Top Shotta

Kenny H is one of the most prolific directors, working with some of the biggest names in the Tampa Bay Area to NY. Here are some of my favorite videos from the homie who always holds it down for Tampa Bay.


The vintage vibes on Tony Shhnow’s “Slow Crash” set the tone for sure. The beat has a classic feel to it, adding to the late night cable esthetic of the video.

Shout outs to the Mob

The video for YG Addie’s “Soul Reaver” is a favorite of mine. The outside pop up vibe as well as YG Addie talking his shit in the being seems to be the blueprint of what would follow in Marino Infantry videos. Shot on scene at the LYBB pop up added to the vibe. The “Legacy Of Kain” clips added a dope nod to fans of the game.


The video for Peril Sensei’s “Gangbangin” has old school “Wu Tang” vibes to the way it’s shot, but with that gritty edge Kenny brings to his videos, especially when Lil Fancy is involved. From the bonfire to the dice throwing, this video has it all. It’s crazy how Kenny is able to almost cut and paste elements of the video, almost appearing on top of each other.

Free $krilla

The simplified nature of the “Key Kartel Freestyle” video fits the track perfectly. Dope bars over a banger beat from the Kartel, what more could you ask for. The way Fancy hangs off the ladder was a really crazy shot.

🏕💯 🧪

Kenny H always comes through for St.Pete’s own Kent Loon. Kenny is always able to capture the Trill, leaned out nature of Loon’s tracks, especially on “Ben 10”. All the crazy effects on the watch as well as the codeine drenched frame, give the track new life.

Gucci Print

“Gucci Print” off the 813 Essential album from Lil Fancy and E.$krilla is a classic at this point. The Harmony Korine, filthy esthetic of the video sets it apart from a lot of other shit being made in the scene. The run down trailer has the homies on their “Breaking Bad” shit. Free $krilla!


A certified 727 classic, “Will Pimp pt.2” is iconic as fuck. The trill esthetic of the video provided by Kenny furthers that vibe even more. Mari stays on his pimp shit, with a double cup and Henny bottle in hand. This track and video is instrumental in the Trill scene in St.Pete, so shout out to Kenny & Mari for bringing it to life.

Kenny H stays working, if it’s not on a video, he’s dropping a new NFT on NeutralNFT. Big things are in store for Kenny H, I definitely see him applying pressure all year and beyond. Keep putting on for the city bro!

Another Vintage Expo

Culture Control and HellBilly Branded are joining forces for “Another Vintage Expo” this Friday at 81 Bay Brewing Co. The vendors list is stacked for this Expo but I wanted to shed light on some of the homies that will be pulling up and setting up shop at the event.


The homies over at Culture Control always have some dope vintage pieces on display in the shop. Anytime they post an old school movie tee I get hype. They bring their own unique curation process to the pieces they select, so expect some gems.

📸 by takethirtyfive

John Drugs himself HellBilly Branded is one of the biggest movers and shakers in the Tampa Bay vintage game. His eye and curation process his solely his own making a piece from HellBilly have more meaning to it than just a simple vintage piece. I am on the hunt for some vintage sports tees so hopefully John Drugs has my fix.


It’s always a joy to see the homie Proper Jones at any event. I am sure he will have some hand picked gems he’s curated over the past couple weeks, as well as his own “P.R.O.P.E.R.” Tees and long sleeves. Mr.Jones is a sommelier in his own right, his booth is can’t miss.

Big Hunt

Hunts Fabrications has cemented themselves as the premier tie dye house in the area. From the custom Chrome dyes to their own hand made pieces, it will be interesting to see what surprises Hunt has up his sleeve for the event.


The homies at REACH dabble a bit in the vintage game, offering a vintage rack at the front of the store at all times, as well as their own takes on classic Tampa Bay Sports drip. I am sure the homies will have a little bit of everything available at the event, as well as a few unreleased pieces for the REACH heads.

It’s really exciting to see the entire fashion and vintage community come together and put on huge events like these, as well as the many others that pop up around Tampa Bay. This event has me more hype than Gasparilla anyway so come out and get dripped.

Driveway Concert

Kalib Music and the crew have been successfully putting on the “Driveway Concert” in St.Pete over the past few months, allowing heavy hitters like $lugged Sounds & Dephree to grace the mic, as well as up and coming talent to show what they got. With last year behind us, the homies are back for 2022 with the 1st show of the year, and let me tell you the lineup is stacked.


