never heard of.

“BIG OLE BURT” has a jazzy vibe to it. I could see Glitch performing this joint in an old dusty New Orleans bar next to the bayou. Anytime Glitch drops a wresting reference you know I’m peepin it. Lungs verse speeds up the track a bit, his flow has that on beat off beat vibe to it. That TV Land line dropped by Lungs really brought me back. One of my favorite joints on the album

“GOOD NEIGHBOR” featuring Skully Cipriani & Nine Livz is just a fun track. This one has big 90s NY vibes to it. I could easily see Glitch and the homies spitting in the subways. That Ginyu Force line was cold by Skully. Nine Livz brought some gritty energy to the track.

I love the beat chop on “CAPTAIN NEMOS PEGLEG”. It’s crazy how Glitch can go over beats that some people wouldn’t even attempt to touch. Big Flowers did his thing on the track, taking a stab at the abstract production.

“GOINGOVERTHESKWAYBLINDFOLDEDAT140FUCKITWHYNOT” is that jam. The wonky horns really make it sound like we driving over the Skyway. That crashing sound ad lib, Glitch does at the beginning of the track is a new favorite. That dope sample at the end was a nice way to end the track.

The homie Breezy Montclair pulls up to end the album on “LOUIEWASPLAYINGSKYRIMINTHECUT”. I really dig the warped sound on the production which is mirrored by the emcees. Really enjoyed Glitch’s flow on this one.

I am a huge fan of Deleteeglitch’s own production, but the work of Lonesword allowed Glitch to just focus on the rhymes, as well as have a more cohesive sound throughout the project despite the different style choices take on each track. Amazing project from the homie as always, but this is my favorite Deleteeglitch project to date.

Just People With Ideas

As a part of the Bloom On Franklin Art Walk, Robert Gallardo presented his first exhibit at Merge Culture “Just People With Ideas”, showcasing a few past works as well has some new pieces the cyber monk crafted specifically for the show.


Off rips Gallardo’s vision sucks you into the space as you are greeted by a mound of cords connected to one monitor flipping through some of the highlights of the artists digital work. As each piece flipped from slide to slide, I would shout, “Oh that’s from the All Falls Down Collection”, or “That’s From “Logo Flips!”.

The Only PFP is No PFP

Once the slide of the “No PFP Project” hit it was game over. That one had everyone shook. I had to sit through the whole slide a couple of times just to make sure I got a glimpse of all 18 of my “ No PFPs” in person. I had a few people even come up to me afterwards saying they had a greater understanding of the project after seeing them at the show.

Say cheese

After you have reflected on some of Gallardo’s previous digital work, three new pieces made just for the show are on display. I like that he had some physical works at the show, just to be like y’all know me for the digital work but I drop gems on the physical work as well. It gave the viewer a different perspective to see the actual item that influenced the art right in front of us. The “Smile Your On Camera” also has that cheeky humor Gallardo is notorious for.

Tools of the trade

A reoccurring theme in Gallardo’s work has been the cursor. His take on a more primitive cursor can also be seen in the piece “Before Computer, After Computer”. The cursor is the main tool he uses to create his work so this comes off as sort of an ode to that. Definitely my favorite piece of the new works.

Ready Player 1

This one really brought me back to playing rated M games as a jit. I would be like 5 playing the old school “South Park” games on N64 but they always had an M rating which was rare for Nintendo games. Basically mirroring the R rating in movies, you always get that taboo feeling of playing or watching something you shouldn’t be at a young age.

Visual Language

Possibly my favorite physical piece Gallardo has made to date, it was a life changing experience to view the “Visual Language” collection in all its glory. All the work that he made in his St.Pete Studio a few years back is next level. Just being next to the collection gave off an aura. If I had the bread to pick up the entire collection, I would for sure be flexing this shit in my crib. But if I had to break it up just to have one I would go with the “CBS” logo, it just spoke to me.

Grey Gang 🏕💯🗿🐐🤞🏼

Huge shout out to Merge Culture and Bloom On Franklin for putting on such a dope event. Being a monk it’s very rare that I get a chance to see my favorite artist do a art show, so this experience was special.

Back 2 School

Class is in session! Second 2 None Academy is now in enrolling for the spring semester. Here is my school survival on the best looking fits from P.E., til that last school bell rings.


