Threshold Recap: Garbäj Clothing

For their Threshold presentation Garbäj Clothing takes us through the High Court Of Garbäj for their AW23 Runway Collection, with a particular focus on the Ouroboros.

🏕💯 🥁 🏰 ♻️

Things started off with Rishi Beats modeling for Look 1. Portraying the bard of the court it fits the model as well as Garbäj. The design of the Chronicle Drum Shield made it feel one with the fabrics.


One of my favorite looks from the show was Look 2. From the Ouroboros bag, to the Garbäj Denim this look is gear for everyday use. Garbäj always knocks it out of the park with their crewnecks and this blue piece is no different.

🏕💯🐍 ♻️

Elliot Varon was the model for Look 3 featuring the custom Recyclical Ouroboros printed custom sewn button up. Continuing the Ouroboros theme with this piece Garbäj always brings it up a notch when it comes to a runway show, it’s the sleeves for me.

🏕💯🏰♻️ 👼

One of the more simplistic looks from the show Look 4 is portrayed in an angelic way. The head piece wings are a true statement piece.


For Look 5 we have the keeper of the orb. The distressed denim fit the vibe, with the hood of the keep shrouding the figure in mystery. The keep sees all despite it having eyes wide shut.

🏕💯 🦂

No stranger to the world of Garbäj is Big NHO himself Abstractpoet pulling off Look 6. The power of the Ouroboros is in full effect for this look. From the crewneck down to the tote, the circular symbol can be seen, displaying a symbol of wholenesses and infinity, truly opening the door into the world of Garbäj.


Look 7 is a bit more laid back. Could this be a prince or possibly a king in Garbäj Clothing? Reminiscent of past grey font crewnecks in the past, just like the theme of the show what is old becomes new again. The chrome shorts set everything off, appearing as comfortable knights armor.


Look 8 might be my favorite of the whole show. The helmet and sigh show that the figure is ready to defend the kingdom at all costs. The images on his tunic feature the Ouroboros as well as a few other nods from the land. It’s safe to say you better steer clear of this guy if your hailing from Caustic Castle.

This runway show is something you feel in your soul. Being a long time inhabitant in the world of Garbäj I love seeing the lore expanded on with each show and gear drop, making all lovers of Garbäj feel one. The music set the tone, transporting the audience into the high court of Garbäj.

Threshold Recap: Cowboy By Takeo & Made By Moose

With one of the most monumental achievements in Tampa Bay Fashion history happening a couple weeks back at the Threshold event I figured it wouldn’t do it justice to compile all the looks from each of these six ground breaking creatives into one article. Instead I will be dropping five different articles breaking down each creatives individual show. For the first installment we had to start with the home team Cowboy By Takeo and Made By Moose.

Look 1

Look 1 modeled by VY has that casual luxury vibe to it. Off rips I was like I need those burgundy shorts featuring that Cowboy logo. It’s summer year round in Florida, so it’s never a bad thing to have a stash of shorts. The knit hoodie is a collage piece in its own right, with a plethora of different fabrics being meshed together. Moose also did his thing on the chest rig and jewelry pieces included in this look.

Look 2
21st Century Cowboy

Look 2 was modeled by the one and only Tayism. Cowboy is known for their custom trunks and jumpsuits, the later being what drew me to the artist in the first place. One of the standout moments from the entire show was when Tayism reached into the trunk, pulling out the Red Jacket that was crafted by Moose.

Look 3

Look 3 modeled by Ethan embodies what I feel Cowboy was trying to get across with this show as well as majority of the esthetic of the artist. The blend of Luxury goods like the trunks with the Americana esthetic symbolized with the leather jacket, logo tee, and painted denim is truly what it means to be a 21st Century Cowboy. This is also when the music really started hitting not sure what that Westside Gunn and Kanye West track was but it was a vibe for sure.

Look 4

Look 4 modeled by $KIBEEP continues the themes touched on in the previous pieces but this time with a bit more flair due to the rings crafted by Moose. The baseball Cowboy tee adds to the Americana esthetic. The statement piece hands down is that embroidered Year Of The Tiger Cowboy Denim Jacket. This look to Lil Wayne’s “Hustler Muzik” really hit.

Look 5

Look 5 modeled by Kamille is pure luxury. That silver paper clip chain is slowly becoming one of my favorite jewelry pieces of the year Made By Moose. It’s tough to say what my favorite painted Cowboy piece is but the Ink Coveralls are a top contender. The Cowboy Umbrella sets the tone, adding to the utilitarian esthetic Cowboy always sticks to.

