Deleteeglitch & Skully Cipriani- The Theif Single Review

Deleteeglitch shows is storytelling skills on “The Theif” featuring production from Skully Cipriani.


Glitch has dabbled with storytelling in the past but not quite to this extent. The piano based sample provided by Skully Cipriani gives Glitch the perfect background to tell us the story of the girl that stole is heart.

He shares details into how they first met, as well as the trial and tribulations that filled their relationships. Despite the relationship being toxic Glitch continues on. His rhyme schemes towards the end of the track is impeccable, know one is fucking with Glitch when it comes to rhyme schemes.

Glitch is finally able to move on from “The Theif” but eventually he goes back one time. It’s dope to see how in-depth Glitch gets on the track, giving off a feel of reality, you can picture every image he spits. Every Deleteeglitch track brings you into his mind.

One of my favorite tracks of the year. Not sure if it’s for an upcoming album or EP but if it’s Deleteeglitch you know I’m going to cover it, he’s the future.

Sam E Hues- When Tigers Used To Smoke

Sam E Hues along with Guy Average on production provide that laid back dirty south flavor on “When Tigers Used To Smoke”, transporting both sides of the Bay back in time.


The opening track “Ciao” has Hues taking center stage. Surrounded by swelling strings, Hues lays down what’s been going on in his mind, with his southern twang and quick delivery. The way this track is set up reminds me of the way El-P approaches some of his tracks, especially when the drums get going around the mid section of the song. The chopped and screwed undertones subtly drip through the track. Sam isn’t just gonna wait around and let shit happen, time is ticking and he’s doing things his way.

Next we slide into “Flexin”. I dig the smooth vibe of the beat, especially the chime sounds in the background. Hues’s flow on this track is laid back but you still feel every word, mainly when he spits “I need my neck full of stones!”. Shelby Sol adds to the laid back vibes with her vocals on the hook and throughout the track.

“Déjà vu” featuring 813’s own LA The GOAT has that late night “Drive Slow” vibe to it. The pianos are on a low creep, and once the whistle sound pops up, we are in full late night tip mode. I could see an animated video for this track, with Sam and LA riding through Tampa. It’s really dope when both emcees get their shot at the hook, which will definitely get stuck in your head “Whip smellin like a good time and Black Ice”. The track fades out and we are met with a mini outro, with embers burning taking us back to a time when tigers used to smoke.

“Slow Down” is my shit mane! This is one you just jam, crawling down Central Ave in the whip with the sun roof open. After I heard the track a few times, I found myself constantly spitting “I Need To Slow Down”. It would be dope to see BTMVLE Jotta or one of the members of $lugg Sounds on the remix to really get things slowed. The chopped and screwed vibes at the end takes it over the top.

This next track is something special foreal. “Smoke Break” is hands down one of my favorite tracks of the year. The homie Sunny Fritz starts things off with the feature verse of the year. I loved the way he switched flows right on cue, catapulting his next project to my most wanted list. The atmospheric beat is my type of vibe, especially when that whistle comes in. Mr.Hues snaps on his verse per usual, bringing that southern smoke talk. This track reminds me of that “Hat Club” ad Sam shot in the swamp. Track of the year contender for sure. Another dope interlude pops up with the embers burning again, adding to the esthetic.

“35mm” is a bit of a somber tone to it but I felt it was need at this point of the album. Guy Average killed it on the vocals setting the tone for Sam to do his thing. The guitar sounds crisp and the backing vocals hit just right. Sam is still able to keep it southern while discussing more introspective topics. You can definitely feel the loss in this song.

“Drive” featuring Jst Ray is mad laid back. This that late night pool side vibe type shit. The sounds used in the production remind me of some of the instruments used on “Beach Chair” by Jay Z. Jst Ray does her thing on the hook enhancing the chill esthetic.

“G Baby” is such a feel good track. This is how you make a record for the ladies without coming off as corny. I really dig the DJ Snake style production, giving the track a more bouncy feel than the previous joints. Things slow down a bit towards the end, making the track flow with the rest of the project.

