Lights, Cameras, Action, It’s All For The Love.

Bringing your song or brand to life from a visual aspect is crucial. One of my favorite directors in the Tampa Bay Area is Cmpser, who has been really making a name for himself shooting for the Bay Areas top artists like Drogotdoe, Deleteeglitch & Breezy Montclair.


Cmpser has incorporated his own tag that appears at the beginning of each of his videos. Now any time I see that fuzzy background accompanied by the line “I Hit up Cmpser, then Lights, Cameras, Action, It’s All For The Love.” This might be my favorite tag in the game right now and is essential for all his videos going forward.

Taxi Driver Vibes

At first Cmpser would accompany some of his favorite tracks with visuals done by him, one of the earlier track featured some clips from “Taxi Driver”. His visuals for the 38 hOt make the Florida night life feel Trill but also alive and breathing.


My favorite of Cmpser’s collaborators has to be Drogotdoe. They have countless videos together with my favorites being the Trill anthem “Westbrook” featuring Richie Guapo & his latest effort “Ripley”. I really dug the new fish eyed approach Cmpser took on the “Ripley” video.

🏕💯 🎈
Shout out Breezy Montclair

The glitched out visuals used on Vonzell Sly’s “5 Dollaz” & Breezy Montclair’s “WHAT U LUV” fits both of their styles while still having a different feel for each artists sound. It’s really dope how Cmpser can make the glitch effect feel slower like on the “5 Dollaz” video or almost real time like on Breezy’s video.


Cmpser can also hit you with just a straight up more personal vibe like on his video for Lil Fancy’s “Kimbo”. The shots of Fancy just boolin at the crib and at the gas station fit the authentic vibe of Fancy himself as well as his content.


Cmpser has also worked very closely with Deleteeglitch, one of my favorite artists out of the 813. They have been teasing out a couple clips for the new “Sun Turn 2 Ice” video which is highly anticipated by the camp. Check out Deleteeglitch if you haven’t the homie is pushing the sound forward.

Shout out Lil Scumbag

It seems like weekly Cmpser is dropping some dope visuals for one of my favorite artists in the scene. I am sure he’s got a couple joints lined up with Drogotdoe so im definitely hype to see those. Lil Scumbag has been teasing this really dope joint over the past few weeks that looks to have some insane visuals from Cmpser. I would personally like to see Cmpser maybe work with Johnny Adama or some other dope talent from the 727 side of things. Who knows you might even see something come out the Camp from Cmpser very soon. It’s all for the love.

Young Mop-Mop Album Review

With his second project “St.Creaturesburg” almost at its 1 Year Anniversary, Young Mop & the TRiBE collective deliver a new style of ViBEZ on his self titled project “Mop”.


Taking a different approach sonically on this project from the previous mentioned “St.Creaturesburg” which featured a dark more FLA Underground ViBE, Mop starts the project off with the almost industrial “The Cage”. The beat sounds like an old school video game gun before the drums come in.

“Awakened” features some dope vocals from Mop on the chorus. But that’s not to say Mop still isn’t spitting on this one, from Henny to Samurais this ones got it all.

“STiCKZ + STONEZ” is a dope little jam track. The hook and guitar have that out in the woods traveler ViBE to them. This one is definitely a feel good track and will get your mood and ViBE right after each listen.

“Supposed To Be” is one of my favorite tracks on the project. I love the atmospheric “Cloud Rap” esque beat. It’s like I’m floating in the clouds with Mop & the rest of the TRiBE. I would really like to see what visual aspects Mop would bring to this track.

“SKiES ARE GREY, SKiES ARE BLUE” has one of my favorite hooks and beats of the year. Although the track has a melancholic tone to it, it still meant to be uplifting, that despite shit not going right at the moment, better days are coming. Clay Frapwell, Mop’s brother was a dope addition to the track as well.

“Love” is a dope little track at about the mid way point in the project. It seems the project started out a bit more somber, with this track acting as the transition to the more up beat happier tracks.

The previous tracks put Mop in a darker space but “FiREFLY” lightens up the mood of the album. It’s tracks like this that really tie the album together. The Hi Hats on the beat give the track sort of a banger edge to it that gives the ride that ride out sort of ViBE.

“iNFRARED” was originally showcased in the TRiBE Bucket Hat video but now that we get the full version in the context of the album it is instantly one of my favorite joints off the project. I love the more Boom Bap approach with the sort of wonky production. We need a Boom Bap tape from Mop. I really dug all the old school rock references on Mop’s verse.

