Saucony Fresh

St.Pete boutique Fresh Rags has teamed up with Saucony for the summer capsule “Fresh Springs”.

Thank Your Water 🏕💯🙏🏽💧
Fresh Springs

The capsule is inspired by the Florida Manatee as well as the natural springs that are found in Florida. The capsule was created to bring awareness to the “Save The Manatee” to raise funds for the effort.

Sneaker of the year contender
The life aquatic

The centerpiece of the capsule is the Fresh Rags X Saucony Grid Web. The sneaker features some aquatic elements to give you that Manatee vibe. If these are still available I am definitely going to pick up a pair for myself.

The options are endless
That patch doe

To dive deeper into the story Fresh Rags teamed up with New Era to drop on four different hats. My favorite has got to be the black park ranger dad hat. They really snapped on that “Fresh Rags Park Service” logo adding another layer.

So Fresh and So Clean
All the way live

My favorite piece when it comes to the shirts is the tie dye spring tee featuring Florida’s favorite Seacow. The “all year round“ shirt pays homage to the 700 natural springs that are found in Florida that regulate at an average temp of 72 F.

Electric Body

Teaming up with Florida’s own Anthony Bayshore for the “Reaper” tee brings everything full circle. I remember hearing about Bayshore way back when I was a Jit during the early days of Fresh Rags. Tapping into the dark past of underwater cave diving as well as the harm humans can cause to the environment can be found in the piece. The statement “Prevent Your Death, Go No Further” really hits home. That Springs Blue color way is brazy.

Stash pocket is essential
Product of my environment

The Nylon and Spring Camo shorts are the finishing touch on the capsule, having you ready for tons of exploration. I am a huge fan of the ranger patch so I will probably be picking up the Nylon pair. Plus the stash pocket in the front is a vibe.

Swing Ya Rag
Meet me in the springs

I am really stoked for the entire Fresh Rags team on how much love this collection is getting. Fresh Rags has been the primer boutique in St.Pete for years now. The online drop is Monday and I am sure tons of product is still available in store so stop by and tell em Jit Camp Sent you.

727 Classics Review: Local Muzik- Lake$ide Locals

With a special $GREY edition of the “Bonfire Podcast” dropping later this week, I felt it was the right time to finally give the foundation of St.Pete Hip Hop the immortal classic status it deserves. In my city the 727 we treat this like our “Diplomatic Immunity”. If you ain’t local can you really relate?

Cover Art by the $GREY GOAT 🏕💯🗿🐐

At the time only a few people were out here really putting on for the 727 when it came to Hip Hop. You had pioneers like Skroodle, Famous Kid Brick, Smooth Hines, DJ Shurefire, and Lil Keis ( R.I.P. to the legend) all doing their own thing making it shake for the city. When Local Muzik came onto the scene their style and sound painted the picture of what life in the St.Pete was really like. With Crown Marquiss, Mari So Dope, Ameen Spade, and Robert Gallardo bringing the rhymes, style, visuals, and local lifestyle to life. Shout out to the homie King Quel.

The project is a compilation of songs from the collective, some featuring all the members some are just solo efforts. A majority of the videos for this project are directed by Robert Gallardo, as well as the iconic cover art. Down the road “Honcho” should be added as a bonus track but for now it is just a rvre CyberMonk artifact.

The project starts out with “Juicy Freestyle” featuring Mari So Dope. This was the best way to kick off the project taking us back with some old school shit while adding in that local flavor. Someone told me this is their favorite track from Mari and that’s hard to argue. The video by Rob is the perfect companion piece.

The next track “Changes” featuring Crown Marquiss is a perfect example of the experimental style Crown and the other Locals dabbled with. Who else back then and still to this date is rapping over this type of production. Crown always kills it with the slow flow.

“Dream on” featuring Ameen Spade for me perfectly captures the St.Pete Hip Hop sound. Spade is one of my favorite lyricists of all time so anytime he graces a track you better listen up. This track is super nostalgic for me.

“Badd” featuring Mari So Dope is on some “Fear and Loathing in St.Pete” type shit. Mari needs to perform this at a festival or something all the jits would go wild.

“Trippin” is the first posse cut off the project. Crown, Mari, and Spade all spazzed on this one. Big shout out to FAF on that Spade verse, that’s another potential classic review down the road. Not sure if Hit Wonder made the beat for this one but it definitely has that vibe.

“I’m Preferred” is another posse cut with all three going brazy over some jazzy production. The storytelling approach each one took with their verses was a really dope touch. The way the beat changes after each verse is on some futuristic shit. Definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album.