“Same Thing” featuring They Hate Change is gonna become a deep cut down the road. The warped production is right up Andre & Vonne’s alley. Once the beat starts to get clanky towards the hook things really get going. I love all the sounds and drums that are featured throughout the song, so many beat switch ups. Sam slows things down with his pimp tyte flow, spitting mad game. I just picture him in the suite from the album cover spitting his verse. It’s dope that Sam lets the beat just ride out into the short outro vocals repeating “When Tigers Used To Smoke”. Amazing track.

At this point “Outside” featuring Big Baby Scumbag is a Florida Classic. The lead single off the album set the tone for what we had in store for the project, just good Florida Southern Living. Big Baby snapped on the hook like only Black Joe Can. Sam’s flow on this joint is impeccable, he almost goes like double time but you can still clearly hear every dime he’s dropping, through is southern twang. That second verse is out of this world. That lush southern production blends well with the hits of chopped and screwed. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out it’s a video of the year contender for sure. Such an undeniable song.

The horns yo! “Awake” has that anthem vibe. I could see Sam running down the streets of Ybor with the whole city running behind him, band and all. If you were sleeping on Mr.Hues before this project, now you should hear him loud and clear.

I am so glad I waited until after Sam’s live performance of the album before I finished the review, the live aspect took it over the top. I love the dirty south sound that Sam is bringing back with that Florida flavor , making it sound refreshing and his own. I haven’t felt these type of dirty south vibes since Big KRIT was dropping mixtapes back in the day. You’ll definitely see this project making its way into my Top Albums of the year list, possibly picking up some other awards down the road. Having amazing visuals and dope live performances of your project is a nice trend I have been seeing out of the 813 lately, with projects like, Scxtt Aye’s “Doves”, and “2 Much 2 Robb” from Gat$ & Jordan Patrick all being able to stand the test of time, reaching 813 Essential status. You can now add “When Tigers Used To Smoke” to that list.

POH X Cowboy

People Of Happiness and Cowboy By Takeo come together for a collection highlighting the connection between happiness and a diverse cultural background through art, redefining what happiness is and the Cowboy lifestyle that comes with it.


The collection embodies creativity and friendship, both of which lead to happiness. I like how some of the pieces you can just throw on all causal but are still be able to shred. Pieces like the work jacket can spice things up a bit with its versatility.

Washed Charcoal
Be happy

This charcoal washed Cowboy Of Happiness tee embodies the Cowboy philosophy. I dig the Cowboy x POH globe logo, we definitely need stickers cause the graphic is so dope. The almost black but almost grey washed color way is very rarely used making it the perfect pair with my grey crocs. The writing on the back shines with that rainbow tye dye look.

Art Expressions

The oversized Art Expressions tee reminds me of many of the collage pieces Cowboy creates on canvas. Always a perfectionist with color combinations the brighter colors come off well on the oversized white tee. Yup!


The Army Green Unity Work Jacket is a statement piece for sure. Reminiscent of the Cowboy stamped work suits the homie used to drop on Depop, the piece is a nod to their roots Cowboy & POH chose the Alligator to represent Florida, and the Komodo Dragon to represent Indonesia. Seeing this piece in the wild at the Sam E Hues show was crazy. The quality and care that went into this piece is what makes it one of the biggest statement pieces of the year.


This collaboration is what it means to be a 21st Century Cowboy. It embodies the principles not only of Cowboy By Takeo but also of People Of Happiness. At its core, creation makes us happy, no matter what it is.

21st Century Cowboy

The Cowboy By Takeo X People Of Happiness Collaboration is now available at the Somewhere Store located at The Factory. Stop by the store and tell em Jit sent ya. See ya there.

