DYINGOUTSOUTH- Sicka Video Review

Repping Darkaire, DYINGOUTSOUTH drops eerie visuals for their track “Sicka”, shot and directed by Good Job Adult.


When I first heard “Sicka” off the recently missing “D.O.S. Chapter 1”, I instantly need a video. I love that almost Trill mystical style beat that fits well with D.O.S.’s darker tone. The decision to shoot the video in the woods was the right choice, mystical warlock vibes.


The track starts off with Tony0k & Mystic Jit both rapping at the same time but than it slowly goes to Tony0k to spit his verse. That Sensu Bean line was pretty fire


Tony0k is my favorite member of D.O.S. He always brings mad energy to his verses and stage performances. When he hits that double time flow like mid verse, you got no choice but to get wild. “Running through the city with a weird bitch” was a standout line.

Mystic Jit

Mystic Jit did his thing on the track. If Tony0k brings the energy, Mystic Jit definitely brings that laid back Trill esthetic, which is one of my favorite aspects of D.O.S.’s music. That sniff a brick line is one of my favorite bars off the track. It was really dope how they both join back up at the end with the “Sicka” line, very dope song structure.

🎥 Good Job Adult

As always Good Job Adult set the right tone for the visuals, giving the track a spooky vibe to match the sound. DYINGOUTSOUTH is one of my favorite groups on the scene right now, making some of the best underground music Tampa Bay, matter of fact all of Florida has seen in awhile. Shout out to Darkaire!

Michaela Paladio- Clouds

Singer- Songwriter Michaela Paladio puts the game on notice that she is in album mode on her latest single “Clouds”.


When I hear Michaela’s voice she instantly transports me to that jazz lounge vibe. Her voice is smooth but also very strong. Tracks like “Alive” and “Run This Town” show the range that she has vocally.

Her latest single “Clouds” has more of an atmospheric tone to it, yet is hard hitting with the 808s. You can definitely chill out and burn one to this track on the late night tip.

Michaela really hits them high notes on the hook, which is reminiscent of Blue Raspberry off of Raekwon’s “Heaven Or Hell”.

I know the track just dropped but some visuals for the single would be dope as well. That way we can all float in the clouds with Michaela.

Not sure if Michaela will continue with this more atmospheric vibe on the full project, but I can’t wait to hear what’s next to come from one of the best voices in the Tampa Bay Area.

Dosja OffThaCorna- Palm Trees & Fentanyl EP

Outside World ENT’s own Dosja OffThaCorna brings some of the hardest streets raps to the Tampa Bay Area on “Palm Trees & Fentanyl”.

🏕💯🌐🦈 💊

With production primarily handled by Fettisuo, all the beats on this project bang. Off rips Dosja comes with that gutter shit on “Cross The Street”. Dosja holds his own with YZM and Suo himself providing some hard hitting bars of their own.

“2 Phones” is the perfect example of tracks Dosja should be making. We need a video of the big homie cooking that work in the trap for this one. Baby Corleone comes in at the end of the track and does his thing, his voice is very different sounding but fit over the hard hitting production.

“Pocket Of Sunshine” is one of my favorite tracks off the project. It was dope to hear Dosja on some different production. The beat has a trippy Madlib vibe to it. The storytelling aspect of the song adds for repeat listens. Shout out to Deleteeglitch.

Fettisuo brings that hyped up production on “Dog Days”. You better stay out of Dosja’ sway cause it could be your last day. Dosja’s flow is on the slower side, but he speeds it up on this joint.

“Sink Or Swim Freestyle” is some cinematic rap shit. Love that beat provided by Suo. The theme of the song really hits home. Once you jump off that porch it really is sink or swim. The cinematic vibe of the beat is the perfect compliment to Dosja’s true to life street raps.

Really solid project from Dosja to help bring momentum to his upcoming full length. I feel like “Sink Or Swim” and “2 Phones” will really have legs in the streets and are a must for live shows. “Pocket Of Sunshine” is a deep cut for sure though. Need that “2 Phones” video next.

Gat$ & Jordan Patrick- 2 Much 2 Robb

After dropping back to back 813 Essential Albums, Gat$ & Jordan Patrick raise the bar another notch on the 3rd installment of the Robb Series, “2 Much 2 Robb”.


Off rips the duo smacks you in the face with “Control”. If I still played football this shit would be my walk out music. Love Gat$ energy on this one. This is one of the hardest hitting tracks I’ve heard all year, Jordan did his thing.

Not sure what film or show the sample on “Zion” is from but it’s sounds like some 30s gangster shit. Those keys from Jordan are too cold. The recently dropped visuals for this track brought it to the next level. That features line is a stand out for me.

“Frost 3:16” is my favorite track on the album. Those chimes doe. The way Jordan shifts the beat after the hook during the second verse is my favorite part of the track. The piano rift mid verse was a dope touch. At the listening party I felt this track in my soul and that has carried on to this day.

“Differences” with Keisha Grey reminds me of something that would have been on Gat$ previous album “Robbed”. The hook is one of my favorites on the album, it really hits home. That flute sample in the background added to the soundscape. Keisha Grey closed out the track perfectly. This is low key on some French Riviera vibes.

