Top 15 Singles of 2021

Sometimes all it takes is that one big single. These are my Top 15 singles from this year. All of these songs are not featured on albums or projects they are basically just one offs that built anticipation for what’s to come in 2022.


Despite feeling like it would have been a track on “Dro & Friends 2”, “IKEA” featuring Virgo Sol is right up my alley. Dro is able to capture that Trill vibe I love, while making it his own. Kushh Newton is easily producer of the year.


Junkyrd and Jxpvtty are a perfect match. The Junk Man kills it over the Jxpvtty provided soul sample. The artwork by the man himself is also very dope.


“Pink Wax” from Outside World ENT’s rookie of the year Landkiss cemented her staying power in the scene. This how you roll out a single mane. The beat is bonkers and the Guapo feature adds some gravitas to the single. A1 visuals as well for the video.


$lugged $ounds own Brucey B had a crazy run this year. From performing with the Hollow Squad, to having one of the best sets at Burg Day ‘21. All of these things where kicked off by the release of “The Final Episode”, one of the most hype tracks of the year.


Andy Christ had his best year to date in 2021 by following up the Juice EP with “Dirty Money”. From the visuals to the menacing beat, this track will soon become a St.Pete Underground classic.


Dephree had two of my favorite singles this year, both with accompanying visuals. “GLAD” is how you do a positive song right, without coming off as forced or looking for radio play. “Dad Bod” has Dephree on his Boom Bap shit, which is where he is at his best. Doesn’t hurt that he has a jit reference in the hook.


Lil Scumbag and Big Baby Scumbag brought big Tampa energy on “Florida Peacoat”. I love the energy of the track, with Beezy just talking that street shit. Big Baby snapped on his verse as well, that is guaranteed to get the crowd hype. Hopefully we see more collaborations from Scumbag World next year.


Something about a dope Boom Bap beat just hits me in my heart. To build hype for the highly anticipated “Strange Noize”, Heyeyella & Zhudaru dropped a real gem on “Stick Up Kids”. That guest verse from Zhu might be his best to date. The visuals bring this track to another level.


ABR followed up “Mofongo +” with his two best songs to date. After seeing them featured in the homie Mitchell Lubin’s IG posts, they became an essential part of my day. That animated video they collabed on for “Grand Rising” was a game changer. These songs have literally been stuck in my head all year. Thank Your Water.


Despite not dropping a full project this year Jordan Patrick dropped two of my favorite tracks he has done to date. I really dig the versatility he showed on “Leap Of Faith”, especially vocally. “Hey You” is just a banger, and needs to be used as a movie intro.


Despite being locked up most of the year E.$krilla’s presence was definitely felt in the community. The “#freeskrilla” movement is still in full effect, with Lil Fancy and Key Kartel at the forefront. Free $krilla!


Despite no longer being available on ITunes “Ride Slow” had to make its way into the Top 5. With crazy visuals and verse of the year provided by Drogotdoe, this was a no brainer. Notsew had a really great year with this track as well as his project “Notsew Got It: Volume 1”.


Brand God was in full effect this year. “Who Who” dominated the first half of the year, while the street favorite “Mean To Me” is still burning up the city. Brick is firmly at the top of this Tampa Bay Hip Hop shit, no cap.


The Trillest song I’ve heard since “Bam Margiela”. My two favorite artists from the 813 join forces of a jazzy Kushh Newton beat. From Dro’s hook to the way he snaps over the beat, to Guapo’s chill flow, this is just one of them ones you smoke to. Thank you for bringing back Trill.


It’s the song structure for me. This track from St.Pete’s own They Hate Change has it all. The beat is experimental yet trap inspired, allowing each MC to bring different styles and rhyme schemes to their verses. Once the beat kicks in all your gonna be chanting is “Money Bag, Money Bag, Money Bag,”. The beat switch towards the end of the brings in that Art Rap heft that is needed in the Tampa Bay Hip Hop Scene.