Look 6

Look 6 modeled by _mvriv_ hits the Americana vibes out of the park. Pretty much an all painted leather look, this look was made to just ride on a Harley or whatever bike hits your fancy. The Kazama leather trousers are a big vibe especially with that flame on the leg. The silver rings add a bit of grit of course crafted by the man himself Moose. The collab tee between Cowboy and Dog Hunter 3k adds just enough white to make it all flow.

Look 7

The homie 7Sinclair was the model Look 7. The homie came through with the one of a kind statement piece patch strip leather jacket made by Moose as well as the silver lace locks on the kicks. That grey Cowboy sweater has been one of my favorite pieces for years, glad it made it into the show. Can’t go wrong with some Cowboy Denim either.

Look 8

Look 8 modeled by Raven was one of my favorite looks of the entire show. As a model she killed it, the smoking added so much. The Digi Camo chest rig made by Moose paired nicely with the camo Cowboy Jacket.

Look 9

We continue with camo vibes with Look 9 modeled by Jiggy. Yo that green Cowboy print is so fire I love that shade, it hit well on the camo print. The silver pieces included by Moose added some flair to the look but hands down one of my favorite looks of the show, big nod to BAPE which I thought was cool.

Look 10

I’ll never forget Kid Dre coming out to Benny The Butcher’s “One Way Flight” for Look 10. Gun to my head id have to go with the Year Of The Tiger leather painted jacket as my favorite piece from the Cowboy portion of the show, other than them damn Burgundy Shorts. The baseball tee really hits different when you layer it well. I felt the trunk was utilized well for this look.

Look 11 & 12

Look 11 & 12 was two looks in one modeled by Jo and pxpichulo.lxni. Cowboy snapped with the all blue jumpsuit and hand painted jeans. The hand painted aspect of Cowboys work makes each statement piece a work of art on its own. The puffer jacket is always one of the most asked about items in the Somewhere Store, it was nice to see it get some shine on the runway. Shout out to the Balaclava Boys X Cowboy By Takeo tee making an appearance in the show.

Big shout out to Jason Ryan and José Guerrero for the photos.

Au Revoir 👋

The homies definitely started things off with a bang. This show really hit home for me how much Cowboy has been tapping into that Americana esthetic, which is a reflection of both his American and Japanese roots. It was awesome to see some of the game changing 1 of 1 pieces Moose has made over the years make their way onto the runway. His jewelry pieces set things off as well, adding the finishing touches to many of the looks. I want to commend the team work between both Cowboy and Moose because I am sure that played a key factor in making this show as memorable as it was.

Off To See The Wizard

Taco Wizard a nomadic radical taqueria did their first pop up this Tuesday at Wild Child in St.Pete, offering travelers game changing tacos and other Latin favorites with a slight flick of the wand.

🏕💯 🧙🏽‍♂️ 🌮
Fish Tacos

Everything sounded fire so I had to pretty much get one of every item. I started off with the red fish tacos. The fry on the fish was nice not over powering the flavor, with the slaw topping adding a nice fresh crunch. The salsa was nice and spicy. I’d like to see their take on a Baja fish taco possibly at the next pop up.


Out of all the different flavors the Wizard had going on you can’t beat a classic Asada Taco. Nothing really crazy going on with these, just great flavor and a great price point which is sometimes all you need with a taco.

Pho Birria

I like Pho and I like tacos so what happens when you combine the two? All the herbs commonly used in pho added that same kind of vibe to the Birria Tacos. The brisket and ox tail combo went nicely with the abundance of flavors. Would easily get these again if they appeared back on the menu, really inventive idea.

It isn’t pictured because I ate it so fast but the Chili Lime Shrimp and Potato Empanada was bussin. Even if they dropped a traditional style empanada with just potato and chicken or pork would be nice for the next pop up.

Banana Horchata

When I saw this at the bottom of the menu I already knew it was mine. This fresh from the cauldron Banana Horchata is pretty dam near close to homemade. No artificial or mix flavors just rice milk cinnamon and banana. Could drink a gallon of this stuff it was so good.

I am really digging all the pop up food events happening in the city lately, and you can add Taco Wizard to the likes of Dusty’s and many others, bringing quality food and new flavors to the streets of St.Pete for locals by locals. There’s really no telling what flavors the Wizard will conjure up out of his spell book for the next pop up but you can bet the Jit will be pulling up again.

Stone VS Earth

Photographer Stone is able to capture moments in time, with his Polaroid esthetic giving off a sense of nostalgia despite being in the now. I wanted to shed light on a few of his photos that highlight his artistic touches.


This first photo I call “The Jungle” is one of my favorites. The faces being covered adds to the mystery, who are these men? The crispness of the photo gives it that 90s grunge vibe you would see on the streets of NYC.