“DiAMOND iN the ROUGH” featuring a very rare verse from Stoop Kid might be my favorite Mop song to date. From the Boom Bap piano sampled based production just fits both emcees to a tee. This is definitely one of those tracks you just light one and ViBE out with. Stoop Kid’s voice and delivery added some OG swagger to the track, putting us all on game.

The dreamy beat on “UNiTY” sets the perfect backdrop for Mop’s hazy vocals as well as for his brother BTMVLE Jotta to always do what he does. I really dug the different flows Jotta used on just one verse. The semi slugged out beat allows the listener to beat everything Jot is droppin on us.

The project closes out with “The Elemental Poem” which is most definitely on a Whole Lotta TRiBE SHiT. From the melodic beat to the spoken word esque style Mop uses to drop his final message for this ViBE. Touching on all the elements Mop reflects not only on his journey but also the earths journey. This track almost feels like a reflection of the entire project. Just an incredible track.

The growth shown on this project is out of this world. Despite being more experimental than on his past projects I feel fans new and old will grow to love Mop’s new ViBE and share it with their TRiBE.

813 Essential Reviews: DroGotDoe & E $krilla- DroGot$krilla EP

Two of my favorite artists out of the 813, the Trillest DroGotDoe & the infamous E $krilla join forces on “DroGot$krilla” with Kushh Newton and SRRY crafting the perfect Cloudy Trill soundscape. Free $krilla


It wouldn’t be a DroGotDoe track without a sports reference and this is one of my favorites. On the hook for “Go Round” Dro spits “Fuckin this bitch got her like oh yeah , makin these plays just like I’m Odell” which will instantly get stuck in your head. Jit was jammin this track hard at work. I like the “Merry Go Round” addition to the hook from $krilla, a really dope touch.

“Talk Down” is my favorite track on the project. The spaced out Trill piano production from Kushh Newton is so menacing, allowing Dro & $krilla to slide on the beat. So many lines on this one. I like when Dro says “I’ve been gettin hoes since the 8th Grade” sick line. One of my favorite aspects of this track was how $krilla & Dro went verse for verse instead of one doing a verse and then the other doing there’s. Dro’s flow during the middle verse of the track is brazy. My favorite aspect of $krilla is how vividly he paints pictures with his words. You can actually picture everything he is spitting based on his delivery and confidence.

“Double Up” is a vibe for sure. $krilla starts off the track with one of my favorite hooks from the project, you know how we bumin. The beat from Kushh is a bit more slowed down, allowing the listener to take in everything Dro, $krilla, & Dessasore. Dessasore was a dope addition to the track, since is style is very different from Dro & $krilla.

“Talkin My Shit” is a bit more faster paced beat from Kushh with a bit of Pierre Bourne influence but it makes this track sound a bit more wavy. Dro & $krilla both went brazy with the double time flow on this one. Again $krilla kills it with the imagery, especially on that “BAPE” line.

“KeepThatShit100!” features production from SRRY, who sticks with the atmospheric production. The Timberland line from $krilla was really dope, and I messed with his hazy flow. Deezy Wee the Reaper was a solid addition to the track. All these songs have really dope and different structures to them, like this one having everyone do their own interpretations of the hook Deezy.

Kushh Newton closes out the project back on the production with “School Bus”. This one is on some nostalgic jit shit foreal. The beat has an early morning cartoon vibe to it like we are all about to get on the school bus and smoke a wood with Dro, $krilla, Deezy, & Kushh. Everyone floated on this beat.

This project is the best of both words, you get Dro, you get $krilla, and you get some amazing production from Kushh Newton & SRRY. This is some of the best production I have heard from Kushh, which is saying a lot. This is some of the Trillest music to ever come out of the Tampa Bay Area. Free $krilla!

813 Essential Reviews: Lil UK- Overdrive

Combining elements of FLA Hip Hop, Grime, and UK Drill, Lil UK creates a new sound on “Overdrive” setting himself apart from the rest of the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene.


The project kicks off “UKonsomeshit” with Lil UK on his FLA Underground shit. He just rips this Ronny J esque beat with the booming bass. Perfect way to kick off the project, yes he’s Lil UK but he’s still on some Florida Shit.

“Ends” is hands down one of my favorite tracks of all time. No one is doing Grime this well or even bringing the sound to the Tampa Bay Area. From the pronunciation of his lyrics to how he flows over the beats it’s straight Grime. Not sure who made this beat but it’s one of them ones for sure. The visuals from Dill35mm brings the track to life adding another element to the already iconic track. Don’t miss the Grime.

“Reflecting” is a track I could see on a sports video game or something like that. It’s a really dope track that shows Lil UK can hit ya with those melodic vocals when he wants.

