Bussin Scripts

In the middle of hosting 4 straight days of Pop Ups, the homies at REACH dropped a small “Script” capsule, reminiscent of early 2000s era brands like Sean John and G-Unit.

Big early 2000s vibes

The capsule is made up of a white tee with the brand in red font paired with red shorts with a white font. Also a black tee and black shorts are available with white font. I would definitely mix and match both of these color ways but the black shirt with the red shorts might be the move. Anything in red just is just synonymous with the brand.

Yup in my white tee
Super clean

Not sure if the brand was inspired by that 2000s era of clothes for this capsule but that’s the way it came off to me. That’s totally a compliment by the way and super nostalgic for me. When I was a Jit all anyone knew about were brands like Ecko and Sean John that you could get at the mall, so that’s what you had to rock. It was a really dope change up for the brand and seems like a very different drop than anything they have done before.

The red is essential
Be careful what you REACH for

I personally plan on picking up the entire capsule but I will probably start off with the black shirt and red shorts combo. All the pieces are extremely limited and made in house so don’t sleep, once they gone they gone.

BTMVLE Is The Foundation

Over the past year or so the The BTMVLE studio has grown into one of the dopest spots for just mad creation. Whether it’s hosting Slugg Nite$ events or housing the numerous brands, each representing their own style and take on the culture, BTMVLE is the foundation!

🏕💯🗿🌎 🤠 🐊 😈 🐌
This ain’t no Swamp People
Biker jackets going brazy

Taking time away from just doing outside work, the BTMVLE team has been building towards some big FLA themed pieces to have all the jits ready for beach season. I’ve seen some sneak peaks of the all embroidered gator biker vest, which is definitely an essential piece for any FLA rider.

Capi Flvcko
Jit$ Never Wxrry
New Choppa New Choppa

Just when you thought the Cowboy By Takeo X Balaclava Boys collab was done they come at you with some of the dopest plushies I have seen in a minute. Every Jit in Pinellas county is gonna want one of these fire arm plushies. These are all hand made in house at the studio. My personal favorite is the yellow choppa.

Bandito pouch might be my favorite in the line up
Carry Your Adventure 📸 by Snorlaxguerrero

The newest addition to the Cowboy By Takeo X Balaclava Boys lineup is the “Bandito Pouch”. After seeing the entire squad rock them at the NLB 3 year anniversary pop up, I was kind of sold on these being my favorite bag in the line up. Tons of new colors are available and the homies are always open to help create a custom bag for you for the right price.

Statement Piece
21st Century Cowboy

The latest splatter jean jacket collection from Cowboy By Takeo are some museum worthy pieces. Each piece has its own flavor, but my personal favorite has got to be the yellow one. Really hype to see what Cowboy will bring to a black jean jacket.

Everyone that wants Cowboy will get Cowboy 📸 by jpg_jack

That red and yellow Cowboy logo tee is one of my favorite pieces I own. What makes Cowboy By Takeo logo tees so special are their ability to be worn in any situation or in any setting, whether it’s casual or a little more dressy, anyone that wants Cowboy will get Cowboy.

A master at work
Lostboy vibes

One of the newest collaborators to come through the studio is Lost Boy. Bringing a darker more metal vibe to design, I really dig all the recent jean work Lost Boy has been doing lately, especially that collab with Cowboy. The tag work on all of his shirts is really dope, adding in leather hits when it feels right on a certain piece.

These Demon Boy plushies are essential for any fan of the brand. The handmade factor of each piece is what I admire the most.


After infecting everyone with a few drops earlier in the year it’s only a matter of time before Pollex World takes over full control of your system. Soon you will be rocking Pollex without even knowing it, almost like a uniform.

Keep it locked to the site for all the amazing work coming out of the BTMVLE Studio.

Marino Tha Infantry

As apart of their global tour, YG Addie aka A$AP Ant & his Marino Infantry crew had to pull up to Champa Bay with some exclusive Marino ooze that are city specific. It was only right for REACH to play host to one of the biggest Pop Ups of the year.