Johnny Adama- The Aftereffect

After dominating the entire year with releases, Johnny Adama ends “The Effects Trilogy”, with his most mature release yet, “The Aftereffect”.

Cover Art by Robert Gallardo

The project kicks off with the soulful “History”. This tracks has Adama boasting about the impeccable run he’s been on thus far, but despite his dominance he will never stop grinding. It’s all part of the vision.

“Beanie” has Adama on his flexing shit. No matter what gets in his way, money is always the motive for Adama. This that money route anthem.

“All Me” featuring Playrunna AV is some God Level vibes. From the angelic production, to AV’s sinister voice this one of them ones. My favorite part is when the beat slows down and Adama spits “I made a living outta making somethin shake”. The beat sort of has a bluesy vibe which pairs well with AV’s verse. Favorite track on the project.

You already know Adama is one of the most versatile MCs in the game, on “Nestle” he’s on some yacht rock vibes. Adama just spits a bunch of game of this track over that 80s inspired beat. This that shit you jam when you got a fish tank in your crib.

“Styles P” is the type of joint you just ride your bike on a sunny day to. The production has a Blu vibe. I would love to see some visuals for this track featuring Adama and his shawty, bike riding throughout the burg. The story telling on this joint is next level.

“Lemonade” is on some rose from the concrete energy. The track has a bit of an NY vibe to it. The track has Adama reflecting on his struggles in life, as well has the long and difficult road he has traveled along the way. I love it when Adama gets introspective on a track, it connects well with the listener.

“Memory” with Alexis Julianna feels like a continuation of “Lemonade” but with more of a jazzy vibe. Despite losing some of his closest friends and family, Adama carries on grinding his way to the summit of the rap game. Alexis Julianna’s vocals are reminiscent of some shit that would be on an old school Boom bap record.

Adama is able to make songs about the ladies like on “Find My Way” without coming off as corny. My favorite aspect of Adama’s music is his relatability. The hollow almost late night tip style production fits well with the content.

Adama always ends out a project with a banger and “What You Say” is one of his best. That lamb line to open up the track was really dope, flipping the track into a story or nursery rhyme esque track. Adama spazzes any time he graces some boom bap style production. Great way to end out the project.

In all my years of listening to Hip Hop I am not sure I have seen a run as good as Johnny Adama’s 2021 run. It’s still up in the air if I like this project more than “Side Effects” but either way, if that project didn’t prove he was the best in the game, than “The Aftereffect” does.

Lil Scumbag- Seasons Vol.1 “December”

With singles like “Trap Back” and Florida Peacoat” featuring Big Baby Scumbag, Scumbag Worlds own Lil Scumbag is ready to show what he can do with a full body of work on “Seasons Vol.1 December”.

Although the singles leading up to the pronext had more of a Trap vibe and was on some Tampa shit, the project has more of a somber, sad boy tone to it, but it’s a lane we have never really seen Beezy dabble in before. The project is mixed, mastered, and executive produced by Baewxlff.

The first track “Hot Mess” features Diamond. The lofi production provided by Checksoundz was a vibe for sure. I could see Beezy playing this track at a night club, on some old school jazz club vibes. Diamond killed the background vocals, really solid way to start the project.

“Hold My Breath” puts Beezy on his Boom bap shit. Baewxlff did his thing on the production, bringing sounds that have a similar vibe to his project “Analog Data II”. This ain’t the old Beezy, but he still on his shit so you better watch out.

“We’re No Good” featuring one of my favorite MCs Sunny Fritz is a vibe for sure. The island style beat laced by Kazbeats, is the perfect backdrop for Beezy to set the vibes. Really impressed by the vocals on this track, sometimes auto tune is hit or miss, but Beezy and Sunny do it in a way that doesn’t come off as corny. Definitely a stand out track for me.