Laid back

I dig how lived in this photo feels. It could be pre game or post game chillin but either way the homie is laid back. This one has a slice of life type feel we can all relate to.


Backstage photo shoots are always a dope concept to me. Which photos make it and which photos don’t. Yes we always see the glamorous model with the edited photos but what if the raw cuts was the norm?

Red Ballon

This photo has EP cover vibes to me. It offers the viewer many questions. Who is this girl and why does she have the balloons? Are they her ballon’s or are they just wandering like a ghost throughout the streets.


This photo gives off that slice of life feel as well. The all white background makes the denim jacket stand out. Why is the fabric over the light is the first question that came to my mind.


This piece reminds me of something out of a seventies exploitation film. The model fits the vibe to a tee with her luxurious esthetic. Her face gives off a sense of longing. Despite her luxurious life style she appears to want something more, not as content with her current situation.


You can really feel the pain in this one. From the smeared make up, to bathing with clothes on. The viewer is not hip to why the model is in such a state of pain, but her longing gaze tells the whole story.


A follow up to the “Crisis” piece, this next photo reminds me of Lelia Goldoni in John Cassavetes film “Shadows”. Not only does the model look very similar to her, but her current state matches many of the scenes in the film.


This one is some high fashion shit. The old school statue adds a baroque tone to the photo. The model like the statue comes off as a piece of living art, both now being captured in time simultaneously. Medusa faces turn me into stone.


Had to add this one cause it’s gang shit. Despite the Somewhere Store being something in the now, the way Stone shoots Raheem makes the moment feel lived in, with so much history already behind it. In a few years this one his gonna hit way harder, Big NHO shit.

What I love most about Stone’s photos is the sense of nostalgic they evoke despite being taken in current time. Deep down I am an old soul, so to see someone not using crystal clear filters, and looking for that perfect IG look puts a smile on my face every time. Hopefully I can lock in with the homie and have my own time capsule created through Stone’s lens.

813 Essential Reviews: Vern SR And Deezy Wee The Reaper: Sparxky & Dutch

Every once in awhile there comes a time when two of the undergrounds best come together and create an essential record. On “Sparxky & Dutch”, Vern SR & Deezy Wee The Reaper create a sonic adventure filled with pimp tyte beats and smoked out bars.


The project kicks off with the eerie “Sockem Bopper”. Verb’s flow is so cool and laid back but the way he delivers each line is what makes them stick. Deezy has one of my favorite voices in rap, this beat was made for him to reap over. Deezy has quotables for days, but the Barney Rubble line was my favorite. Great way to start off the project.

“Bussin” is that ride around in the whip making plays type track. Despite being smoked out, Vern & Deezy still got that smoke, so you better come correct. One of my favorite Vern lines is on this track when he says “ I’m an alchemist, turning nothing into something”.

“Big Tokin” gives off that day time pool party vibe. Everyone chilling on floaties smoking loud having a blast, cannon balls and everything. This is how you make a dope song about smoking without it coming off as corny or played out.

“Tube” has a bouncy beat with some hard hitting bass. The concept of this track is dope with Vern & Deezy watching themselves on TV, possibly the latest episode of “Sparxky & Dutch”. Deezy keeps is flow slower on this track but Vern speeds things up a bit on his.

“Two Lics” is on that reap shit. If they catch you lacking, Vern & Deezy just might have to hit a lic real quick. I really enjoyed the more playful vibe on this track, with Vern & Deezy taking pleasure in finding a new victim.

Now let’s get into one of my favorite tracks off the album “Putty Cat”. This one has always stuck with me, probably due to the atmospheric beat. Deezy gets in the zone on his verse, with each line creating a visual in your mind. I like the way they went back and forth on the hook. Vern’s flow is pretty sped up on the track but he rides the beat with ease.

“Mattress” sounds like it was straight out of Miami Vice, that sax hits. Deezy’s rhyme scheme on this track is very inventive, especially towards the mid point of his verse. Vern pulls up on his pimp shit, putting all his bitches in check. Just a really feel good track, love the vibe especially when things slow down at the end.

“Bruce Willis” will have you chirping back for sure. Hands down the craziest beat on the project, the homies slide this joint bringing high energy and good vibes. Vern drops mad Bruce Willis references throughout his verse.

“Stuntin” low key has that Metro Zu vibe to it but through a Tampa Bay filter. Deezy has a more slowed down flow on this one but it adds to the laid back vibe, but once he comes back in on the third verse things keep speeding up. This the credits rolling at the end of the movie type vibe.

