100 Everyday Items

Recognized for his minimalistic digital artwork that is often a reflection on the modern human condition, Robert Gallardo has released the “100 Everyday Items” NFT collection on OpenSea.


The drop consists off 101 images, with 1 image containing all 100 images, and the other 100 images containing 1 item each. At launch the price for each image was around $35 or at about .0086 ETH.

Bowl by Robert Gallardo

All of the pieces sold within about 30 minutes to an hour. Instantly prices on each image began to sky rocket with the cheapest image still costing you around $700 or .17 ETH and the highest priced the “Bowl” fetching a whopping 300 ETH on the market or $1,226,751.

I was unsuccessful waiting on the GAS fees but theres always next drop. I still wanted to drop this article to shed light on the ground breaking art Gallardo continues to create, inspiring myself as well as many others to continue our creative pursuits.

Like Fright Night

The homies at REACH are constantly applying that pressure, whether it’s the fitted hats, the tees, or the statement REACH Denim pieces it just don’t stop. Continuing their “Horror Film” inspired tees that have dropped in the past, the “Fright Night” tee is here just in time for Halloween.


Being a huge fan of Horror Films one of my all time favorite REACH pieces is the “Torment” tee which pays homage to the film “Motel Hell”. This latest “Fright Night” piece in the mocha color way is reminiscent of the original “John Carpenter’s Halloween” from back in the day, except the REACH way.

The brand new premium cut & sew garment fabricated in Portugal, is highest quality to date. With tons of Halloween parties coming up being the best dressed is always in REACH.

Carry Your Adventure at WeVegan Cafe

Continuing the success of their game changing “Carry Your Adventure” collab, Balaclava Boys & Cowboy By Takeo are doing a Pop Up on 10/17 at WeVegan Cafe, celebrating the iconic collab print we all know and love.


At first what started as just a collab logo for the “Carry Your Adventure” bag collection, the print has grown so much over the year finding its way onto all sorts of customs and commissions. This pop up is all about celebrating the print as well as showing off its versatility with some brand new color ways and pieces.

Carry Your Adventure

The homies have been locked in the BTMVLE dungeon for the past few weeks working on some new goods for the community. Brand new bow bags, danglers, and head resters will be available for the first time, as well as some new color ways of the print tees.

All Shapes & Sizes
I get the bag and tumble it

The new danglers are perfect for stashing your medicine as well as holding any loose change you might be filling your pockets with. The bow bags are great for beach days or any daily adventure. The brand new Watermelon, Starburst, and Neapolitan color ways are great additions to the line up.

Too Cozy

Dabbling in the pillow game earlier this year, these brand new head resters are too cozy. I really dig the shades of blue the homies used on some of these head resters, just in time for the winter.

Framed prints will be available for the first time. Now you can feature the print on your wall, studio, or any other spot. Definitely some high art for collectors.


Word around the camp is that a few custom commission pieces will be shown at the pop up, including a very rare look at the “Happy Camper” smoking bag. So pull up on 10/17 to WeVegan Cafe to celebrate with all of us.

Pulse Of The Culture

Always pushing the boundaries as far as quality REACH is dropping their brand new “Pulse” tee featuring premium cut & sew garment, 15oz 100% cotton fabricated in Portugal.

🏕💯🙌🏼 🏃‍♂️

The “Pulse” tee is one of my favorite designs from REACH to date. The finish line esque graphic shows the winner REACHing out for victory. The bodies of the runners is like a pulse meter across the tee. I love how REACH is always able to stay true to the brand with each and every release, sticking to the core elements that make it a REACH piece.

I Got Hella O’s
Blue Faces
Demon Time

The homies are also doing a super limited drop on these “Hella O’s” fitted. Not an Orioles fan by any means but I am a sucker for anything purple. As far as embroidery goes I think this might be their most detailed fitted yet. Only 19 are in existence so don’t sleep.

These brand new pieces as well as a few of the last couple collections are still available in store and online. Pull up for some of my other favorite Tampa Bay brands as well like 2001 Odysey, Hunts Fabrications, and Fukk Em Worldwide. The homies also got you on the latest Chrome, Vlone, and BAPE. Everything is Made In REACH!

Call To Artists: Who I Want To See At Graffiti Jam 2021!