“Too Much Rose” is one of my favorite joints off the project. The hook as well as the floaty beat all bring us into UK’s world. His flow on the actual bars portion of the track is very obscure but fits with the beat and structure of the track.

“Yesterday” is another standout track for me. I love the melancholic beat and flow from UK. The background vocals towards the end of the track where a nice touch adding to the atmospheric tone of the song.

“Don’t Let My Energy Die” is one of my favorite joints to see UK perform live. He always starts this track lying on the floor until the crowd gives him their energy to continue on with the track. The beat reminds me of something that would be on the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. Really dug the melodic vocals towards the middle and end of the track.

“Foot On Necks” is a straight banger! Lil UK is in savage mode, especially when he speeds up his flow around the midway point of the first verse. I really messed with the energy of this track, can’t wait to see him perform it live again.

“Birdman” ends out the project on some anthem shit. From the “Birdman” reference to the chant style hook this one was made to perform at shows, I could even see it as a closer to the show with the whole crowd yelling the hook.

Lil UK is one of my favorite artists out of the 813, definitely from a performance aspect during his live shows but also for the way he is able to incorporate so many styles and sounds while all making sense in his world. 727 def tap in with bro.

813 Essentials Review: Sunny Fritz- Triple 6 Fritz

Over the past few years Sunny Fritz has become a staple of the Tampa Hip Hop Scene, bringing a darker, hardcore Trill vibe to the area. On “Triple 6 Fritz” Sonny Fritz pays homage to Three 6 Mafia as well as the other Memphis Rap legends that helped pioneer the sound.


The project starts of with the eerie “Welkome To 666Fritz” welcoming us to the world we are about to enter for the next few minutes. Off rips the chopped and screwed production puts the listener in that Trill state of mind. Sunny has the perfect voice and energy for this darker style of Hardcore Hip Hip.

My favorite joint of the project is “Warlokk”. Sonny hits you like a quick upper cut with a grimy sped up flow at first then switching into into a more pronounced flow like when he spits “Bussin hollows out this 40, now his body chalk”. Sunny literally has like 5 different flows on this track showing his versatility as an emcee.

“Skarekrow” is another gritty Trill joint, a bit more slowed down than the previous 2 tracks but that allows the listener to peep all the game Sunny is putting everyone on. The video for this one is really dope bringing the whole vibe for the project full circle.

“Bluhdy Moneyy” is one of those late night creeper tracks. This one has more of an old school structure. I love Sunny’s howling ad libs in the background of the track. One of my favorite lines Sunny drops on this one is “Randy Moss with the plays how the trap took off” showing that just because we on this rap shit it’s still all gang at the end of the day.

“Headstone” was the perfect track to end the project on, just pure energy from Sunny. Great sample use on the beat really harkening back to those old school Memphis Rap classics we all know and love from Three Six & Koopsta Knicca. Wish we had more music like this nowadays but Sunny is for sure keepin it Trill.

Sunny flawlessly executed the theme and concept of this project. Myself being a huge supporter of all things Trill I had no choice but to vibe with this. Not sure if this is the direction Sunny will be taking with future projects but I am positive he will always incorporate those Trill & Memphis Rap elements in his upcoming work. Hopefully we can see some of these joints played live soon possibly at the next High Tolerance Show.

The Most High

High Tolerance ENT is constantly putting on must see shows in the Tampa Bay Area, this time bringing through Chicago’s Lucki for the Florida leg of his “Almost There Tour”.


High Tolerance ENT shows are by far my favorite shows to hit up in the Tampa Bay Area. They are able to grab some of the biggest names in the underground, while still allowing emerging talent locally and out of state to have a platform to show what they got.

Shout out Key Kartel
DJ Skum on the 1s & 2s

DJ Skum, Santiago Purp, and Sunny Fritz always make the crowd feel like family by playing their favorite joints as well as allowing them to feel apart of the show. Foreal though like where else can you go and the DJ will jump off stage and start raging on top of chairs just like everyone else, Purp brought that type of energy. Sunny Fritz always gets me super hype with his stage presence and energy. Hopefully I get to see him perform some joints off of “Triple 6 Fritz” at the next show. DJ Skum always plays the right track at the right time. His mixes always flow right and are very versatile playing the top hits of today and yesterday.

Shout out Before The Storm Studios

Lil UK has stolen the show at every High Tolerance Show I have seen him perform at. His mix of Grime, UK Drill, and Tampa Hip Hop flavor pairs well with his live performance. He just brings so much energy, from the moshing, stage diving, to even lying on the floor chanting for the crowd to give him more energy to bring his health meter back to 100. I would pay to just see him perform as the headliner he’s that dope, especially joints off his Essential 813 Album “Overdrive”.