See Ya There

The SOMEWHERE STORE a 21st century retail shopping experience at The Factory St.Pete featuring some of Tampa Bay’s top creatives such as Cowboy By Takeo, NHO, Before The Storm Studios, BTMVLE, The Pot Is Hot, Made By Moose, Pollex World, LittleBull4U, Muse By Pablo, Garbäj Clothing, Will C0ats, People Of Happiness, as well as many others.


We first make our way over to the pants rack featuring some custom one of one pieces by Pollex World. That fluffy jeans are a statement piece for sure. It was dope to finally grasp some Muse By Pablo gear in person. The world renowned shorts are made with some of the comfiest material I have felt. Jit def needs those Brady shorts for the upcoming Bucs season.

Big NHO 🏕💯🦂

Now we make our way over to the jackets and long sleeve pierces. You already know the hand painted Cowboy jackets would be up in all their glory. Pick up the one of those leather Cowboy jackets with the white paint on it to go with your Cowboy Trunk. Some Made By Moose on the rack as well. That trench coat from last years fashion show is a statement piece for sure, as well as the furry chest rig. Also shout out to that limited NHO piece that’s on display.


The homie Laurent and Before The Storm Studios have some art on display. Fam is really coming into his own when it comes to his art esthetic, I love the burst of Americana he includes in much of his work. It’s safe to say that the American Spirts box is piece of the year right?

Good Morning Vietnam 👋

Now we get to the bag wall. With the “Carry Your Adventure” series it was only right to showcase so of the bags past and present that have been crafted in BTMVLE Studios by Moose and Cowboy. Pretty sure all these pieces are for sale except for a couple, but name the right price and anything is possible.


The good people over at People Of Happiness snapped on their collab with Cowboy By Takeo. A majority of the pieces are available in the store, including the exclusive utility work jacket. Some hoodies and long sleeves from Pollex World are also on the rack, as well as that good Garbäj Clothing.

Carry Your Adventure

Bags, Bags, Bags! Hella bags on display including some of the hand made pillows the homies cranked out. Those puffy pants Moose made are a vibe with that bright yellow color.

Mask Up

As we make our way over to the hats and masks you can see a nice variety of styles and wears. Will C0ats snapped on his BRAINIAC CAP, and you already know his CORALINE CAPS are statement pieces for sure. Pick up some dope new caps from Cowboy By Takeo to pair with a shirt or bag. LittleBull4U comes through with their “Von Butch” hats, an ode to the Von Dutch hype. The masks crafted by Moose are a tad different than the pieces he usually drops. Still rocking that Ski Mask esthetic but with a tad bit of high fashion vibes. Jit Camp hats in the grey and black color way are available now, the grey is almost out so don’t sleep. Pick up one of those Garbäj Orb hats to pair with your other gear.

Custom Bags

More designer bags Made By Moose. The leather on these baby’s is A1 that’s why we had to throw em in the case. If you wanted to add some customizations to them I am sure the homie would be down.

Team Grey

Jit Camp hats and tees can now be purchased in the Somewhere Store! Featured in black and my personal fav grey this is the second run of shirts and hats I am dropping before we dive into the world of Prx Jit. Don’t sleep because we won’t rerelease these joints for awhile. Also check out some of the other dope tees on the rack from Garbäj Clothing, BTMVLE Studios, and LittleBull4U.

Cozy Duffle

With all that fire in the building you already know Jit had to put the “Cozy Duffle” on display for all to enjoy. This piece is not for sale but this really shows the ability the homies have when it comes to custom work, so chop it up with them for commission work. 1 of 1s are for the GOATS!

See Ya There 🏕💯👋

I am really proud of everyone involved in bringing the Somewhere Store to life. Other than maybe REACH, the retail shopping experience for most local designers and creatives seems like a long shot, confining your vision to an online presence. But everyone involved showed that you can make a store with nothing but local goods and wares and make it work, putting on for the whole city and showing what’s possible. The magnitude of this retail experience will be felt for years, but for now Im just soaking in the moment. With openings every other weekend through Aug & Sept, come out and experience it for yourself, I’m sure I’ll see ya there!