I’ve been rocking with Addie & the Marino Infantry team since the A$AP Mob started back in the day. After being introduced to him on the immortal track “Bath Salts”, I was excited to see what the Baltimore native could bring to the collective. Now a few years after he’s dominating the street wear community with the hottest skate brand in the world. That’s not to say Addie slowed up on the music tip, within the past year he’s dropped two of my favorite projects in the last five years “I Am Underground” & “Lil Black Jean Jack 2”. I love the fact that Addie is always trying to push the music and culture forward with the best production and out of this world rhyme schemes. My favorite is when Addie & Lulu P come on a track, going bar for bar, no one is doing that type of shit nowadays.

Best Beach in the world 727 baby.

For the Marino Infantry exclusives available I would have to say my favorite drop is this St.Pete Beach inspired white shirt featuring the best beach in the world. It was really dope for the Marino team to show love to both sides of the bay. This is a must have for any 727 native or Tampa Bay native in general.

7 rings like an NFL Playa

Most of the city exclusives feature at least one sports drop, the Bucs and the GOAT. This one is more of a statement piece in my opinion than the first but if by some chance you are available to get your hands on both city exclusives I would definitely look into that.

We need Addie for the next Super Bowl Halftime

Just want to thank Addie, Lulu P, and the entire Marino Infantry family for coming out and showing love to the city and even inspiring me to start my own brand one day. Also thanks for blessing us with the dopest exclusives on the tour. The homies at REACH are really doing some special shit for both sides of the bay man, 4 days straight of different pop ups, ending it off with one of the most influential people in the culture today for a double up.

Triple Entendre

REACH kicks off their weekend long installment of Pop Ups with a vintage Pop Up featuring select pieces from ALMACÉN.

Vintage as always been a staple of the culture but it seems within the last few years it has really taken off. The dope part about vintage pieces are it allows you to get the piece another life.

Goth Boy Clique

Vintage drip can come from anywhere, May it be old band tees, old movie promo merch, or even like hotel or cruise ship merch. My go to items I am always look for, are just pieces that are nostalgic for me or ones that are just dope, even if I am unfamiliar with the product it’s representing.

Mi Amor

Prices on many vintage pieces can get pretty crazy but for the most part vintage dealers are doing it for the culture, so they will likely bless you on a piece or cut you a good deal if you shop big. Another aspect of the vintage game that is unique is the randomness of it all. All this product comes from different areas and regions, allowing the chance for you to pick up a rare piece to be even greater.

On Godzilla 🙏

I am so hype for all the weekend of Pop Ups REACH has set for the entire Tampa Bay. They are not really known for the basic vintage stuff, mostly getting vintage Supreme and BAPE items, but it’s dope to see them dabbling with vintage.

Pop Up Double Up

With two successful pop ups to start off the year featuring brands 2001 Odyssey and the immortal Vlone, REACH is ending out the month of April with a double up pop up featuring brands “General Public Streetwear” and “Korrupt Anarchy”.

Ohio’s own General Public Streetwear has been dropping some really dope product in their area for a minute now. My favorite pieces from the brand are anything with the Dawg featured on it. They didn’t just use a regular dog for the logo, they added their own flavor with intricate details in the face and collar.

Where my dawgs at?
Those General Public sweats are a vibe

Korrupt Anarchy aka KRPT is bringing their own flavor to the culture by providing a more anarchy punk vibe. The “Gun Club” collection is really solid, especially the red color way. The brand new neon “Karma” collection is a different look for the brand, dabbling in an unexpected color way.

Love that gun sound
Anarchy rules

REACH is consistently working with other brands outside of their own, whether it’s selling the product in the store or hosting a pop up, they are always showing love to the culture. I was unfamiliar with both brands prior so they definitely put me on. Really hype to see what both brands have to offer at the pop ups, fingers crossed for some exclusive Tampa Bay product.


Stacked artist and vendor line up.