When it comes to 813 Essentials I would say “Sparxky & Dutch” is a cult classic. Both emcees have cult like following which only grew after this project. I also really dig how they low key made a stoner rap classic as well. With part 2 on the way fans on both sides of the bay will be running back this essential for years to come.

Freshly Squeezed Products

The Florida Orange Co. a Florida lifestyle brand offering fresh picked goods for all seasons, releases its flagship Florida Orange Trucker just in time for Fall.


Quality materials, attention to detail, and a taste for the more leisurely things in life, Florida Orange Co. is all about enjoying the fruits of your labor. Off rips I love how Florida this drop is, taking back the Orange to the state that made it famous. On first glance you just notice the white, orange, and green color scheme, but that hit of blue towards the center adds so much.

Florida Boy

Really solid inaugural release from the Florida Orange Co. The ad campaign for this drop was crazy, and I do hope one day we can eat that film screened at the Prx Jit Cinema. This first trucker already has that statement piece vibe, building anticipation for the brands next drop.


Six of Tampa Bays top designers come together under one roof for the “THRESHOLD” fashion exhibition at The Factory, featuring Pollex World, LittleBull4U, Cowboy By Takeo, Muse By Pablo, Garbäj Clothing, and Made By Moose.

Enter The Void

Threshold- The Place or point of entering or beginning. Despite doing game chaining work in the past, all the designers are stepping up their game to push the boundaries of their art even forward.

Check out the color scheme

LittleBull4U always brings top tier cuts and fabrics to her design. Many of the pieces have that nomad vibe to them, allowing them to be worn in all climates and situations. If the tease of the color schemes Candice will be using in the show doesn’t get you hype, seeing them in the flesh will.

21st Century Cowboy

Cowboy By Takeo has been on one heck of a run so far in 2022, from dream collabs to the Somewhere Store retail space, fam is on it. I know the homie has been working hard on some signature pieces for the show.

Team Glock

Moose as been going crazy with the jewelry as of late, but don’t get it twisted he can’t still whip up a whole fit from scratch. I am curious to see how his jewelry will be incorporated into the show, as well as how the models rock the pieces.

In Pollex We Trust

Pollex World always brings us comfort with their designs. It always seems to be just what we need without us even knowing it at the time. Besides the pieces I am hype to see what Pollex brings as far as their presentation goes.

Follow the Orbs

The good people over at Garbäj Clothing will be blessing us with some brand new designs of their own. I missed the last Garbäj show that was held over at Coastal some time ago but I will be front and center for this experience.


It’s been a minute since Muse By Pablo has done a fashion show, brining expectations through the roof. They got the short game on lock but I am excited to see what new cuts and pieces the dynamic duo brings to the show.


Sounds will be curated by the one and only DJ Donnie Luv. Donnie has been in her bag as of late dropping her own live mixes as well as $lugg Mixes here and there. She set the vibe at the last LittleBull4U event, and I expect this to be no different.


Lucky Tigre will be in the building, mixing up some game changing food combinations that will have your pallet drooling for more. I know they try to make a curated menu to match each event they are at but I know if Takeo had anything to say about it that Okonomiyaki will be on the menu.


What more can I say this is some big energy right here! The fact that all these amazing designers will all be under one room is an achievement in itself. There’s no way you can bitch about Tampa Bay not having a thriving fashion scene with events like this being meticulously executed. Pick up your tickets today and catch me in VIP on 9/17 at The Factory from 5-10 p.m.

If We Love Each Other

One of Weef’s founding fathers Matt Galloway releases a solo shirt drop titled “If We Love Each Other”, spreading positive vibes in all shapes in sizes.

Founding Father

I am big fan of the vibe and esthetic Matt and the rest of the Weef Boys have been creating over the past few years, so I was hype to see what Matt could bring on his own. I have seen a bunch of his film references in his past works, so working in a different style peeked my interest.

All photos by computer.face 🏕💯💻

These 37 all unique hand printed tees on vintage camo harkens back to that Florida man esthetic Weef taps into time to time. The fact that each pattern and print is different makes each piece stand as a solo art piece. These bad boys are going for $25 in a variety of sizes.

The Holy Mountain

I am a huge cinephile so when I got eyes on this “The Holy Mountain” tote bag it hit all the right buttons. Featuring some of my favorite stills from the film, this is a no brainer for all film freaks and Jodorowsky followers alike.

Whether is his solo work or his work on Weef, Matt Galloway is doing some incredible work, bridging the gap on what we consider art and fashion. Weef The People!