The crowd was super hype to see Lucki you could feel the energy. Performing some of my favorite joints off “Almost There” as well as a few of his other projects, the crowd would chant back right along with Lucki, proving how diehard his audience is. I wish he would have played “Leave With You” but there’s always the next show.

One day I hope to see a High Tolerance ENT show in St.Pete, but until then I will continue to support the events and report back the dopeness to my 727 family.

4 4 4

Johnny Adama continues his dominance over the St.Pete/Tampa Bay Hip Hop landscape with his latest effect “Side Effects”.


The project starts off with a menacing piano beat that paints the picture of Johnny sitting in his mansion high above the rest of the game, despite dropping 3 previous projects this year Adama is always pushing the sound forward. I love how Adama flipped that Detroit Style trap beat into his own vibe. This one is on some Gotham City shit.

“Believe It” puts me right in that players ball vibe. This is my favorite hook on the project, I really dig the old school vibe and sample on the production. Despite it being an old school vibe the beat is still hard hitting.

“Long Range” featuring JT Skye is a straight banger. Following up off their joint from “The Adama Effect”, Skye & Adama are able to go bar for bar without getting caught up in the beat. The flows on this one are brazy.

Johnny flips so many different styles on this project. One of my standout joints is “Just Drugs” putting Adama in a futuristic/rager type sound. Once he starts performing live I would love to see this one in the set list.

“Doobie 1.0” is for all the smokers. Adama always has to have that one track everyone can roll up. My favorite line on the project is when Adama says “I design sound, I’m a stylist.” I would love to see Tjaru possibly end up on “Doobie 2.0” if it ever drops.

“It’s Up” has a more mellow beat but the barrage of 808s allow Johnny to just hit the beat with a brazy double time flow. It’s really dope how Johnny is able to change up his voice on a verse.

“Play Games” is just on some pimp shit. The hook on this one is a favorite for sure. If he ends up shooting a video for this one I would just shoot like a quick one of shots throughout the Zhudio.

Not sure if it’s the same producer but the track “Damn” sounds like it samples Adama’s previous track “Menu”. It elements like that, that put Adama ahead of everyone else, referencing projects from the past. This track has more of an introspective vibe describing Johnny’s daily routine. I really dug the more melodic vibes on the hook.

It’s a toss up what my favorite track on the album is for now but I am pretty confident in saying “I Digress” is that track. The atmospheric hard hitting beat and Johnny’s slow flow just create the perfect soundscape. There’s no hook on this joint either just straight bars. It was so dope how Johnny ended out the track simply by stating “I Digress” while the beat rides out. If I ever get to creative direct some visuals for Johnny this one and his track from “The Adama Effect” “The Last 1” would be the two videos I would like to bring to life.

With four flawless projects under his belt this year alone, there is no question in my mind that Johnny Adama is artist of the year. He just keeps one upping himself, pushing the sound and the entire St.Pete Hip Hop scene forward with his game changing projects. If you haven’t tapped in with Adama, “Side Effects” is a great place to start showing his versatility as an emcee. Album Of The Year!!

Last Week Of Summer

Kozyy8 takes us through the last week of summer in the burg on his debut project “Kozyy In The Summer Vol.1”.


The project kicks off with song of the year contender “Ice Cream Cake”. I got a sneak peek of the project and this was the one I was like “Bro you need to send me this joint” cause it was that fire. This is one of those rager tracks, having Kozyy8 on his rockstar shit. Whenever he’s ready I’m down to creative direct the video.

“Life Of The Party” is on some heartbreak Kozyy shit. The beat is still hard hitting despite the tone of the vocals. This one reminds me of that Tuesday night summer party vibe, where your just trying to hold onto that moment of summer forever and be with your summer fling.

“Bedrock” is one of those ride around in the whip, windows down. Kozyy8 perfectly captured that St.Pete summer beach vibe with the production. This one has that yeah it’s early but we still partying vibe.

“Pour Me Numb” is that pre game banger. We all at the party feelin ourselves to this one. The party just started but we already on 2. A lot of artists could go with this approach with the vocals but Kozyy8 never comes off corny despite the sing songy element on the songs. This one of them 1s.

“Fast Life” has that mid week vibe we’re you’ve been partying all summer and it’s finally catching up to you so your just cooling with the homies or your lady on a Wednesday. Really dug the more chilled out vibes on this one.

So after the rest day, “Ash On The Stove” will have you back on your bullshit. This one there is some elements of storytelling on this track that I really enjoyed. Would like to see what Kozyy8 would do with a full concept album. We need visuals for this one.