Richie Guapo- Blaque

Richie Guapo provides the rage for not only the club but also for the streets on his latest effort “Blaque”.


The project starts off with one of my favorite joints of the year “Bussin” featuring the one and only Haver Taker, as well as Key Kartel’s own Twenty2 on the beat. That weird Egyptian sounding sample sets the tone off rips. Guapo been killing it with the bells lately, but not on some Yeat type shit. This track just makes me wanna flex on the block with my PERM$ on. The hook will get stuck in your head for days, I caught myself spitting, “Bang Bang Bang” to random ass people at work. Haver Taker has been having a great 2022, and this feature just adds to that.

Pretty sure “Aquarium” was the first single released off the project with an accompanying video to boot. I feel this track is the perfect blend of that Hot Boy era Guapo and his new found Prettyboy Guap persona. Any time Guapo drops a Fukk Em bar I get hype.

It’s always magic when Guapo and Fancy collab, and with Dinero Tarantino on the boards for “INSOMNIA (UP!)” brings it over the top. I can definitely see this joint becoming a staple in the club scene for the next good minute, especially if they shoot some dope visuals for it. I really mess with Fancy’s vocals towards the end of his verse.

“Hollywood” is a Key Kartel produced banger. Guapo’s ad-libs on this project are the best they have been. This joint makes me just wanna bang my head and get turnt. When the beat stops and Guapo spits “Watch how I step in this bitch” was one of my favorite moments on the album. The melody in the background allows you to get into the beat, over the barrage of hi hats and 808s.

“INSOMNIA” was cool but I mess with “Jumpin” a tad bit more. At this point we need a Guapo and Fancy collab EP or something, the city needs it. I would rather see a video for this joint than “INSOMNIA” but either one is gonna go off.

“TIA TAMERA” is my shit. Haven’t heard of 8ig8ank8aby but the way he went back and forth with Guapo on the verses was dope. Guapo been killing it with that sped up flow lately. 8ig8ank8aby has such a menacing voice and flow, he made the track go a bit harder.

We back with another banger on “Greenlight” produced by Key Kartel. From the bells to that intergalactic sounding beat this track is for sure one of my standouts. Free $krilla!

The bell on “TURNT N BURNT” featuring Indie.Indigo is menacing as hell. Other than “Bussin” this joint has my favorite hook on the project. Indie.Indigo snapped on his verse bringing those melodic vocals that only Indie can deliver. Certified head knocker.

“Locked In” reunites Guapo and Fancy once again but this time it’s over a Guapo beat. Guapo’s flow is impeccable on this joint, just speeding over the hard hitting production. No one plays with their vocals quite like Lol Fancy does, even the warped sounding auto tune fits his rockstar persona.

The project closes very strong with “Blaqueout”. This that Blaque anthem man. After all that Prettyboy shit, it was time for Guapo to Blaqueout on y’all. This is probably the most rage sounding track on the whole project but it had to be. I could definitely see Guapo starting or ending his sets with this joint.

I really mess with the direction Guapo went with on this project. On “Prettyboyguap” he dipped his toe in that Key Kartel sound but on “Blaque” he went all in. Guapo, YZM, Fancy, $krilla are really spearheading this new sound coming out of Tampa, and I am totally here for it. 10 banging tracks to get you turnt, what more could you want?

Made In The Hours Of Dark

Goth Sport emerges from the shadows with some of their dopest drops to date, made in the hours of dark.

G-gram Trucker

The G-gram has become synonymous with the brand, being featured on a majority of the gear it was only right for the graphic to make its way onto a trucker hat. Essential drop for Goth Sport.


The “Staple” tee is a great simplistic way to rep GS. This one would pair great with either of the hats dropped recently but I would go with the trucker to pull off the full look.

G Tree

The “G Tree” tee adds in some folk themes to the brand. Who knows the true origin of the G- Gram? Could it have came from this very tree? All will be revealed soon.