“Pray” is slowly becoming a St.Pete classic from the homie Kalib Music, but I am interested to see what he’s going to bring in 2022. He’s already one of the cities dopest emcees, but a solid project would solidify it.

🏕💯 ☁️

The homie Kozyy had a great 2021, coming off his smash hit “Ice Cream Cake” off one of my favorite projects of 2021 “Kozyy In The Summer Vol.1”, I am interested to see what tracks Kozyy has on the set list. I know he hinted at a shift in his style but gangs artistry is on another level so I’m hype either way.


Not to familiar with Knux Beats but I am hype to see what he brings to the show. I’ve seen his work on the beat machine, so hopefully he comes through with some live instrumentals.

🏕💯 👑

Kyng 2 Brazy will be gracing the stage as well, bringing some tracks new and old as well as a few unreleased joints. This event put me on to Kyng 2 Brazy so I am looking forward to seeing his set.


VinnieTheBeatDealer always holds it down on a production note. Not sure if he will be chopping up beats live, or just doing a mix of what he’s currently been working on, but it’s always good to see the homie.

📸 by laughterblackberry

ValentinoXIII will be on the 1s and 2s holding it down like always. Hopefully we will see him grace the stage and perform a couple of his own joints, homie has been snapping as of late.

These Driveway Concerts are really special and I hope to see them continue. They act as a great platform for Tampa Bay artists especially out of the 727 to perform, as well as drop unreleased music they are working on. Shout out to the entire team for their consistency with the shows.

I Got Mints For Sale

With word of deletion on the horizon, I decided to take a look at the latest “I Got Mints For Sale” NFT collection from Jimmy Regular.


This series of lo fi GIF collages was created by Jimmy using IG story window. The collection of 69 pieces came together over a four year span.


This piece titled “Nightcap”, could be a take on social media consumption, or just a playful way to say that time is passing. I really dig the placement of the moon and stars.

That’s what they tell us

This piece titled “That’s What They Tell Us” is a dope take on possibly the pharmaceutical industry as well as the drug market in general. They tell us not to do drugs, yet they rather prescribe someone xans instead of Medical Marijuana. Pretty crazy he made this on IG story.

This piece is just crazy to me, creating a collage vibe with the different lettering on “designer”. The dude with the tall Jean jacket has his own swag, setting him apart from the drip trend. Shout out to the middle school S used.

Brick on my brick

My favorite piece in the entire collection has got to be “Brick On My Brick”. From the abstract moon face to all the snow references, plus the raining bricks. Kermit The Frog shows up to the party as well. The Westside Gunn reference ties it all together. Hopefully I can get my hands on this one before they are all burned.

Jimmy has stated that he is going to burn the collection in the coming days so act fast. Not sure what collection, if any he will drop next, but fans and supporters alike will be behind him either way. The release of “99.2ooo” is one of my most anticipated drops, fingers crossed on a trailer for that soon.

Full Court St.Pete

Full Court Classics is opening its newest location in St.Pete, adding to the thriving vintage and fashion community growing in the Tampa Bay Area.

🏕💯 👟
Yup in my white tee

Over 500 vintage tees will be making its way onto the racks this Saturday for the grand opening. I really hope to see some vintage Tampa Bay sports gear for sale like some old schools Bucs gear or maybe even some rare Tampa Bay Bandits pieces. Interested in seeing the curation process Full Court will have with their selected pieces.

Saint Peter

New location means new shop tees. In honor of St.Pete’s namesake, Full Court has unveiled a Saint Peter tee in the black color way. This shirt is definitely on some 727 shit, and the halo over the ball is really striking.

Petey the Pelican

With the Pelican being synonymous with St.Pete it was only right to make the new mascot for Full Court St.Pete a Pelican. I definitely will be picking up one of these new black Pelican tees. I dig the pirate vibes on the hat and stogie of the bird.


A few St.Pete exclusive Florida Orange stain decks will be available in collaboration with Strangelove Skateboards. Being a shop exclusive, I am pretty sure these will be sold out quick. “It’s pimpin pimpin!“

Full Court St.Pete will be having its grand opening this Saturday 1/29. With tons of giveaways and opening day exclusives it’s a no brainer to pull up. I really love seeing the passion the city of St.Pete and the Tampa Bay community has for the culture, and I know the city will come out and support the new shop.

