Alec Burnright- ABRnB

Alec Burnright tests the waters with “ABRnB”.


With production handled by CLP Nation, ABR strays away from a traditional Hip Hop sounded adding in some synth and RnB elements.

The project starts off with the dark “Playright”. This beat sounds like something that could have been off “Mofongo+”. This is the type of track I wish Drake would make more off. It’s not on some sweet shit, ABR is really talking that on this joint. Definitely would like to see some visuals for this joint. The rhyme schemes are wild throughout the song. I promise the hook will be stuck in your head.

I really dig the vocals on “Role Model”. The theme of the song is really interesting as well. ABR has this imagine of a women he really believes to love, but it turns out she’s just playing the role, and not the real deal.

My favorite track on the album is “Sweet Rice”. The flow ABR uses fits the wonky synths that hit throughout the song. The hook stays in my head all the head. I’ll catch myself being like “It tastes like water!”.

I could easily see “Stranger” used in a show like “Euphoria”. That lemonade line was cold. The atmospheric synths are what really bring it home for me.

“Lie Again” is on some somber vibes but it’s still groovy as hell. The ode to Aaliyah on the track as well as his flow adds to the song tremendously. This one has a bit more of a faster pace than the rest of the project but still makes sense with the tone of the project.

This project is a nice change of pace to what I normally listen to but I wouldn’t want ABR to all the way switch to this style but for him to dabble with it here and there adds to his versatility. The homie dropped some gems on this one for sure. If I ain’t reppin CLP I’m repping Zhu.

Junkyrd- Next Door/ Don’t Be Late

One of my favorite artists out of the 813 is Junkyrd. From the painted works to his music, the whole vibe and esthetic himself and the entire Planeshift family puts out transports me back to a sixties and seventies era. Junkyrd is primed to go on a run the rest of 2022, with these two singles “Next Door/ Don’t Be Late” setting the table for what’s next to come.


Planeshift’s inaugural release was the Junktape 001 featuring two tracks that have become all time favorites to me as of late. I wasn’t sure what to aspect from Junkyrd on this release since he is very versatile with his production choices. His deep low pitched voice was made to rap over dusty jazz funk sampled production.

“Next Door (Last Week)” features a really dope soul sampled chopped beat. At the end of the day all we need is love. I really dig how introspective Junkyrd got on this one.

“Don’t Be Late” is one of my favorite tracks of the year. It’s got that feel good west coast vibe that is essential for Tampa Bay Summers. I would like to see a beach cruiser video for this track to bring it all together.

I feel this type of hip hop is really needed in the Tampa Bay Area, and artists like Junkyrd, Glitch, and Breezy Montclair are making the sound thrive. Can’t wait to see what comes next from Junkyrd and the rest of the Planeshift family.

Heyeyella- Cloud Crown

Following up his St.Pete Hip Hop Classic Album “Strange Noize”, Zhudaru’s own Heyeyella shows no signs of slowing down on “Cloud Crown”.


The project starts out with the fun “Different Vybez” produced by Laz Beats. They teased this song awhile back when Heyeyella and Laz where putting in work at the Zhu. The video for this joint crafted by Smokeyperception takes you on a smoke filled journey through the Edge District.

Next up is “Steel Garden”. Lyrics wise this is one of the best songs Heyeyella has dropped to date. The way he flipped “Hardknock” on the hook was a dope take on a classic track. If Led Zeppelin made Hip Hop this is what it would sound like.

“Underworld Funk” is a song of the year contender. The first verse before the beat switch has us putting our faith in Yella. The beat switch hits at just the right time and we are met with a barrage of bars from Yella, until we are transported back to reality when the original beat returns. Def need a visual for this joint.

“Splash” is the anthem. You can turn up to this song or just chill out, reminds me of the type of music Wiz used to put out when I was a Jit. I can really see this one going viral with the right movement behind it. The beat switch up at the end featuring Black Selene takes the song up another notch.

“Mannerz Freestyle” will have you on grind mode. The banging beat compliments Yella’s spastic flow. Mackey Emannuel pulls up on the track to add some gravitas. Zhu shit!

“Drunken Master” has that dusty basement vibe to it. That horn in the background of the beat won’t hit you until repeat listens but it adds so much. I can see the whole crowd singing along to the chorus of this one. Really solid track, especially after back to back bangers.

“Wave Up” has a futuristic sound to it. Heyeyella got his wave up, brining him up to a higher frequency. Alec Burnright comes through for some water talk. I really dig the vibe of this track, and the feel good structure of it.

It was already going to be tough to meet the exceptions I had after “Strange Noize” reached Classic status. Honestly this project might even be better. The mash up of head knockers and feel good tracks, mixed in with god level songs like “Steel Garden” and “Underworld Funk” is the perfect balance. You definitely will be seeing this at the top of the EP of the year list.