“Woah” is groovy as fuck. Despite being on some sad vibes, I dig how all these tracks still have an uplifting vibe to them, the struggle is real but we all finna be ok. The hook is really well done, pairing well with the guitar sampled production.

“S.I.M.W” has an 80s new wave vibe to it. It’s a vibe when the 808s come in once the hook starts, making the track hit harder than one would think on first listen. The guitar sampled production continues the vibe the project has been on to this point.

“Runaway” is on some rockstar shit. I respect all the emotion Beezy put into these songs but especially this one.

“Smile More” brings together Beezy & Baewxlff together once again, their track “Cobain” is one of my favorites, especially the cloudy version. The beat is definitely a vibe, especially once the vocals kick in at about the mid way point.

The project ends on “Colorblind”. The slowed and slugged down vocals on this one are right up my alley, very similar to that “Cobain” track I mentioned previously. You can definitely tell Baewxlff’s hands where heavily involved on this track. Down the road I would like to hear what a slowed down version of the entire project would sound like.

Lil Scumbag really did his thing on “Seasons Vol.1 December”, it was not the typical sound I thought Beezy would bring but I think that’s what I liked so much about it. Don’t get him twisted though he’s still on his street shit when he needs to be. Him and Baewxlff are a match made in heaven and I hope they continue to put in work together, he crafted the perfect soundscape for Beezy. Hype to see what visuals come off of this project, as well as what’s to come from Vol.2 and more projects from the Scumbag World collective.

Richie Guapo- PrettyboyGuap

Coming off his album of the year contender “Hot Boy 2”, Richie Guapo returns, pushing the Tampa Bay Trill sound even further with “PrettyboyGuap”.


The project starts out with the spaced out “Yeah Yeah”. This joint is essential for any beach party or cook out on a sunny day. Great way to start out the project.

“4L” dropped as a single before the album but it has been a standout ever since. The variety of flows Guapo comes through on this one is crazy. “Ksubi on me fuck the cost” been stuck in my head.

“Malibu” featuring Topiiic is a standout of mine. Guapo and Topiiic go back and forth over cloudy but hard hitting production. I would definitely like to see a video for this one down the road.

One of my favorite joints on the project is “Tina Turner”. The water noises in the back are to Trill. That “Rollin on that River” hook will get stuck in your head for days.

“Brandnewgmantee” has a little different vibe than the rest of the tracks on the project but I dig the rhyme scheme Guapo went for. That “Ksubi on my side, Fukk Em on my shirt” line was hard.

“Run It Up” featuring Haver Taker has more of a “Dream Trap” sound to it. The beat is very menacing but has a cloudy vibe to it. Haver Taker did his thing on the track.

“ASMR (Pew Pew)” featuring Lil Fancy is my shit. Guap picked the perfect artist to make this track with they spazzed. Some people might not like this joint but who else doing shit like this bro, on some Quiet Trap shit.

“Gucci” puts Guapo on his cocky shit. It would be dope to see a remix video with Famous Kid Brick, a nod to his track “Just Like Gucci”. This joint has a bit of a Zaytoven vibe to it.

“Brand New Pack” is on some shooter vibes. Guapo over a Key Kartel beat is really special. That whisper vibe on the hook ain’t really being done nowadays.

“Loaded” is the next strip club anthem. Reminiscent of the old school Jook songs out of Tampa but with a new Trill vibe to it.

“Bring It Back” features Heavy Kev on the beat. The imagery Guapo is putting down on the track is incredible, it’s basically a day in the life of Guapo.

“Down 2 Ride” featuring Dray Davinci has an old school southern hip hop vibe to it. The trickling hi hats are all over the beat. Dray Davinci pulls up to assist with his verse, adding some street talk to the track.

It’s always a vibe when YZM and Guapo come together. “Veli” is on some rager shit. YZM be on that whisper shit to, but he’s got a more menacing tone to his style.