You can go wrong with any Second 2 None tee but I really dig the cream and almost green tea color way on this “Facecard” tee. Featuring the principal Kangie, you are bound to get a A+ if she peeps you rocking this joint. The font is really hitting on these.


The P.E. tanks are the go to for Recess. Lite weight yet durable enough for kickball or four square, depending on what you play.

Hidden in the sand
Too Cozy

The “Class of 22” hoodie and sweat pants are a fire combo. That sand color way allows the green hits on the front and back of the hoodie to pop, as well as that “22” on the sides of the sweats.

Class of 22
Muddy Green

That muddy green color way of the same pairing gives me dollar sign vibes. It’s dope that the academy gives you the different color options, almost acting as school colors, giving the students a choice.

The tag is key

These muddy green shorts are hitting though. You can rock these at lunch or even during P.E. The back pocket holds your phone and whatever snacks you need to hold you over til lunch. That tag on the bottom his hitting though.

Number 2

This might be the most essential item! To get top marks you gotta have your “Ideabook” on deck. The academy won’t accept pens or mechanical pencils, so you better come with your Number 2 Pencil.

Power of 2 dollars

The “Detention Ski Mask” comes in 2 different color ways black and olive green. The quote “Those who are counterfeiting will be decapitated” puts everyone on notice. If I had to pick I would go with the olive green, it hits different.


You already know any grey Second 2 None piece is essential. This would be fire with my Choppa Gang x Second 2 None tee, as well as the countless other grey pieces in my wardrobe.

2 much money out here
Grey gang

Second 2 None 2 tha socks. I mess with both pairs of these but you already know I gotta go with the grey. The font and logo on the black ones is pretty tuff though.

Pick up 2 or all of these pieces to ensure you have a successful semester at Second 2 None Academy. The accompanying ad and look book shot by the homie Garcia Quintero set the tone. Hopefully students can sign up for online classes soon, to help their ideas flourish.

813 Essential Reviews: Gat$ & Jxpvtty- 2 Close 2 Robb

With the third chapter of the “2 Robb” series from Gat$ & Jxpvtty dropping at the end of the month it was only right to add the second and my favorite so far installment of the series to the 813 Essentials canon. Gat$ & Jxpvtty do it for Tampa Bay and FLA on “2 Close 2 Robb”.


The project starts off with the trunk rattling “Claustrophobic”. I love the aggression in Gat$ flow, you feel all his energy. The homie Jxpvtty came through with a straight banger as far as production goes. This joint just make you want to do some reckless shit. Great southern music mane.

“Chatter” has crept its way into my Top 5 Gat$ songs. The laundromat visuals that accompany the track bring it up another level. The hard hitting 808s over that dream like production is a dope change up from what Gat$ usually spits over.

“Antisocial” is some laid back Trill shit. The slowed down nature of the sample sets the tone for the vibe Gat$ is going for. The vocal sample that comes through around the mid point of the track adds to the slugged out esthetic. Who knows if it’s the drugs that got Gat$ antisocial or if that’s just the mode he is on.

My favorite joint of the project is the final track “Throne”. That horn sample adds a pimp like aura to the track. Gat$ is on his flex shit on this one talking money, hoes, and cars. That simple piano key that hits on the beat is chilling. The way the track slows up at the end was the perfect touch to go all the way with the Trill esthetic.

“2 Close 2 Robb” is proof that when you combine a premier Emcee with one of the most eclectic producers you are bound to have greatness. I wish every track on this project had a video for it or was a small short film on its own that’s how fire it is. The addition of more southern and Trill sounds raised this one to the roof for me. Check out the first 2 installments of the series before “2 Much 2 Robb” releases on 3/18/22.

Ripped Black Jeans In The All Black Jeep

Goth Sport Online is back once again with another ghoulish drop titled “Slitt”.

Goth Sport Clique

The brand new design comes on this dope black tee or black hoodie. I really mess with the font used for this latest piece, it’s got an old school metal vibe to it. The knife and blood are on savage mode.


This teased flipped Mickey design is my favorite from the brand so far. You already know it’s grey gang so if we can get a grey flip of this with a black design I’m definitely picking it up. Would be dope to see it as a black tee as well.

I am really digging all the latest work Goth Sport Online has been dropping as of late. I would really like to see what they would do with a visual ad campaign.