The Usual Suspects Redux

With a successful opening art show, Raheem Fitzgerald is closing out the show strong , bringing along his usual suspects and even adding a few new friends to tag along at The Factory. We gon run it up!


ABSTRACTPOET went off for this show. The influences are there but Raheem is able to add in his sauce, making each piece feel like it’s apart of him. The nods to NHO on the Felix The Cat joints are for the day 1s. The onceler arm is mad nostalgic. The way he was able to balance the more barque pieces with the more modern ones is what stands out most.

American Spirit
American Dream

When Laurent and I discussed his art work on the podcast, I had no idea he was going to pull up with this type of fire. We all know someone who smokes “American Spirits” so it’s mad relatable. On top of the coffee table vibe giving it extra utility. Definite statement piece. Architecture lovers will appreciate the esthetic of the “American Dream” piece.


I really dig the variety of pieces Scott Fisher brought to the show. His Modern Americana esthetic is something I can really get behind. We need a multi colored “ICE” collection on either shirts or canvas soon.


It was pretty surreal seeing the “Modern Cowboy” piece in person at Raheems own art show. Bailey Gumienny’s color palette gives the piece a hero riding off into the sunset vibe.


Anytime we get a new piece from the GOAT it’s a blessing. When I first laid eyes on this bad boy I had to ask, “How’d you do this bro?” The physical pieces from Gallardo just hit different.

It was really dope to see some of Justin Wagher’s work in person, aside from the one in the BTS studio. The almost modern industrial take of his work, is unlike most I have seen.


The one and only DATASYNCED is pulling up again to hold it down on the 1s and 2s. After receiving high praise for his first DJ set at the opening event, I can only imagine what kind of gems he is going to bless the crowd with this time around

I am unfamiliar with “DogRadio” and “Damaggge” but I am interested to see how they play into this curated experience.

Flygod is an Awesome

History was made at the opening event so I highly suggest you pull up to the closing event, you never know if these pieces ever will be on display again. Word has it your IG crush will also be pulling up, so the pressure is on. RSVP on the Eventbrite, pick up the exclusive VIP bundle for $30 and get some extra swag from the ABSTRACT. Jit Camp Bonfire Podcast Ep.11 will be dropping soon so peep that for more insight on the show.

Lost In St.Pete?

The third annual “Lost In St.Pete” festival is happening this weekend May 6-8th at various venues throughout the 727.


Celebrating three days of local music and art, this years line up features some of the Tampa Bay Areas most talented creatives. I wanted to shout out some of my favorite artists that are must see throughout the weekend.


Let’s start with Night 1. One of the most prolific emcees out of the 813, YZM hits The Bends at 12:30. He’s your favorite rappers favorite rapper.


St.Pete Hip Hop legend DJ Knox will be holding down the Deuces Live stage all night. The home Onlyonetwo is headlining this show, so come out if you want to hear your favorite cuts off “Black Alchemist”.


In my opinion the whole line up for Urban Drinkery is stacked. From the one and only DJ Donnie Luv will be playing your favorites all night. She is our host, and our everything.


First up to the stage is the homie Kalib Music. Kalib has been putting in some much work over the last few years, honing his craft at various events and his own “Drive Way Concerts”. Can’t wait to hear what new joints he brings to the stage


Next up is Psych Montano. I haven’t heard much music from him yet but I will fix that after this weekend. I know he reps 813 pretty heavy so hype to see what he’s all about.

I am unfamiliar with Nico Sweet but the hype videos she has been dropping for the show got me excited. I am sure I heard her on a feature somewhere but now I can take the deep dive.


Repping the Zhu, Heyeyella will be gracing the stage, performing cuts off his 727 Classic “Strange Noize” as well as his more recent project “Cloud Crown”. With tracks like “Underworld Funk” and “Different ViBEZ” heavy in the rotation, I can’t wait to see those joints live.


One of my favorite artists out of the 813 is Drogotdoe. This live performance will hold me over til his next project drops. He could play any track off his discography and imma get hype. We need some deep cuts for the OG fans though.


Headlining the Urban Drinkery Night 1 stage is one of the Bay Area’s top emcees Gat$. Repping 813, you already know the homies set is gonna be packed with cuts off his collab project with Jordan Patrick “2 Much 2 Robb”. I’d like to see a couple deep cuts for the day 1 fans, as well as a couple joints off last years “Robbed”.

🏕💯 👁 🎥

At the Lost Out venue, one of my favorite groups, with one of the dopest names “Eyelid Cinema” will be hitting the stage. I have been meaning to catch a live show from them, so now is my chance.


For Night 1 at Cage Brewing, Open Culture will be performing at 9:30 in Cage 1. I really dig the more progressive tone the group has been dabbling with on tracks like “Oblivion, at Best”, which has one of the best videos of the year to accompany it.