“Cinco” featuring AWG Rich & Aw$ten is on some mystical shit. The “Street Fighter” sample in the back was a dope touch.

“Hustler’s Muzik” featuring Topiiic was a dope take on the original Lil Wayne version. It’s always a vibe whenever Guapo goes to his Hot Boy roots.

“Wet” features Topiiic yet again, dropping some basketball references and flexing. Guapo comes through at the end with a sped up flow that he’s not really known for but it was a vibe.

“Me & My Drank” is for all the sippas out there. We needed an anthem for drank on this album and Guapo gave it to us.

“Goin Back” ends the album out back on some spaced out shit. After all the success he’s had, Guapo can’t go back to being broke. Solid way to end out the project.

Guapo has been on a run this year from “Hot Boy 2” through “PrettyboyGuap” cementing himself as one of the best MCs in the entire Tampa Bay scene. Can’t wait to see what next year holds for him and the PERM$ Brand.

Heyeyella- Strange Noize

One of my most highly anticipated projects of this year was “Strange Noize” by Heyeyella. After hearing his past projects, singles as well as features on the St.Pete Hip Hop classic “Sky Zhone” from Zhudaru1963 and song of the contender “Stick Up Kids” that Yella dropped earlier this year. The time has finally come, turn on your radios and get ready, “Energy, Frequency, Message!”

🏕💯 🐼 🍃 💨

The project begins with the intro, a staticky signal than transports you to a different world, welcome to “Strange Noize”.

I love the groovy vibes on “Piece Of Mind”. The hook is one of my favorites on the project, reminiscent to other southern hip hop classic records. Really solid way to start off the project.

The static returns transitioning into my favorite track on the project “Goat Cheese”. Being teased in several videos leading up I was so ready to hear this joint in full, I even showed my co workers the video and song and got them singing that shit with me. ABR killed that jazzy beat. Heyeyellas flow on the first verse is next level, switching from double time to reg speed. Anytime Zhudaru1963 jumps on a track he always comes correct, adding gravitas to the track. This one a Zhu classic foreal.

“Sky Is Falling” feels like some end of the movie type shit. It was dope how Yella seamlessly goes into the hook of the song, making it still feel like it’s a continuation of the verse. One of my favorite beats off the project.

Another stand out track for me has got to be “Birds Eye View”. I chant the hell out of this hook all the time. The beat progression on this one is crazy, with sounds constantly being added throughout the track. My favorite part of the track is how methodic Yella comes in on the second verse, he snaps foreal. This needs to be the next video.

“Occult Studies” transports you to another world. The old school video game sounding vibes to the beat as well as Yellas, lyrics dealing with magic bring the track together. I would highly recommend checking out the video for this joint, Yella always kills his visuals.

I am a big fan of projects that only have a few features on them, allowing the artist to shine on his own. But whenever a feature does pop up it makes them more memorable and have more of an impact on the project. The chill vibes on “Pareidolia X Godz Face” featuring ABR & Rishi Beats comes in at the perfect time. It’s always dope to hear Rishi on a track, and it’s only right to let ABR do his thing as well.

“Step” gets things jumping. This joint isn’t something you would except coming from Heyeyella but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. It would be dope to see a video of this one with everyone from the Zhu and a few other special guests doing the dance.

The vibes on “HeyCoSiz” is almost on some Neo Soul type shit. I can’t wait to hear this one live. Songs like this put you on good vibes, even when you are having the worst day.

“Divine Symmetry” is for all the real Hip Hop fans. Bars on bars, Yella kills the beat, spreading hood vibes and fighting demons. This track is a reminder to watch out for the opps, cause they always watching you.

“Way Too Legit” paints the picture of everyday life in sunny St.Pete. The beat matches the sunny vibe while Yellas lyrics match the gritty aspect of life in the burg.