In honor of the 3 year anniversary of The Next Level Barbers, the entire NLB family is coming out to throw the biggest party on 4/20, filled with an all star line up of artists and vendors.

Just in time for Pokémon Shield & Sword

Enter the $10 raffle for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch Lite. This is a great deal and a quick little come up for the winner.

The man himself
OVO vibes

Shawn and BTMVLE teamed up again for any even crazier drop than last time. I’ve seen some of the exclusives Moose and Jotta have been cooking up, and they 100% have that NLB flavor.

All the way fromThe Bottem to your door step
Boat day ready

The BTMVLE team likes to keep their drops on the hush hush, but I hope to see some of the Jew “Swamp Tour” line they have been working on. The embroidery on the gator head is top notch.

Beat game Mazinger Z

Fresh off his “$lugg Nite$” performance Rishis Beats is ready to bring out some of his best beats and newest tracks for this upcoming NLB event, shit maybe even a cypher will start up.

Carry Your Adventure
Choose your weapon

The Cowboy By Takeo & Balaclava Boys “Carry Your Adventure” collab is one of the biggest drops of the first half of the year. I know Moose is gonna have some exclusives on hand as well as some new plushies. Super hype for that new bandito pouch addition to the bag collection.

Statement piece
Everyone that wants Cowboy will get Cowboy

Cowboy By Takeo has been snapping on the paint jean jackets lately. You can’t really go wrong with any of the pieces in the collection, by far my favorite is the blue and yellow paint splatter.

Showing love to the Bay
Run up that raffle

Rico Ebert out of the 813 has been killing the paintings lately. From his hip hop legends cartoon series to his various pieces that show love to Tampa Bay, Rico’s work is next level for sure.

Flip rhymes, flip beats

Valentino XIII will be showcasing some of the new futuristic beats he’s been working on lately. Really hype to see what he brings to his set.

Vocalist vibes

Impulse The Gawd is a really dope vocalist. Really excited to hear Mr.Hookah for the first time, I know he will be a great host for the event.

I love Garbäj

Super hype to see what Garbäj brings to the pop up, pretty sure it’s gonna be the Cleric and Gatekeeper long sleeves, so if you missed out on those pick one up. Looking to maybe pick up one of those slept on “I Love Garbäj” tees, those are very rare.

Really dope brand

Really hype to see what Tasi bring out to the pop up, a lot of his designs are really sick. Hopefully he brings out some exclusives.

Stupid custom pieces

Designer Don is rolling through with some exclusive custom designer product. Everything is custom made 1 of 1 so your gonna have to bring the bag.

Jit been waiting on a plate
The plate says it all

Potato Papi will be holding down the food game at the event. Haven’t had a chance to check out his food, so I’m for sure getting a plate.

What’s in my cup is in my cup

Ocha will be on hand serving up the best kava drinks in the city. Perfect for a mellow 4/20 vibe.

Huge shout out to Shawn and the entire NLB family as well as all the amazing vendors pulling up. This is the can’t miss 4/20 event.

The Ultimate FLA Statement Piece.

Over the past 3 years REACH has established themselves as not only one of the premiere brands in Tampa Bay but in the entire Florida scene, with the states finest rockin the essential “Cigar City Champions” Rays fitted and product in various videos and photo shoots.

This what happens when 727 & 813 come together.
Wok star lifestyle might not make it

One of the biggest artists in Florida Smokepurrp reps the REACH brand hard. Whether it’s rocking the fitted on Full Size Run, flexing on everyone with the jeans in the “200 thou” video, or even doing a Pop Up of his own personal collection, Purrp is definitely behind the movement.

Photo by Kelltoodope

727 Hip Hop pioneers Rod Wave and Famous Kid Brick have also been seen donning the Tampa Bay Rays “Cigar City Champions” fitted. Pretty sure like myself Brick has the entire collection, on some Pokémon shit, rocking them in a slew of photo shoots and videos. This the type of energy we need more of in Tampa Bay, St.Pete is definitely rocking heavy with REACH.