“Gameboy” by Mari So Dope is one of the most important tracks in all of St.Pete Hip Hop, if this shit ain’t classic than I don’t know what is. This song is super nostalgic for some many jits in the burg, whether it’s the brazy beat made by Goodie, or the iconic video directed by Rob. Not sure if this is my favorite Mari song but it hands down is my favorite track on this album. “ I Got Game!!!!!!”

“Early Bird Special” features Spade and Crown on one of the more chilled out vibes. To me this track has more of a west coast influence, something that has always been a fixture of the Local Muzik sound.

“Searching” by Ameen Spade is a classic in its own right. So many quotable to mention but if you understand “Searching for the Goodie like the Mob in the building” I’ll shout you out lol. The beat by Hit Wonder fits Spade’s style perfectly. The video by Rob brings the song to life. It’s always a treat when Rob and Spade work together.

“Avenue” featuring Crown and Mari is on some grungy Southside type shit. Like I said before the experimentation when it came to a production stand point is still not being touched today. Crown and Mari snapped on their verses with some of the hardest lyrics they had spit at the time.

“Local Muzik Houseparty” is what we are jamming at all the upcoming functions from now on. It was only right to make this one a posse cut, and you can definitely feel how much fun they had recording this track.

“All Wood” is one of my favorite Crown Marquiss songs of all time. The abstract beat and style he had on this one is still timeless. I will never forget when this video first dropped from him and Rob, iconic.

Anytime Spade jumps on some boom bap shit I am all for it. “Still Searching” features a sample from my favorite Pac song of all time “Temptations” so the love was there off rips. Honestly I like “Still Searching” more than its sequel. The way Spade rides the choppy beat is unmatched.

“Splitem” is also an essential track. This one is on some video game shit, with spade flowing over a futuristic beat from Krikkes. The video from Rob brings it all together with all the “Space Invaders” vibes. I love of Spade can go from being on his introspective shit to just spazzing out on a track, that’s what makes him one of my fav artists.

“Pam Grier” is on some 2000s rock type shit. Crown always snaps when it comes to the storytelling, painting visual pictures with his words, allowing the listener to understand the St.Pete vibes. I’ve said it enough but I’ll say it one last time, who was or still is rapping over this type of production.

This project is so important to me, to the city, and to St.Pete Hip Hop. This project is one of the reasons I do what I do, and I want to thank Crown, Mari, Spade, and Rob for everything they do and have done for the city. The Local Muzik Dynasty lives!


Coming off the landmark “Carry Your Adventure” collab with Cowboy By Takeo, as well as the armory of gun plushies, the homies at Balaclava Boys have something for all the jits this summer.

New Profile Pic

The summer collection “Fuck Tha Feds” is made up of a designer tee featuring the collections slogan as well as the brand new “Gunman Shorts”. What would a Balaclava Boys drop be without brand new masks, so also included in the collection will be the new “Recon Balaclava”.

The devil is in the details

It’s all about the details when it comes to Balaclava Boys and the “Fuck Tha Feds” t-shirt is no exception. The minimalist approach allows us to fully take in the message of the piece. Those brand tags are essential.

Summer Vibes

Since I am trying to boost up my short game for the summer, I will for sure be picking up a pair of these. The back pocket and branding tags really make these shorts stand out from the rest. You’ll always have your shooters with you when your rocking these.

The options are endless

Complete the fit with the “Recon” balaclava. The color options range from black to pink and even grey compliment the branding surrounding the mask.

Be on the look out for the “Fuck The Feds” collection dropping on July 1st on the Balaclava Boys site as well as some pop up appearances soon.

You Are Now Entering The 5th Dimension

Fresh of the release of their latest collection the homies at 2001 Odysey are taking it back to the home base with a pop up on July 9th at REACH.

Big Tampa Bay shit no bap
Twilight Zone

I am not quite sure what pieces are still available for the pop up but I know personally I am going to try to get my hands on the purple shorts and the 2001 trucker hat. The hat is definitely going to make an appearance on the podcast in the future. This whole collection is can’t miss though, I really love the collage take 2001 had on the shirt.

Shout out Turbo
Button goin brazy

It’s all in the details! Not sure if these new jeans will be available at the pop up but I had to show them some love. The abundance of pockets on the piece is definitely a vibe and stands out from some of the other pieces coming out lately. Not sure how they did it but that 2001 button is iconic.

Limited Socks

Everyone knows I am a fan of limited socks so when the 2001 dropped the photos for their new socks I was hype. Your fit isn’t complete until you get the white and red socks. The photo campaign for the socks was masterfully done.