I really dig the purple and green colors on the graphic of the “Roam” tee. Out of this pairing of tees the “Roam” piece is my favorite. Blair Witch shit.

Black Out Trucker
Blaque Out

The blacked out G-Gram trucker will have you in stealth mode for sure. I dig the OG one a tad bit more but sometimes you gotta Blaque Out.


The “Black Angel” hoodie is now available in this lime color way. It’s cool to see GS dabble in some other color ways I would expect from them. It’s a little hot now, but winter is coming.

Black Angel Denim

The “Black Angel” denim is essential. You really wanna rep GS, you should have these in your wardrobe. With new color options on the way, the combos are endless.

🏕💯 🦅 🎹
Black Angel

The “Black Angel” tee is for everyone. I really mess with the white collar on the neck and sleeves, giving it that old school band tee vibe. Hope to see diff color ways soon.

G2 Denim

The “G2” denim features a double dose of G-Grams. I like these a little bit more than the “Black Angel” ones, but that’s because I am a huge fan of the G-Gram logo.

Team Grey
Promo Tee

These new promo tees are my favorite drop from Goth Sport to date. I mess with the underground show vibe, featuring graphics both past and present that Goth Sport is known for. There are a bunch of color way options on these but I’d go with the grey and purple, cause it’s Team Grey all day.

The first couple releases from Goth Sport were really dope but I was really curious on how the brand would look moving forward. This latest batch of pieces really is a step up across the board. With the G-Gram getting heavy placements on both sides of the bay, I can’t wait to see more pieces from the dark side.

727 Classic Review: They Hate Change- Finally, New

The Bedroom Rap All Stars, They Hate Change drop a masterpiece jits in the whole Tampa Bay Area are gonna be jamming for decades.


In the past the duo comprised of Andre & Vonne have laced their rhymes over breakbeats, drum’n’bass, Miami Bass, and even the home grown Jook sound out of the 813. This project to me is the best mesh of all these sounds the duo has done thus far.

The homies start things off with the “Stuntro” an ode to the 813 legend Tom G’s “Skroll Muzik” series. The homies hit you with a barrage of bars off rips to let y’all know what’s up. The production makes me feel like I’m inside a lava lamp just vibing with the Gulf Coast duo. Sometimes it’s hard for a duo to go back and forth with their verses but Andre & Vonne do it effortlessly never stepping on each other’s toes, while bringing their own personal style to the song.

If I had to pick a favorite joint on the album it would have to be “Breathing”. The production is bouncy yet sophisticated and we ain’t even it the beat switch at that point. Once the beat switch kicks in and the drums are going crazy, the duo sends us into outer space. This is what the dude heard when he went through the strar gate in “2001 a Space Odyssey”. So many quotables on this joint as well. That whole “Palm trees in the yard, I come from Palm Bay Drive that’s off of Palm River Road” line just hits diff mane. You already know we shutting shit down in the burg.

The duo gives you no time to breathe on “Who Next?” So many Hip Hop nods on this one, to the KRS One sample, up to the “Burn My Shit” line synonymous with Strizzo’s Jook classic record “Bootlegg”. With such impeccable production you would expect the duo to lack in some aspect but nope, they come just as hard on the bars and flows. That whole “My shit rooted from the dirt” verse just gets you so hype.

“Reversible Keys” featuring VRITRA” is on some Progressive Hip Hop shit, so many sounds all meshing together but sounding so complete. The chopped and screwed braggadocio lyrics on the intro set us up for the swarm of synths and break beats. That seagull sound is so fire, adding just enough to take the beat over the top. The warped vocals that pop up on the end of the track give the song a second breath, almost like a third act. Who else really dropping tracks like this in the city mane!

From the video to the whole vibe this shit screams 727 bro. This joint makes you wanna just post up on Central Ave and shut shit down. Certified head knocker for sure. The drums on this one are crazy, you have no choice but to bump up and down the whole time. Songs like this make me proud to be from the city.