Not a Yankees fan but REACH snapped

Not a Yankees or Angels fan but the homies snapped on the other REACH fitted pieces. Love the concept of the “Many Men NY” fitted, D Savage went brazy rocking it in his video, a dope look for the brand.

They praying on our downfall.
Whole Lotta REACH

It’s not only just the fitted hats that are getting love. Onlyonetwo showed love by rocking a hoodie in his “Downfall” video, one of my favorite songs off his “Fire Ep”.


Huge congrats to the homies from REACH on 3 years, they are for sure one of my favorite brands in Tampa Bay and I greatly appreciate everything they do for the culture. I will continue to do my end on the 727 side of things and continue to support the brand for many years to come. Btw we also need a restock on the REACH AF1s, Jit need em for the collection.

Second Saturday’s At The Factory: April Edition

Last weekend I checked out The Factory’s monthly Second Saturday event. Featuring a pop up from Before The Storm Studios, a new piece from i.B.O.M.S., and some dope pottery from Fsquared Ceramics.

We are all storm chasers

The main reason I went to the event was to pick up some exclusives at The Before The Storm studios pop up, and chop it up with the crew. BTS is made up of Laurent, Abstract Poet, and Chaddy P, with each member having their own brand within the group.

Very Rvre
Dopest design of the whole drop.

The “Prepare” t shirt in the white color way was probably my favorite piece in the drop. The logo on the back gives off a “Cactus Jack” vibe but with a storm spin on it that makes it even doper. The subtle storm chaser van on the front is a nice touch. The van is becoming a staple of the brand. The camcorder tote bag added some variety to the drop, the zipper addition was fire.

Quality on these are crazy.

A piece I personally picked up, the “Storm Chase” tee is essential. The blue color way is not often used so I really dug it from that aspect, but for me the different storm icons on the front are what make it.

Crazy embroidery on the BTS logo.

The tees are really dope but if your looking for a statement piece from the drop I would say pick up the “Staff” button up. These will have you feeling like your a member of the BTS team.

Concealed United

Chaddy P had some crazy product on display for his brand “Concealed United. Along with some art pieces on the wall, select graphic tees where available but the true gem was the crazy patchwork jeans.

The Abstract

Statement pieces

Chad snapped on these jeans man. Someone bought the jeans and went to change to rock them instantly cause that’s how dope they are. Each piece is unique and handmade by the man himself. Really excited for the future of Concealed United, I’ll for sure be supporting.

City Xf Gxd$

Abstract Poet is by far my favorite collage artist and artists period. His approach pushes the idea of what a collage can be to the next level. If your not getting your album cover done by him your sleep af, I would love to have a custom A$AP Yam$ piece made by him, on some cozy vibes. Not sure if it’s in the works but would definitely rock some Narcotics Half Off product.

The entire BTS team killed it for their first pop up, it’s nice to see The Factory giving such dope creatives a place to showcase what they can do.

Calling My Spirits

It’s always a treat when i.B.O.M.S. showcases a new piece. At this point it’s safe to say i.B.O.M.S. is my favorite living artist and his new piece “Calling My Spirts” further solidifies that. I loved the globe like head with the sun inside, as well as the abundance of blooms on display. The headless birds are becoming a staple of his work. Whenever Jabari adds in a little ice to his pieces they just hit different. The icy bite mark as well as the drip on the neck and wrist are standouts of the piece.

My favorite all time work from i.B.O.M.S.

Over time this piece has really grown on me, to me it is the perfect example of i.B.O.M.S. style. I love seeing it every time I go to The Factory. From the Dragon Balls in Ashi’s hair to the ones in the ball pit, this is a master work.

Fsquared Ceramics
That’s just the Wave

It was really cool meeting and chopping it up with Fsquared Ceramics. He’s got some really amazing pieces on display. Might need to pick up one of his pieces for my cacti.

Can’t wait to come back next month for the Rishi Beats cypher featuring the homie Johnny Adama, as well as the other awesome creatives being showcased.

That West Florida Burg-Funk.