Heir To Tha Throne

After killing every feature he has been on over the past two years or so I felt it was right to shout out one of my favorite emcees in the Tampa Bay Hip Hop Scene, Jay Browne. In this article I will be ranking Browne’s Top 5 Feature Verses thus far.


It was hard to narrow it down to five records but I feel these tracks showcase just how versatile of an emcee Browne is, as well as the caliber of emcees that put him on the track.

5. Frankie X featuring Jay Browne No Bonnie

One of my favorite tracks off Frank’s “Angels EP”, “No Bonnie” was a different take on the “Me & My Girlfriend” style track from greats like Pac and Hov. Browne has spit about trifling women before on past tracks but this one he’s standing above all that, not letting any woman get in the way of his paper and his career.

4.Barely Legal featuring Jay Browne Dat Way

Barley Legal’s “Dat Way” is a song of the year contender. I am not sure there are many other tracks that get both sides of the bay so it had to make the list. The tables turn a bit for Jay on this track as he brings the gravitas to the track, building on his already tight relationship with the Barely Legal Collective.

3. Gat$ & Jordan Patrick featuring Jay Browne Whip Appeal

At the “2 Much 2 Robb” album listening party Gat$ and Jordan Patrick said they wanted to give Jay Browne a beat that was a bit different than the usual production he goes over. In return we get one of my favorite tracks off the album and by far one of Browne’s best verses of the year. Jxpvtty comes through with that wrapped wonky production. Once the beat really starts going Browne just hits this pocket, especially on that “In My Lifetime” line. We need visuals for this joint by the way.

2. Scxtt Aye featuring Jay Browne Diamonds

In my mind this joint is already a 813 Classic. The old school and the new school come together on Scxtt Aye’s “Diamonds” of the 813 Essential album “Doves”. It’s a toss who really had a better verse on the track, which is one of the highest compliments you can give knowing how much respect Browne and the city has for Scxtt Aye. I really love the way Browne starts off his first with the “Who is him, who is me, who am I” line. We need a video for this classic A$AP!

1. Pusha Preme featuring Jay Browne Never Thought

This shit right here mane was made for the Bucs to run out of the tunnel. The Pusha Preme connection brought Browne’s confidence and game to the next level on their immortal 813 classic track “Never Thought”. I dig how Browne slows his verse down a bit towards the beginning but then once shit gets rolling you got no choice but to get hype.

Feature verses like these have only catapulted Jay Browne to the top of the pack when it comes to this Tampa Bay Hip Hop shit. Every time you see Jay Browne featured on a track you know he is bringing pressure, building anticipation for his next solo effort. The top might not be his at the moment but it doesn’t take a psychic to see that the Tampa Bay Hip Hop throne will be his soon enough.

Producer Spotlight: 7spellz

Continuing the new Producer Spotlight series where we take a look at producers and beat makers doing their thing in the Tampa Bay Area I wanted to showcase someone you have probably heard featured on a verse or on the beat for some of your favorite artists in the scene 7spellz.

This a Spellz beat

7pellz can’t really be tied down to one style or sound. Sometimes he’s on his boom bap sample style tip, other times he can be on his cloud rap shit, often bringing that dark revered sound SGP was known for back in the day. In this piece I will pick out a few of my favorite beats the homie has dropped released and unreleased, going through the whole gamut.


I believe one of the first 7spellz tracks I heard was his joint off Drogotdoe & 9henom’s collab album “Take Da Globe”. First off that sample he used sounds like it was from a Giallo Film or something off Alchemist’s “Russian Roulette”, a vibe for sure. The way the sample blends with the hard hitting 808s is a sign of true skill.


I dig the atmospheric tone of this beat, it doesn’t have a name but I call it “Valhalla”. The drums aren’t as hard hitting but that allows you to just take a ride into space with all the laid back sound.

Treasure Planet

Spellz takes a more Boom Bap approach on this track I call “Treasure Planet”. I feel Spellz is more at home on the wrapped SGP style production or the cloudy stuff, but he really holds his own with the boom bap sound. I would like to hear some more boom bap vibes in the future.

Road Less Traveled

The homie goes back on his Cloud Rap shit for “Road Less Traveled”. The backing synth loop is really dope, allowing you to engage with the beat instantly. I could see a few people on this track but I feel Drogotdoe would slide it the hardest.


I dig this track because it blends the cloud rap with the boom bap. Reminiscent of something the Souls Of Mischief would spit on back in the day, I dig the somber laid back vibe of the track. I would like to hear Junkyrd on this one.

7spellz has tons of heat that he has unleashed onto the world, so peep his various pages to check out more of his beats. With some of my favorite artists in the city still yet to drop, it’s only a matter of time before we see a new 7spellz placement soon.