Deezy Wee The Reaper- Unholy Revenge

The creator of the “Grave Mix” Deez Wee The Reaper drops his highly anticipated debut project “Unholy Revenge”.


After dropping a slew of features and singles over the years, along with a 813 Essential Album in his own right with the Vern Senior collab project “Sparxy & Dutch”. Deezy has carved out his own lane as creator of the “Grave Mix”, one of the most respected mix series on both sides of the bay.

The project kicks off the with “Switchin Sides”. No matter what trails and tribulations are going on in the reapers life, he always keeps it 100 no matter what. Deezy does his thing over the beat filled with scattering hi hats. The Triple H line was one of my favorites on the tape.

“Count My Blessings” is my new favorite song from Deezy. An already song of the year contender for 2024, the beat is a straight banger, especially once those horns kick in. The blend of laid back flows meshed with the beat set the vibe immediately. This one of them ones.

“Wal How I Walk” gets shit jumping. You already know there’s gonna be some shroom talk with the reaper steps in the booth. That “smoked the fuck out” line hit different the way Deezy changed up his voice. Really dug that the hook more or less at the end of the song than in the middle, really dope take.

“Hot” reminds me of classic Deezy. This shit straight out the graveyard bih. This track is short and sweet but there’s mad gems dropped, that “Red Robin” line doe.

Not gonna lie “HYPNOTIC” has that strip club banger vibe to it. Def can see some chicks in the club shaking it to this joint. 50Ball comes through and does his thing as the only feature on the project. The more melodic verse from Deezy at the end was a nice take.

“Street Pharmacist” is my other favorite joint on here. The sirens in the beginning set the tone for another banger. This one of them joints you ride around making plays to, whatever those might be. Deezy’s flow is impeccable on here, so many crazy lines on here.

“Reap Walking” reminds me of something that could be on an intro screen from an old school video game. You already know Deezy reppin Tampa Bay, so don’t get it twisted.

The project closes out with the laid back “Hustler”. This one you just roll up and vibe to. That circus freak line has to be heard. Solid way to close out the project with a different vibe.

After meeting and hearing Deezy over the past few years this project was instantly on my top anticipated albums list. It’s safe to say that it exceeded expectations. From the hard hitting bangers, to the dope lines and crazy flows, on top of all the different vibes Deezy presents on this project, you already know it’s going to end up on several of my end of the year lists. Hopefully we can get some visuals for a few of these as well as that highly anticipated “Sparxy & Dutch 2” before the years end. This that “Reap Shit”!

Johnny Adama- Moonroof

After taking about a year and a half break from dropping a project, “2021 Album of the year winner” and “2021 Artist of The Year” Johnny Adama crafts a new installment of vibes on his latest release “Moonroof”.


The project starts off with “Keyless (Intro)”. The doors open and the moonroof is popped setting the stage for what soon becomes a rolling stoned odyssey throughout the Burg.

“The Regimen” hits like a reintroduction to Johnny. The chill vibe is perfect to bend corners and smoke trees too. Johnny states “I took the year off and got back on my grind”, I took the year off to get back now I’m ready” putting those who thought he retired in their place. One of my new favorites.

“Scenic Route” is for those who take the long way home when they riding with that loud. The track can have two meanings. You either take that route to enjoy your smoke longer or take that route to have less issues with police, both are prominent in Cannabis culture. Short and sweet track with that crazy shimmering sound on the beat.

“Confirmation” slows things down a bit. This joint is some slice of life type shit. Just a day in the life of Johnny Adama making his way through the 727. From art shows to the late night vibe there’s always something rocking. You already know it’s straight out the Zhu!

“No Love Lost” puts Johnny in his soulful bag. On a bit of a storytelling tip I enjoyed the more introspective take Adama took on this one, reminiscent of his work on “Conflicted”. With themes of love and loss, despite the pain it has only made Johnny stronger.

“Life So Hard” is for all the late night movers and shakers. No matter what you do, we all have our own ave to chase. The spaced out eat hits perfectly for your spaceship trip back home after a long day.

“Global Sensation” is a certified banger. Bumping this with smoke bellowing from your moonroof will have anyone feeling like the man of the city. It seems Johnny has moved on from his last chick and is on to something new.

“Turnin Corners” slows things down a bit. We are reaching the end of the night and Johnny is headed home. Reflecting on his night and everything that transpired. Really dope flows and storytelling on this one. The vocals at the end take it next level.

“Watchin” might be my favorite joint on the project. The spaced out beat fits Johnny’s flows to a tee. So many quotables on this one especially on the first verse with talks of wizardry and magic. You already know we stay smoking no matter who’s plotting against the team.

“Windows (Outro)” closes out the project as we roll the windows back up once we have reached our destination. That bars every sentence line was next level. The hot box is has finally reached its end with all the smoke from our journey going out the moonroof, ending what is another amazing project from Adama Bin Laden.

After taking some time off Johnny Adama hasn’t missed a step. From the whole vibe and concept I feel this project will go down as a stoner rap classic especially here in the 727. A lot of people talk about smoking in music but I related to every aspect of this project. From the moment the alarm hits we sparking up the whole way home, letting our problems of the day go out the moonroof.


Putting an emphasis on taste and texture, HILARY a new lifestyle calibration initiative collective of artists, DJs, designers, curators, and non traditionalists that are ushering in a modern wave on all levels. Together the collective aspires to use their skills and tastes to unite and aid in enhancing and refining texture. After shutting down last year’s Art Basel with a weekend filled of events focusing on curation, collaboration, and good beats, the HILARY team embarked on their next initiative “AUXHILARY”, a curated sound and installation experience at Porsche Clearwater.


Blending elements of luxury, style, and sounds the event was a smash hit. With folks coming from both sides of the bay to bask in the curated experience. From taking pics with some sweet rides, to soaking in sounds and conversations from a diverse group of tastemakers “AUXILIARY” was a great way to kick off 2024.

To make the experience come full circle HILARY parking tickets were placed throughout the event adding to the esthetic. Curating reading materials and accessories could be found in each of the show room cars, tying in Porsches Past, Present, and Future.


An exclusive Porsche Playlist “PORSCHE FAVOR” curated by HILARY/AUXHILARY specifically for the all electric Taycan Model set the mood for the whole event and even afterwards becoming an instant save to my Apple library.

Whether it’s Duff, Swank, or Banks, we all love what HILARY is doing. Basically the “Creative Avengers” theres nothing the team can’t do, with my full trust in each members skills and taste. Fingers crossed on a weekly or biweekly “AUXHILARY” set on Sector.FM in the future, but until then see you at the next event.