The “Coded Language (Interlude)” sounds like it was made in a factory. The clinking and clanking from the beat are very industrial but still have that bounce. It’s crazy how Andre & Vonne can just ooze swag and finesse over these abstract beats without it sounding forced.

I’m pretty sure this was the first single released off the album, and boy did they make the right choice. The flows on this track are just to good to believe. All the car talk fits the sound of the beat which has like a take off sound to it. Lines like “Tables turning I’m counting earning, your speakers bursting all on purpose while y’all was skeeting and skirting.” just show how dope these boys are on the mic. You already know the homies at to get the 813 legend SARGE to close out the track to add some gravitas.

“Little Brother” is on some Trill shit. The chopped and screwed over that mystical beat just makes me wanna ride down Gulf BLVD with the top down. That weird female vocal that pops up on the beat always sticks out to me. For sure a deep cut for me.

I really vibe with the structure of “Some Days I Hate My Voice”. Everyone has those times when they aren’t confident in themselves and other times when they that dude. I loved the shout outs to Team Fetti. The beat is real wavy on this one.

“Cert” is one of those feel good joints you jam at the function. The bouncy flows from both Andre & Vonne have a fun vibe to them, you can feel them smiling when they are dropping bars. The homies are certified in my book. The ode to E-40 at the end was dope from one Bay Area to another.

“Perm” has that Jam Pony Express almost Jook vibe to that just keeps your body moving. It’s dope finding all the sounds Andre & Vonne add into the beat. I think it’s really dope that they can just jam a whole beat for one track, working almost like an interlude into the final two tracks on the album.

“X-Ray Spex” is my shit. I picked up the No PFP with the X-Ray Spexs just cause of this song. Andre & Vonne’s flows on this joint are next level. The hook is one of my favorites on the project. The visuals they dropped for this joint is one of my favorites of the year with a little input from the GOAT. I can hear this song being in car commercials or some shit one day. Classic record right here.

“From The Floor” featuring DJ Gay-Z was the perfect way to end out this project. You have no choice but to jump up and down with the beat. I just think of everyone in the video going stupid. The bass is knocking but all the intricate sounds that pop up throughout the song make it feel as one. I loved how they let the beat ride at the of the track, setting you up to run the album back again and again.

What more could I say about this amazing project. Straight bangers front to back. You can really feel and hear the detail Andre & Vonne put into each track from the vocals to the beats. I really love how Tampa Bay, but mainly St.Pete this album feels. It just hits me in all the right spots. Don’t be surprised if this takes the No.1 spot in the Camp. I am so glad I waited until after their show to write my review because having a chance to sit with the album and then experience them live, was a moment the city & I will never forget. Some people might hate change but it’s inevitable.

RenaldBart- Dusty Single Review

The one and only RenaldBart drops his best track to date with his latest single “Dusty”.


With classics like “The Final Episode” under his belt it was time for Brucie B to take this to the next level. A very eclectic artist in his own right dabbling in all types of styles and genre’s, I was interested to see which route Bruce would take. Being a student of the underground I am glad he went the Cloud Rap route, since it’s my favorite sub genre of Hip Hop.

A jack of all trades RenaldBart cooked up the beat as well as mixed and mastered the track all on his own. The haunting synths that make up the beat are a vibe for sure, with just enough 808s sprinkled in to make things shake.

Unlike a lot of Cloud Rap though, RenaldBart can hold his own with the bars. The delivery and confidence in which Bruce spits, adds to the cold calculated monotone nature of his voice. Shout out to Deezy on the end!

This track has been heavy in the rotation ever since the homie let me hear it. Hands down bros best track to date, I hope Bruce continues down this more Cloud Rap esque production, because I really feel it is needed in the seen. Would be dope to hear Yung Allah on the remix. Everyone in the burg is gonna be shouting “Yo Run Back That Dusty!” soon enough.