Big shout out to REACH as well for hosting these pop ups, as well as putting me on to other dope brands like 2001 Odysey and FUKK EM WORLDWIDE, and Hunts Fabrications. I need all my 727 family to come out and show some love, on some Tampa Bay shit.

A Testament To The REACH Pack

After a surprise drop at the Robb Bank$ show pop up, the homies at REACH have officially launched the second capsule in the “Testament” collection.


The second capsule is made up of two black tees. Featured on the back is pretty much what is considered the brands motto at this point “You Ain’t Right With REACH, If You Ain’t Right With God”. The front of the shirt features a crucifix with “REACH” on the front. This capsule comes in two color ways a “Dove White” and my favorite the “REACH RED” in 3-D puff ink.

When doves cry
No Bap

The “Dove White” adds a more clean minimalistic approach to the collection that compliments the brighter summer colors that were featured in the first drop. On some John Woo shit.

This one is essential for any supporter of the brand
Whole Lotta REACH

The “REACH RED” color way for me is an essential piece from the brand. The color red is almost synonymous with the brand at this point, so any red piece they drop just embodies the REACH vibe. I for sure will be picking up this piece, shit might even rock it on the podcast.

Pull up on your block in a ski mask
Jit affiliated

Like I said in the previous article on the collection I am not the biggest fan of ski masks but damn I might have to pick up that red on to make the whole fit. I also appreciate the ability to turn the mask into a beanie, making it fit ready for the winter time.

The homies at REACH have definitely been on a run this summer, pretty much dropping three different collections on top of the “Cigar City Champions” fitted restocks, the homies are constantly applying that pressure. Would love to see them make shorts to tie into the drop down the road. Everything is MADE IN REACH!

Juneteenth Jubilee at The Factory

The Factory’s Juneteenth Jubilee was definitely a special night, celebrating community, culture, and freedom.

🏕💯 🏭

The whole city has been waiting weeks for this performance from Onlyonetwo and boy did he deliver! Performing a variety of tracks off his most recent “Fire EP” and the 727 Hip Hop Classic “222”, there was a song for everyone on the set. As long as he played “Been Fair” I would have been good. I haven’t seen so much energy from a St.Pete show in a minute, with the crowd so hype that Onlyonetwo did an encore performance of “Sam Kassel (Fluuu)”. Shout out to Wrecka, Alex, and the rest of the SEVAW family.


Anytime my brothers from Before The Storm are doing anything you know the Jit is going to support it. The “Life In The Desert” Fashion Show brought their latest collection to life, combining stealth and desert attire with a “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” style brought the entire capsule together. This shit literally blew my mind when I saw the models rocking the hats Johnny Depp had in the film. Even some of the show exclusive pieces like the various bags and anything with a scorpion on it was absolute heat. Huge congrats to Raheem, Laurent, Chad, and the models for putting this all together. This is something I have always wanted to see happen in the city and I knew they where going to be the ones to accomplish that, a definite game changer.


Myiah Pink had some new pieces on display as well has some new “Happy Soul” merch. I have been following her over her last few pop ups with the $lugged $ound$ family so it was nice to see everything come full circle. Big shout out to Zulu Painter as well for his dope installation inside of The Factory, and The Nature Of Fire for her work that was on display .

Review coming soon! 🏕💯

Per usual the homie Sean.mp3 went brazy during his live performance. Be on the look out for a review of his latest project “MP3 & Me (DEMO) dropping on the site this week. QueenofEx straight up killed her performance, having the whole crowd hype. To close out the event The Sunchildren came through with a dance performance.

Y’all ready for Lxrd $lugg II?

It was also really dope connecting with the homie Lazz Beats as well as kicking it with Rishi, ABR, and Yella. This is only the beginning of all the amazing events that could happen at The Factory, bringing the entire city together for the culture.

Dyeing So Pretty

After dropping a few 1 of 1 pieces for the Marino Infantry family, Hunts Fabrications drops his first official 1 of 1 dye collection available in REACH.

Shout out to Big Hunt 🏕💯🙌🏽

It’s all in the details, each piece comes with a Hunts Fabrications size tag, and for those that don’t pick up in store they will receive their piece in a tagged up package by the man himself. I have felt the shirts in store and can honestly say these are some of the best quality Tye Dye pieces I’ve ever seen, no flimsy shit over here bruh.

Smoker 💨

My favorite piece in the entire collection and the one I plan on picking up for myself is the “Smoker” piece. Since the collection is separated by size I’m mostly looking for the XL pieces but still this gotta be my favorite. At the bottom left there is almost like a Diamond/Crystal vibe going on.