Moose In The Burg & Balaclava Boys are calling all artists to come out and compete at the inaugural “Graffiti Jam” hosted at BTMVLE Studios.


With a $1000 cash prize, a $200 Shiso Cripsy Gift Card, the coveted Golden Extinguisher and all the bragging rights that come with it, I thought it would be dope to shout out my favorite artists that I want to see at Graffiti Jam ‘21. Many of these artists work in different mediums so I was intrigued when thinking what different styles would be showcased all under one roof. Competition aside this is just a really dope event for the culture.


It would be really dope if one or all of the members of Before The Storm Studios pulled up to the jam. Between Laurent, Chad, and Raheem each member dabbles in all forms of art and is constantly pushing the boundaries of each medium. Who knows what a raw Graffiti style piece would look like from the trio.


AJ Peterson has been dropping a slew of insane abstract style pieces as of late. It would be dope to see how his style would translate to the timed aspect of the competition. Really hype to see what AJ would do with some spray paint.


I first caught wind of Sire’s work due to his modeling for Before The Storm’s “Life In The Dessert” collection. I vibe with the different textures and brush patterns he uses on his pieces. Some of his work can come off abstract but there is still a bit of reality in each piece.


Florida’s own 38 Bucci would definitely bring some Trill vibes to the competition. Bucci is able to translate his work on canvas as well as clothing. Despite being out of the area, I’d still like to see Bucci throw his hat in the mix.


A staple of the Tampa Bay Art Scene and no stranger to other local Art Battles, i.b.o.m.s. would be a heavy hitter if he entered the competition. I would be interested to see what approach he would take with the time limit factor.


Known for his Pop Culture interpretation series of paintings, I would love to see what Rico Ebert would bring to the jam. My favorite pieces from Rico often involve sports or Hip Hop. I have seen him do live painting before so I am sure he would feel right at home in a timed competition.


Not sure if it breaks the rules to have fellow studio mates enter the competition but the homie Takeo would be an insane addition to the competition. From the DOOM tribute piece to all the work he does on Cowboy, if it’s not a rule breaker I would say it’s a no brainer to have Cowboy enter the jam.

12 spots are available for the prelims, with the final 3 painting the doors of the BTMVLE Studio for that fat prize pack. So bring your supplies and come out to the inaugural Graffiti Jam ‘21. I will be doing heavy promo for the event so this is only the beginning for those that choose to enter.

Party Like A Cowboy Part Deux.

To show love to the community after reaching 1,000 followers on IG, the good people over at Cowboy By Takeo are throwing a Cowboy Party 2.


Cowboy knows how to throw a party whether is the Pourin up some Cowboy Lemonade or just vibing with the dope tunes and vendors. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

A Dynamic Duo

T.Couture is back on the 1s & 2s playing all your favorites as well as dropping some new joints on the audience. DJ Don Roc will also be jamming a set, so y’all better be ready for some $lugg shit.


Fresh of their collab with Doghunter3k, the homie will be pulling up and doing live tattoos featured from the sketch sheet that inspired the collaboration. Collab tees will also be available in a limited run so don’t sleep.


A special guest duo has been rumored to be performing at the party. Word on the street is they have a St.Pete Hip Hop classic under their belt, as well as a love for slugged music.

Don’t forget to pick up a Cowboy Party 2 shirt to commemorate this historic event. Everyone wearing Cowboy gets in free! Y’all already know the drill anyone that wants Cowboy will be able to get Cowboy, so pull up on gang.

REACH For The Stars Aim For The Moon

My brothers from REACH are constantly applying pressure, this time with their 2nd Pop Up at Neiman Marcus Tampa.


The first pop up the homies did at Neiman’s is tied with the Marino Infantry Pop Up for my favorite pop ups at REACH. It just felt like a milestone moment for the entire family, with the brand standing under the same room as some of the worlds most coveted high fashion brands

REACH for the Moon

Last time gang pulled up with that exclusive Neimans “Red Moon” tee. Little has been released on what’s droppin at the event but you already know that brand new hemp inspired “Testament” tee will be available as well as the limited socks. There was a ton on surprise drops last event so I can only imagine what’s droppin today.

It’s pretty surreal that a little over a month ago the last Neiman’s Pop Up happened and the homies are already back again, just shows that all the grinding pays off. Everything is Made In REACH.