Gat$ brings the homie Jay Browne through on the wonky head knocker “Whip Appeal”. I would like to see visuals for this joint, that would be really dope for the 813. Jae Browne has been killing the features as of late. Before each emcee spits I dig how Jordan slows down the beat a bit to fit the flow. Big 813 shit on this one.

Jordan killed the strings on “CASTAWAY”. This is one of those tracks you put on when your out on the boat or beach smoking that za. Really fun track, love it’s placement on the project. one of my favorite hooks as well.

“JERSEYS” needs to be played at the next championship celebration. This one definitely has end of the movie vibes to it. Gat$ spits some real shit about fake friends, putting them in there place.

Despite having a bit of a somber tone to it “WHATEVER” is one of my favorite tracks on the project. You can really feel Gat$ emotions on this track. Anyone that has lost someone close to them can relate to this joint. I lost my best friend to suicide, so this one hits different for me. Jordan snapped on the beat, I love anytime he adds in some Cloud Rap vibes to his production.

“MONEY PHONE” has a funky aspect to it. I really dig Gat$ flow, how it’s a little bit more sped up at points. Solid way to end out the project.

The homies from the 813 really out did themselves on this one. I feel they topped both their previous efforts, which is rare in a trilogy series. The listening party added some much to the album so I thank both of them for putting that together. I love what Gat$ & Jordan Patrick do for not only the 813 but the whole Tampa Bay scene as a whole, proving that great music will always rain supreme.

BTMVLE University

BTMVLE is back with brand new “University Caps” featuring the infamous “Dunce Cap Kid” on the front, and “BTMVLE” on the back. Each cap is premium embroidered with an adjustable leather strap on the back. With three different color combos the fits are endless.


This red and black joint is my favorite of the whole drop. I have a Cowboy By Takeo tee that will go perfect with it. The leather strap on the back gives it that polo hat vibe.

Dunce Cap Kid

For those that have the orange and green Cowboy tee or the limited BTMVLE camo tee , this piece is a must for you. A lot of people crap on orange but it’s one of my favorite colors depending on what it’s paired with. This is one I would stash until fall and then bring it out just in time for season.


This shit right here was made for the summer. Throw on your Aqua, Cowboy tee and some Aqua 8s and your set my friend. The blue font really pops on this piece. I am glad they went with the leather strap on all three hats, instead of switching them up on each one.

Not sure how many of these hats are left so you better act fast before they are gone. If they do drop new color ways I would like to see a grey joint with a purple dunce cap kid, that would be fire.

The Usual Suspects

The homie Raheem Fitzgerald aka ABSTRACTPOET is on his Nick Fury shit, bringing together some of my favorite artists in the city all under one roof over at The Factory St.Pete for the “Usual Suspects” art show, on some 727 Avengers vibes.


If you been following along with the camp over the last few years, many of these artists featured will be very familiar to you. With this event in my mind being a huge milestone for the cities art scene, I wanted to highlight the artists who will be showcasing their work at the show.


Notorious for his collage work, ABSTRACTPOET has been building up to this moment for a min. I’ve gotten a couple sneak peeks at what pieces could make the show, but fingers crossed on seeing few nods to NHO and scorpions. Raheem and my brother Takeo have been in the lab working on a few collab pieces as well, so I hope to see one of those joints make the cut, on gang.

Whole Lotta Ice

Scott Andrew Fisher screams “Americana” to me, garage vibes with a sense of nostalgia. His “Target Series”, as well has the new “ICE” pieces he has been working on lately are some of my favorite pieces he has showcased at SAFDS. It would be dope to see some 1 of 1 furniture make it’s way to the art show, brining diversity to the pieces.

User Interface

Shit to me this man is the GOAT! Although he is mostly known for his digital work, seeing Gallardo’s “Visual Language” collection in person last month was a life changing experience. I am not sure if he will be bringing out some new physical works or displaying some prior works, but if he brings out even one of the “10 Commandment” tablets, I’m gonna nerd out. As far as the digital works go anything with No PFP is a vibe, or some of the pieces from his “User Interface” collection.


I am not to familiar with Justin Wagher but from what I’ve seen I really dig his almost Industrial but modern vibe. His pieces remind me of the same vibe the film “Rumble Fish” gives off. Not totally sure but I think he also did the telephone pole piece that was apart of the BTS “The Sky Is Falling” installation. Looking forward to meeting Justin at the event.

21st Century Cowboy
🏕💯 🌸

One of my favorite pieces from Bailey Gumienny is her Cowboy piece of Raheem. The accuracy of her portraits is next level. I am not sure what pieces she has in mind for the show but sign me up.


The homie Laurent is a jack of all trades. It’s going to be a real treat to see some of his latest paintings on display. The pieces he would have up in the old BTS studio were always a vibe. The Louie V bike is a statement piece to this day.


The man himself i.b.o.m.s will be in the building as well. Bro is dropping pieces on the daily so he can pretty much pull up with whatever. I know he’s got a show at D.Gallerie coming up so possibly a piece from that show could be on display. A collab piece between Raheem and Jabari would change the game.

I am so happy this show is happening. The whole city needs to pull up for this one. Shout out to The Factory for hosting this event, and being one of the main hubs in the burg for thriving artists to showcase their work, as well as connect with their supporters. This is only the beginning.