The homie Jimbo Shrimp is hitting the stage at 4:45, over at Steep Station. Haven’t seen a live performance from Jimbo but his tracks are always good to just vibe with.

Sean.MP3 and the rest of the 40BandCulture will be repping the burg at the 9:45 slot over at Steep Station. They always shut it down over at the “Drive Way Concert” and at last years inaugural “Burg Day”. Who knows we might even get a sneak peek at a single from Sean’s upcoming project.

🏕💯 🙏🏼 💧

Now let’s get to Day 2. ABR is pulling up to Deuces Live on Sunday at 5:45. I want to hear track off “Mofongo+” as well as off his latest “ABRNB”. That “Sweet Rice” joint is heavy in the rotation.

🏕💯 🪦

The lord of the grave, Deezy Wee The Reaper as well as Tony Handz are kicking things off over at the “Lost Out Day 2” stage. Not sure if Deezy will drop anything off the upcoming Grave Mix, but the city needs some new Deezy.

Haven’t seen a performance from Dea and Saint since the early days over at The Factory. Their set at 6:30 on the “Lost Out Day 2” stage will be a real treat.

Turnt Philosopher will be holding it down at “The Nest Day 2” stage at 9:45, as well as during intermissions.

🏕💯 🧩

The art portion of the festival is titled “Puzzle Piece” which is an art show and silent auction.

With the likes of i.b.o.m.s., Zulu Painter, Sebastian Coolidge, and Zaire bringing new pieces to the show, you already know it’s going to be a bidding war. I think i.b.o.m.s. posted a teaser for his piece on his IG story so be on the look out for that.

It is a blessing to see events like this being put on in our community. It’s long overdue for the creatives in our city to get some shine. Big shout out to Lost In St.Pete for putting this all together.

Sunny Fritz- The FRITZTAPE Vol.1

Sunny Fritz drops is most introspective project to date, showing a wide array of emotions and sounds on “The FRITZTAPE Vol.1”.


The “Intro” kicks off the album with Sunny speaking directly to the listener, putting us on to what we should expect from the album, a roller coaster of emotions.

“Cut Me Off” is one of my favorite tracks of the year. The way Sunny flipped his southern Trill style over the NY Drill beat was a vibe for sure. I wouldn’t want Sunny to dabble all the way into the sub genre but a track here and there is the move. We need Frankie X on the remix for this joint, imma speak it into existence.

“Potion” featuring Lil Fancy & E $krilla is on some Tampa shit. The feel good beat just has you floating. $krilla did his thing on the hook, going for more of a more chilled out tone, rather than the street vibes he’s known for. lol Fancy does his thing as always, dropping a different flow to fit the vibe of the song. It was dope how Sunny speeds up his flow mid verse, while still fitting with the slowed down vibe of the track.

“Rrockstarr” should be played in every strip club throughout Tampa Bay. Not sure who made that beat but it’s a banger for sure. The way Sunny flipped his vocals on this joint I am not sure I have heard done before. We definitely need visuals for this one next.

“Runnin & Gunnin” is that classic Sunny. With the accompanying visuals it’s a great street single to place at the mid way point of the album. Sunny still on his street shit so don’t get it twisted. That who shot ya line was a standout line for me.

“Alley Oop” with KirbLaGoop is on some Florida shit. This was one of the first joints to drop from the tape so it’s been heavy in the rotation. The visuals dropped for the track are a vibe with that gas station esthetic. Kirb pulls up and does his thing on the track, adding some gravitas to the song.

They did this one for Tampa Bay mane. “ Sea Sick” featuring Kent Loon is what happens when 727 and 813 come together. The two are no strangers to each other but I feel this is their best collab to date. That beat is one of them ones. The video is a vibe for sure with all the green. We need Chester Watson on the remix.

“Animal” featuring Niko Is has Sunny on his boom bap shit. Prior to the release of the tape Sunny had been dropping a slew of freestyle videos building anticipation for the project. A majority of those tracks had a boom bap vibe so it was good to see this style make the final cut of the tape. The glistening piano beat has a Griselda vibe to it. The playful hook on this one was a nice mix up of the more hardcore content on the album. We need Sunny on some more boom bap joints, it’s what we need.

“Broken Boy” send us back into our emotions. The atmospheric beat, had a sense of longing to it. On one of the more introspective tracks, Sunny spits his heartache of love lost. Sunny is really in his pocket on this track. It’s good to see him add in more introspective tracks like this, connecting the listener to him on a more personal level.

The final track “Conversations With The Sun Pt.1” is a classic joint at this point. The melancholic track has Sunny spitting on the daughter he can’t see as well as the grind he has been on lately to change that. Despite all the hardships in life just keep your head up, it will be alright.

Really amazing project from the homie Sunny Fritz. His previous projects have reached 813 Essential status put I feel this one is the most complete of them all. It shows us all the sides of Sunny, and then some. If this is just a part one I can only image what’s in store for part 2.