The 727’s biggest mover and shaker RodXTheXGod captures West Coast G-Funk vibes but with a 100% St.Pete flavor on “The Ricky Spanish Collection…”

Space Age Pimpin

This hands down has got to be one of my favorite projects ever to come out of the St.Pete Hip Hop scene. I’ve always felt since we on West Florida we should have a little bit more of a G-Funk/West Coast feel to some of the music especially being a beach town. “Ricky Spanish” sound like it straight out of Suave House Records back in the nineties on some 8ball & MJG pimp shit.

With DJ IDEA creating the space age pimpin soundscape for Rod & friends to paint lyrical pictures of what everyday live in the city we know in love St.Pete, Fla is like. The title tracks all pay homage to local beaches in the area.

The first track “Vero Beach…” sets the tone for the project. The “ just admit it” hook will get stuck in your head instantly. The Broly and Vlone references on the track from Rod was really dope and relatable. JJ Da Jet snapped on his verse. Pretty much every line is quotable. RIP JJ!

The hooks on the project set up each track so your tuned into all the dope shit the rappers are spitting. “Valrico…” is on some players club shit. Really surprised no one had done a $lugg mix for this project yet, it would jam in the city.

It’s always a lethal combination when you get Rod & Playrunna on a track, “Coquina Keys…” is the perfect example of this. Playrunna sounded really dope on this production on some like B.G. old school New Orleans sounding flow. That hook by Rod might be the best on the project.

“Tierra Verde” featuring $lugged $xund$ member Jerry Nova is my favorite track on the entire project. The beat is a straight banger. That burger line on Nova’s verse was crazy. Rod killed it from both a hook and verse aspect. Not many producers are able to be such a one two punch but would expect anything less.

The final track “Davis Island” featuring the homie Jotta end out the project well. Jot is one of the best spitters in the 727 scene so you know his verse goes crazy. Him and Rod have another track on Jotta’s “Cheap Vacation” project that might have my favorite RodXTheXGod verse to date.

RodXTheXGod and the entire Aqua House, Wynners Circle family has really been killing it lately. I for sure see “The Ricky Spanish Collection…” going down as a St.Pete Hip Hop classic, helping craft a signature “Burg-Funk” sound for the St.Pete Hip Hop scene. to stand alongside the “Slug Rap” movement.

Product Of All Coasts.

Fresh off his set as apart of Slugged Sounds “Slugged Nites”, Tre Butler proves why he is one of the top spitters in the entire St.Pete Hip Hop scene on his new EP “To Whom It May”.

Whole diff type of time

Tre Butler is the type of artists that reminds me that people can still be conscious and lyrical without sounding corny or like they are preaching. You definitely can feel that J.Cole and early Logic influence but Tre still stands on his own as an artist. I am a big fan of when an artist sticks with one producer for an entire project, Tre teams up with Six Ave to bring that lush atmospheric production to set the back drop for his bars.

The first track “These Dayz” is just straight bars over a string heavy beat. The story telling on this track is really dope, you can visualize everything Tre is spitting. Despite not having a hook the track doesn’t drag and starts the project off right. The basketball references were a nice touch.

On “L2L” Tre teams up with one of the burg’s finest Onlyonetwo to make what could potentially be a St.Pete Hip Hop classic. The city definitely needs a video for this one, everyone would pull up.

“Live” featuring Ray Champion sounds like some shit that would be on the “Creed” sound track. That Gemini line Tre dropped on this one was dumb cold. The hook from Ray Champion was a nice change of pace this point in the project. It had a bit of a West Coast vibe to it as well.

I was blown away when I first heard “Guardian Angel” the second verse on this track is one of the hardest I’ve heard this year. The atmospheric beat from Six Ave brings this track to a next level, going all in on that heavenly vibe.

After hearing “To Whom It May” I am really hype for whatever Tre Butler has coming up next in regards to a full project. The city also needs a collab track/EP with Josiah Odin. Be on the look out for another performance from Tre at many of the upcoming “Slug Nites” events.