Dahlia Flower 🌸

Despite being sold already I just had to show love to this piece. The hits of pink and yellow on the “Dahlia Flower” piece remind me of Japanese water color paintings. Not sure how Hunt does it with the patterns but some aspects of the piece look like pellets from a flower.

Darth Maul 👹

Despite not being in my size this piece goes so brazy. I dig the color scheme of this brining in that Darth Maul/ Sith inspiration. In the middle section it almost looks like a row of faces, adding to the spooky vibe.

Eroding Ice 🧊

Hunt snapped on this “Eroding Ice” piece. The ice shards at the top of the shirt set the tone for the entire piece. The hits of green around the color add in this earthy tone, almost combing with the ice color to form a dirt brown.

Rotting Dragonfruit 🐉

Although it’s sold out I just had to highlight the “Rotting Dragonfruit” piece. The entire pink shirt represents the dragon fruit, while the small touches of green and orange add this rotting esthetic to the piece, almost as if the shirt itself is rotting.

I am telling y’all some people might make just regular tye dye pieces but the Hunts Fabrications turned this shit into an art. I would highly recommend picking up one of these pieces before they are gone either online or in store at REACH. Hit the homie up for customs as well, cause we all know 1 of 1s are for the GOATs. Not sure what Hunt has cooked up for the next collection but you already know it’s gonna be nothing but statement pieces.

Support FLA Hip Hop Part 2

The High Tolerance Ent family did it again, putting on one of the dopest shows I’ve seen in a minute, bringing FLA Hip Hop legend Robb Bank$ to Tampa Bay!

Robb Bank$
📸 by Raggy47
Robb Bank$
📸 by Raggy47

Like I said on Episode 4 of the “Bonfire Podcast” with Raggy, I’ve been a fan of Robb since I was a Jit so I was gonna pull up to the show regardless. Robb’s set was brazy, he went all over the venue, jumping into the crowd and perching up on the stage. He didn’t play to many deep cuts but as long as he played “430 Kuban Doll” I was gonna be straight. It was really dope Robb showed love to everyone after the show on some set shit.

R.I.P. Jah
📸 Raggy47
Sunny Fritz
📸 by Raggy47

To honor the anniversary of X’s death the homies DJ Skum, Sunny Fritz, and baewxlff did a really dope tribute to Jah, playing only his songs as well has from the Members Only collective. Tampa definitely showed love and honored a FLA legend, the whole crowd threw an X up.

Trapland Pat
📸 by Raggy47

I wasn’t to familiar with Trapland Pat prior to the show but he was pretty dope. He is definitely on some Broward County/ South FlA Hip Hop shit, so you know we gonna support over here on the West Side of the state.

38bucci always kills it

The homie 38bucci had a really solid set as well, playing one of my favorite songs by “Elastic”. Lil UK went brazy during his set as well, having probably the most energetic stage presence I have seen in awhile, homie definitely knows how to rock a crowd.

Big FLA Shit
Made In REACH 🏕💯🙌🏽

My bruthers from REACH also pulled up to do a small pop up selling their latest 3 Year Anniversary collection, as well as an exclusive 2nd capsule of the “Testament” collection in a red and black color way. The homies did a small pop up for Robb earlier in the day at the store, with Robb pulling up to show love to the Bay Area.

These High Tolerance shows are definitely worth the drive across the bridge no bap! Fingers cross for that 727 show one day, I’ll bring the whole city out for that bitch. Can’t wait for the next show in August, I know for sure some of the homies from the burg will be in the building.

727 Classics Review: Onlyonetwo- 222

With his upcoming performance at The Factory for their Juneteenth event, I had to finally give Onlyonetwo’s album “222”, the 727 classic treatment that it deserves.


Onlyonetwo has been grinding in the 727 scene for a minute now as well as having ties to Orlando and Atlanta. I love his ability to have melodic catchy songs without coming off as corny or tired. That’s not to say he’s a slouch when it comes to the bars cause he can definitely hold his own with the best.

The intro track “All On Me” is on some inspirational shit. At the end of the day it really is all on you to get what you need done. The hard hitting beat goes really well with the melodic hook.

One of my favorite tracks from Onlyonetwo is “Square One”, this track just makes you wanna stay hungry no matter how much success comes your way. Onlyonetwo always has an anthem or two on his projects and this is for sure one of those.

“Awful” is a little bit more slowed down and melodic but the atmospheric beat goes great with the spacey ad libs. Onlyonetwo also changes up his flow several times on the track which is always a dope touch.