The strings on “Wonderland” are a jam for sure, especially when the piano kicks in. One of my favorite line on the project is “visualizing them victories, ain’t made it yet but my mind ready”. The message is strong on this one. Great way to end an amazing project

“Strange Noize” lived up to and exceeded expectations. Since it dropped the project had been in heavy rotation. I am so hype to hear some of these joints if not the whole project live, as well as get more of the vibes from the visuals that will be dropping in the future. Shout out to Yella and the entire Zhu for dropping a dope project the city can be proud of. ENERGY, FREQUENCY, MESSAGE.

High Fashion At The Factory St.Pete

Connect The Bridges is teaming up with The Factory St.Pete to showcase three of my favorite designers and artists between both sides of the bay. My BTMVLE Studio family Cowboy By Takeo, Moose In The Burg, and Pollex World will be featuring their work on live models in a photo shoot, “High Fashion” style setting, fully immersing the viewer with the pieces.

Over the past few months the homies have been working on some crazy pieces for various pop ups and events as well as for fun. I have no clue which ones will be making their debut on the runway. It’s safe to say we will probably be seeing a bag or two, possibly paired up with some of those new trench coats they have been working on.


I know that a majority of these pieces will be brand new, but fingers crossed on getting a sneak peek at some of the pieces that will be featured in Cowboy Magazine 2. Those are some of my favorite looks and wears from Cowboy. Hope to see one of the OG splatter jackets make it’s way onto the runway, statement pieces as always.

Trench Coat Wars

The latest run of trench coats the homies have been cranking out are unreal, especially this skull one featured above. I have seen a glimpse of a couple new coats that will no doubt change the game. Moose as been in the lab crafting some new bag looks that are on some major High Fashion vibes.


I love the vibe Pollex World brings to the culture! I am very curious to see the approach they take with this upcoming show, as well as what collab pieces might make their way onto the runway. Pollex World is always watching.

High Fashion

Covering a majority of the work these artists create, I can say I am extremely proud and honored to cover and see their growth just within this year. They continue to push the boundaries of what Tampa Bay fashion is and what it can be. Au Revoir!

Gifts From The Cleric

The good folks over at Garbäj are ending the year out strong, blessing us with some gifts for the holiday season.

🏕💯❇️ 🗡

In collaboration with Moose In The Burg, these new home decor pillows are replicas of the Holy Sigil Prayer Blade, forged by the Clerics of The Recyclical Basilica. This is an essential piece for any lover of all things Garbäj. Able to be used for display or combat this piece works as a fashion piece as well as protection against the Gatekeeper.

🏕💯❇️ 🏰

I really dig these new hand printed tote bags that just dropped as well. Featuring different designs my favorite as got to be the one featuring the Recyclical Basilica. Some of my favorite pieces are usually the ones featuring the Garbäj logo or a different spin on the logo. That Holy Sigil Prayer Blade on the strap is a nice touch.

With 2021 coming to a close I can’t wait to see what Garbäj has in the cards for us next year. I love the journey Garbäj takes us on with each release, further expanding the lore and world, while keeping the supporters dressed in drip.


Back and better than ever, the man himself Proper Jones has a drop of his own with the latest “P.R.O.P.E.R” crewnecks, freshly pressed out of the BTMVLE Studio.

Mr.Jones 🏕💯😎🤞🏼

Featuring the acronym “P.R.O.P.E.R” or “Please Respect Our People”, the crewneck also desires a cartoon silhouette of Mr.Jones, donning his iconic glasses and bucket hat. The colors range from cream, blue, red, and my personal favorite the grey. There are also rumors of limited pink color way that might be making a cameo in an upcoming commercial for another St.Pete brand. Being the fashion sommelier that Prop is, you already know the fabric on these crews are A1.

I am a huge of the message of the piece as well as how hype I am for Prop that he is dropping his own pieces. Proper Jones is a gem in the community and we are all happy he is finally back running story sales and killing the pop ups like he should be.