Toast To The Gods Freestyle Breakdown

Posse Cuts and Cypher tracks seem to be a thing of the past nowadays in Hip Hop. Every once in awhile a track like “1train” or “4,3,2,1” comes along and makes you go wow this a game changer. This brand new “Toast To The Gods Freestyle” featuring YZM, Richie Guapo, Fettisuo, Sage The Fox, and Dosja OffThaCorna with Key Kartel’s own Heavy Kev on production, is reminiscent of classic tracks like that, showcasing some of Tampa Bays hottest spitters. Here is my full breakdown.

🏕💯🛹 👿 🌐🦊 🦈 🎹🥂

The visuals provided by Dopuvisuals and the man himself Toast To The Gods brings the whole vibe together.


The track starts off with that signature we all know and love from Heavy Kev, instantly signifying a banger. Richie Guapo starts off the freestyle with that “PrettyboyGuap” style flow. His portion of the video was a favorite of mine showing him running from 12, and rocking PERM$ SB.


YZM always brings a gravitas whenever he is on a track. I love the aggression and double time flow he used towards the middle of his verse, starting out with that “Water Wip” intro. YZM is universally named “your favorite rappers favorite rapper”, and verses like this further that.


Representing Outside World ENT Fettisuo is the piece that sets the track apart from regular freestyles. His portion at the mid point in the end act as the hook of the track. I feel he sends a nod at each of his fellow MCs on the track mentioning “the corner” and a “fox”.


Representing Darkaire Sage The Fox brings a totally different approach to the track, bringing a whisper flow at first, and finishing off his verse with a double time flow. I love the way his part was shot between the handle bars, adding for a dope effect.


Also repping Outside World ENT, Dosja OffThaCorna brings that street aspect to the track. Dosja has the perfect menacing voice that fits his content. That “Turned Down” line at the end was cold. Can’t wait for “Sink Or Swim” to drop.

Big shout out to Toast To The Gods and Dopuvisuals for making this track and video possible. This absolutely will be on my end of the year list, and that’s saying a lot since it’s only January. Big shout out to all the artists involved, showing that working together really makes the scene flourish.

FUKK EM On My Shirt

Your favorite brands favorite brand FUKK EM World Wide is taking no time off, dropping the brand new “Inferno” tees for all the sinners out there.


I always dig the approach Fukk EM takes with their designs, always staying on point with brand, while adding in new fascists to tell a complete story with the drop. I liked how instead of creating a devil character, they went all in with the word mark coming out of the fire, and the devil horns placed slightly above.


The black tee is my favorite of the drop, allowing the orange and red from the logo to show off more.

Shout out my Dawg Fat Geechie

The blue color way is an unexpected color choice for the design but I feel blue is a big Florida color. It would be dope to see some matching trucker hats drop with the same logo, making a complete fit.


The orange tee is on some Halloween vibes. This would be a nice piece to stash until spooky season, bringing it out just in time. Big props to Fukk EM for having the fire not blend into the shirt, making the logo still look crispy on the orange tee.

FUKK EM continues to remain at top tier status within the Tampa Bay scene. With prominent features like OTL Beezy and Richie Guapo, I already know 2022 is gonna be big for the brand. You know the vibe, Fukk EM on my shirt, Ksubi on my jeans.


Always going quality over quantity, the homies over at REACH elevate their game once again with the latest, “Language” tee in that “Soft Plum” color way.


Using a premium cut and sew garment, fabricated in Portugal, these 15oz 100% cotton is the most premium fabric REACH has used to date. The concept of the tee is really dope featuring the REACH word mark in various languages. That back circle hand logo is a game changer, becoming one of my new favorite signatures of REACH.

That “Soft Plum” color way is what really makes the piece for me. That cream color font fits nicely of the all plum tee. Purple is my favorite color so with this being a smoother shade of purple you already know I’m picking it up. This piece def pairs well with a previously released purple “Cigar City Champions” fitted.

With an LA pop up on the horizon for Super Bowl Sunday, REACH is always applying pressure in the game, establishing themselves as the premium fashion boutique and brand in Tampa Bay and beyond . Everything is Made In REACH.

Dog House Paradise

To celebrate the huge success of his 813 Essential Album “Dog World”, Storma is joining forces with Outside World ENT & the Style Room to bring you a can’t miss event with the “Dog House Paradise” event on 1/29/22.

🏕💯 🐕 🌎

Storma will be headlining the show, playing some older cuts but especially a slew of joints off “Dog World”. You already know the crowd is going to go crazy once they hear the menacing beat from “Misery” drops. “Dog World” is already essential to the area but this show will only add to its longevity.