“Cabana Boys” is that beach party banger. Everyone’s out at the beach just vibing and Kozyy8 is providing the soundtrack. Tracks like this are very nostalgic for me, instantly transporting me back to my high school summer days.

“No Inconvenience” has a really dope guitar string beat that reminds me of the album cover. Shout out to Nicpencils for that brazy “Paper Mario” esque cover.

“Summer Fling” is on some heartbreak Kozyy8 shit. The hook is delivered flawlessly by Kozyy8 who is really shining with these vocals. This one has big end of summer vibes and fits the theme and tone of the project completely.

“Sun Up” is a little more fast paced than the previous track but the style and production still fits in with the album. This one paints the picture of Kozyy8 waking up after the long week he’s had and reflecting.

The lead single off the project is “Love Sick”, but despite the title the track still has a feel good vibe. Turning the bad into good despite being heartbroken Kozyy8 puts the pain into positive song. A dope little ride around video would be dope for this one as well.

On his debut project Kozyy8 has already proved himself as one of the top tier artists in the entire St.Pete and Tampa Bay Hip Hop scenes. Once he gets a few shows and videos under his belt it’s only a matter of time before homie is the resident rockstar of the scene.

Party Of Balloons

Boysenberry Clan representative Vonzell Sly steps out on his own to present a new sound to the Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene on “Insomniac”.

Cover Art by Franks Been Dead

Vonzell hits you in the face off rips with “Crash The Party”. I really dig the alarm sounds in the hype adding to the state of emergency feel of the track. I would like to see a video for this one. I liked how Vonzell was able to match the energy of the track.

The sort of glitch hop vibes on “5 Dollaz” further dive into that party theme. Vonzell’ flow and vibe is crazy, I for sure hear elements of Danny Brown, Three Six Mafia, and even Tampa’s own Big Baby Scumbag.

“I Dont Give A Hoot” has Vonzell sounding in his element despite the more abstract glitchy production. The “Knuck If You Buck” sample was a nice touch, bringing together the Crunk element of the track.

“Uproar” featuring Johnny G is pure energy the track is short and sweet but that’s all you really need for this barrage of bars.

My favorite project on the project is “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” featuring Lil Devilman. The Amy Whinehouse sample was a really dope touch but I just love the way both Emcees sound so comfortable over the glitchy beat. Hype for the next BBC project.

“Kashkade” works as like a instrumental interlude to help split up the album. The electronic style beat still holds true to the theme and style of the project, without coming off as forced.

“Swagger” featuring Jay Smooth slows things down but it’s still a vibe. On this track everyone in the party is spinning in circle with 70s sun glasses on just snapping around the balloons.

Love the beat on “A Club In Jersey” is yet again another instrumental interlude but this one brings us back into the party.

“Gargoyles” featuring Key Boat 2300 on the hook was a dope addition, the sung hooks added in a new element to the project while still sticking to the party theme. The beat switch at the end was a dope touch.

“90210” is a really dope beat, the club mix esthetic plus the samples chose on the beat, might make it my favorite of the instrumentals on the project.

“Devil Wears Prada” featuring Baewxlff has big N.E.R.D. vibes for me. The feel good track has that after party vibe, especially with the interlude at the end.

Loved “Satisfaction” this one is definitely on some Trill shit. From the chopped and screwed element to the Soufien 3000 style production, this joint had me floating for sure.

“What’s For Dessert” was the perfect way to end out the project. Those menacing synths paired with the drowned out vocals brings the track up to another level.

Vonzell Sly is definitely onto something with “Insomniac”, the glitch hop and synth production meshes well with Sly’s Abstract Crunk style. I want to see Vonzell push this style forward because no one in Tampa Bay is really on this type of wave right now.

The Ultimate 727 Statement Piece.

The time has finally come my entire St.Pete family, the most anticipated slide in the whole game is now finally available at the Zhudaru1963 Shop.

Zhu to tha slides

Guaranteed to be the essential piece in all of 727 fashion culture, the slide comes in three color ways red, black, and what I call cactus. At first I was thinking red and black as the first pair I was going to pick up, but now that I look at them I am really feeling the cactus ones. Down the road I think I will end up getting all the pairs. I know for sure these are going to go quick, especially once the entire Zhu gets ahold of em.

Coziest socks in the game
Brought the Zhu to Amalie

While your at the shop I would highly recommend picking up a pair of the socks or a tank to complete the entire Zhu fit. The black and white socks are essential for the slides. They are by far the coziest socks in the game.

The man himself

Big shout out to Zhu for making these a reality. Everyone was asking for them including myself so head over to the Zhudaru and pick up your pair today!