Deleteeglitch-Primordial Soup EP

Coming off one of my favorite projects of 2021 “OH BOY! This is My Lucky Day!” Deleteeglitch surfaces again, brining along a few special guests Sunny Fritz, Breezy Montclair, and Døøf on the “Primordial Soup EP”.

🏕💯 💻 🧩

Glitch & Fritz was a very unexpected collab, but with the run of freestyles Sunny Fritz has been dropping lately combined with the lyrical and musical approach Glitch bring to the Tampa Bay Hip Hop landscape, I was hype. Really dig the fuzzy vinyl sound of the beat provided by Deleteeglitch himself. The “I taste with my eyes and see with my nose” line from Glitch was a stand out. Fritz has been one of my favorite MCs for a minute now, he’s got the perfect voice for rap. His gruff and pointed verse added gravitas to the track.

“THETRUTHWILLPISSYOUOFF” featuring Døøf, is a fucking game changer man. Not only is this my new favorite Deleteeglitch track, it’s one of my new all time favorite Boom Bap tracks. The dusty jazzy sample on the beat could fit on any of our favorite underground MCs legendary projects. The Elvis line is a standout for me. Really dig the flow Døøf went for on the track, he spazzed, and got me intrigued on his past work. Beat and song of the year contender for sure. The world desperately needs a video for this joint.

“OVENMITTS” featuring the homie Breezy Montclair is on some more melancholic vibes, but that was need after back to back pressure. The way Glitch comes in after Breezy was a nice touch to the track. Breezy Montclair is one of the most underrated MCs in the game. Breezy’s softer approach to the song went well with the harp sampled beat.

“DANGER!” sounds like it’s from an old cartoon from the 30s or 40s, some “Steamboat Willy” type shit. Deleteeglitch is able to transport us to a black and white world sonically, something I can say I have not experienced other than in those black and white cartoons of the past.

“THIRTYFORABIN” featuring Fritz & Montclair paints the picture of the trio tripping at the casino. Sunny Fritz always spits the realest shit, bringing aspects of his everyday life into his raps. That Kyle Korver line was for sure a standout from Breezy. Deleteeglitch makes his presence felt on the track off rips with that DMT line. The old school cartoon effects in the background of the beat are def a vibe, adding to the wonky effect of the song.

Deleteeglitch continues to capture a sound and style very few are really tapped into, in the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene. Artists like Deleteeglitch, Sunny Fritz, Breezy Montclair, and Døøf are special in a time when everyone from the city just wants to flex, some of us still do it for Hip Hop.

Onlyonetwo- Earth EP

St.Pete’s own Onlyonetwo is ending the year off applying that pressure with the second installment of his “Sign Series”, “Earth EP”.

🏕💯🌊 🌎

Two took a more grounded approach when it came to the “Earth EP”. The project starts off with “Complicated”. This track has Two dealing with an up and down relationship. He’s all in but the girl seems to have other ideas or isn’t keeping it 100. Two is able to rap about topics everyone can relate to without coming off as corny. He always kills the hooks and this one has definitely grown on me as I have sat with the project. Really dig the rhyme scheme on the second verse.

“Live Free” has Two on his introspective vibes. This one gives me Friday night vibe, it’s the start of the weekend and we got no worries in the world. What I like about Onlyonetwo’s hooks are they have a chant feeling, which rewards the listener on repeat listens and at shows. We feel apart of the music as much as Two does.

“Black Swan” is my favorite track on the project and instantly made its way to my Top 5 Onlyonetwo tracks. The way he rides the beat and the energy he brings to the track is unmatched. Tracks like this are made to be played in front of the biggest crowds possible on the grandest stage, sold out stadium shit!

“Earth EP” is a great project to hold fans over until the final installment of the “Sign Series” “Air EP” is released as well as the other rumored projects that are in the works from the SEVAW family. Onlyonetwo continues to build his sound as well as, continuing the tradition of southern artists that have real substance in their music.