King Dirty himself is grading the stage for the first time in a minute. As a huge fan of Suo I want him to perform all my favorite joints like “Reverse”, as well as new favorites like “Perfect Dark” and “Rolling Loud 19’” off the “Jackpot EP”. Big things coming from Suo this year.

🏕💯 🎱

Von $hine has been flooding the streets with that pressure as of late. With the Drill inspired “Aston” dropping on Friday, I hope to see that one make the set list as well as some of my other favorite Von records.


Three D Swayze has been killing the shows as of late, even opening for Maxo Kreem. You already know Swayze is gonna be performing fan favorites like “Starfox 64” and “Cash Coma”, but I hope to hear at least one track off his upcoming record.

🏕💯 💎

Dro can pretty much perform anything and imma be hype. From the hits to the deep cuts bro has it all. His next solo project might be my most anticipated project of 2022, so hopefully we can get some unreleased joints.

🏕💯 🦈

Dosja OffThaCorna just unleashed his latest street smash “Sink Or Swim”, which has been heavy in the rotation as of late. Classic from Dosja like “Superman” will definitely get the crowd pumped so be on the look out for that one.

🏕💯 🛹

PERM$ SB head honcho Richie Guapo will be hitting the stage at the event as well. His latest project “Prettyboyguap” has been heavy in my rotation as of late. I am really interested to see how my favorite tracks off that project translate into a live set.

🏕💯 💨

Outside World ENT are no strangers to the Style Room, so you already know DJ Skum will be on the ones and twos playing your favorite hits as well as local classics.


Tropixal will be brining those Tampa Jook vibes, especially on with his club anthem “Paradise Party”. Having special guest status who knows what other bangers Tropixal will bring to the stage.


Rumor has it YZM will be gracing the stage at the event. YZM always brings tons of energy to his performances, giving him the potential to have performance of the night.

🏕💯 💉

Jigink will be laying down some tatts, so pull up to the booth and get that piece you’ve had your mind on since last year.

The line up is stacked and doors open at 9:30. Shots are 2 for 1 until 12:30 so lock in your tickets A$AP. Check out the “Dog House Paradise” playlist on Apple Music to get in tune with what’s going on.

813 Essential Reviews: Storma- Dog World

A project that would have been on my Top 15 Albums of 2021 list but I was sleep is Storma’s “Dog World”. Bringing a West Coast esthetic over Detroit Style production with a Sosa esque delivery. Damn it’s a “Dog World!”

🏕💯 🐕 🌎

The project starts off with a banger out the gate. The dark production fits the menacing imagery Storma is bringing to life with his bars. I picture a dark gritty video in the kitchen for this joint. That “Brodie in the kitchen mixing up dawg food” line is cold as fuck.

“You Know” is one of those joints you just play mad loud in your whip. Storma’s nonchalant delivery shows his confidence on the mic. You already know Storma is repping 813. From Bolts games to Bucs games, Storma really out here.

The atmospheric production on “Mbg” was a favorite of mine. The beat is still hard hitting but the background adds a gravitas to the track. Storma’s flow was A1, especially when he dropped all the basketball references.

This shit a classic right here. From the eerie production, to the essential visuals from Quinton2times that accompany the track. Storma’s sped up flow on this one shows he’s got some versatility in his game. Legendary for sure.

“33” featuring 44oakBoy is on some more laid back vibes than the previous joints. Storma changes up his flow a bit on this track to match the spaced out nature of the track. 44oakBoy added a nice change of pace vocally, with his verse bringing a ton of energy. One of my favorite hooks on the project is from this track.

“1008” featuring Travae is on some dream like Detroit cloud rap shit. The track puts Storma on his pimp shit. That “It’s A Dog World” line is one of my favorites off the project. Travae did his thing on the track, especially brining that sing songy flow towards the end of his verse.

“Hoop Dreams” puts Storma back on that menacing shit. The eerie synths on the beat paint a grim picture of what Storma is spitting. I like the theme of how Storma used to have hoop dreams but now it’s all about street life. Almighty Storma! 

The project ends out on the spaced out “Wyk”. This track is a little more playful than the rest. The “what you know” part of the hook will get stuck in your head, adding repeat listens. You already know Storma is about that life so be cautious.

“Dog World” is Storma’s best body of work to date, proving his staying power in the Tampa Hip Hop scene for many years to come.