“Luv Deez Heaux” is just on some dope southern hip hop shit. Once again Onlyonetwo doesn’t miss when it comes to hooks. It was really dope to see him use the more melodic flow on this track. This one is definitely for all the OGs.

“Chosen Few” featuring Kevin Cossom his another one of those bangers. The way Onlyonetwo goes from using autotune to just his original vocals was a nice touch, making his verse sound more melodic. Jit been on grind mode foreal.

My favorite Onlyonetwo track of all time is “Been Fair”, I love the hook and the Ric Flair reference. The beat is very futuristic trap sounding, which fits Onlyonetwo’s style to a tee. I love how aggressive he starts off the second verse. This is a must for him to perform at any show.

“Sam Kassel (Fluuu)” is a classic at this point. If he starts the show with this joint the whole city is going to go nuts. Not many people can make a dope basketball themed song and not come off corny but if someone is gonna do it it’s Onlyonetwo. Check out the video as well.

I would highly recommend checking out this album, as well has his “Fire EP”. I know the other 2 EPs in the trilogy are on the way, as well as a new album. Big shout out to Wrecka and the rest of the $€VAW WAV€$ family.

FLA Underground Hip Hop Classics: Robb Bank$- C2 Death Of My Teenage

After releasing his debut classic mixtape “Calendars” a heavily “Cloud Rap” inspired project, Robb Bank$ faced backlash from certain fans on his next two projects “Tha City” and “Year Of The Savage” for straying away from the “Cloud Rap” style. On “C2: Death Of My Teenage” makes it clear to his haters that “Calendars” is in fact dead and we on some FLA shit now.


I’ve been rocking with Robb since I was a Jit. I stumbled on him because the track “Counting” off “Calendars” features the “Gorilla” beat from the immortal Clams Casino project “Rainforest EP”. Clams is my favorite producer so I would just scour the internet looking for people using his beats. At the time I was disappointed that Robb never went back to that sound but pretty much since he’s been linked up with Nuri his shit has been the blueprint for the FLA Underground.

“C2” starts off with “Bett” which at the time was released as a single. This track is so ahead of its time with everyone saying Bet or Bett nowadays. Off rips Robb is like we ain’t doing none of the “Cloud Rap” shit.

“Byrds Flying” featuring Los Hosale is one of my fav tracks on the project. The hook with Robb and Hosale going back and forth is what really makes it. Hosale kind of sounds like Sir Michael Rocks who is also a frequent collaborator with Robb.

“Come Down Pt 3 (interlude)” sounds like it was about to be a banger but Robb chimes in just to let everyone know once and for all that “Calendars” is dead.

Nuri really went brazy on the production and just style of this project. A sample from Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Closer” pops up on a couple tracks on the project, creating a dope through line for the project. “Defined” is a play on Robb’s previous tracks “Finer” and “Fine$t”. The shout out from XXXTENTACION at the end of the track adds so much to the project, brining together the big Broward County/ South FLA vibe of the project.

“Get it B4 I Die (Guess Who)” is on a little bit more of a lighter vibe than the previous tracks. Robb’s choppy flow is really solid on this track and shows his versatility.

My favorite track on the project is “Holiday” featuring the reoccurring sample I mentioned before. Robb just sounds so confident on this track. FLA Underground Hip Hop sometimes feels like your chilling in the underworld but on an island and this track totally captures that vibe.

“Innadat” featuring X is a FLA/ Broward County classic. For many this was their first time hearing X on a track, setting the landscape of South Florida Hip Hop.

Another favorite of mine is “It Wasn’t Me” a play on his father Shaggy’s hit song of the same title. The hook will get stuck in your head off rips, having a Jit jumping around singing “It Wasn’t Me”.

Back on some lighter vibes Robb hits us with “Nikki” a track for the ladies. Robb is always able to make some tracks for the ladies without coming off corny.

“Stunt-Man” has Robb back on that hype shit. I really mess with his energy and flow on this track especially after the slowness of the previous track. This one will have you stuntin on everyone.

“Transporter” featuring Scooby Santana will have you feeling like Jason Statham. It’s brazy how Robb and Scooby are able to match up with the beat as far as their flow speed goes.

The album closes out with another track for the ladies on “Watuwant”. After back to back hard hitting tracks this was a great way to close out the project.

As of now “C2” is my favorite Robb Bank$ project. The Godfather of Underground FLA Hip Hop has continued his dominance on the scene for years after the release of this project and will continue to do so for many years to come. “Falconia” coming soon.