Beats Out The Burg.

With the St.Pete Hip Hop scene gaining some momentum what does every rapper need? A dope producer that can deliver a beat worthy of their rhymes. These are some of the best local producers the burg has to offer.

“Origami” shows Quanzaah can hold his own when it comes to bars.

Quanzaah out of the Zhudaru1963 collective has been making appearances on various Zhudaru1963 projects for awhile but after his production and bars on HeyeYella’s “Pressure” I think Quanzaah can definitely deliver on a solo project. Shit after that Kingdom Hearts piano vibe beat I’d be down for just a solo beat tape from Quanzaah. An HeyeYella project entirely produced by Quanzaah would go hard.

Kmon Beats is the main in house producer for all of UAC’s projects.

Kmon Beats of UAC is the in house producer on a majority of the projects the collective puts out. My favorite beat from Kmon has got to be “Orbit”, for me that song, beat, and video fully embodies the UAC vibe. If your looking for a deep cut Kmon and UAC drooped a track called “Call Me” that has a crazy sample and sort of Bones/Team Sesh style. With a couple features under their belt I am certain UAC will be dropping a new project very soon.

Master Rishi on the beats.

Rishi Beats is Master Rishi of chopping beats. His anime influenced production and style is right up my alley. I could see an artist like HeyeYella snapping on a couple of Rishi’s tracks. Would be dope to see Rishi Beats make an entire beat tape sampled around old school Go Nagai giant robot anime.

Hit up any of these producers if you need production work on your next album or mixtape.

The Perfect Pair: Shiso Crispy & Green Diamond CBD

Green Diamond CBD is spotlighting one of their flag ship locations Shiso Crispy by doing the Perfect Pair series, highlighting some of your Shiso favorites, that pair perfectly with Green Diamond CBD pre rolls.

Green Diamond CBD pre roll joints are now available at Shiso Crispy for $2.99.
This is the standard menu, but the specials are always out of this world.

Ahi Tuna Dirty Rice & a Green Diamond CBD pre roll is the essential perfect pair from Shiso Crispy. After a generous portion of fresh seared Ahi Tuna over the Shiso girl’s homemade sticky rice, a GD pre roll joint gives you that euphoric post meal feeling your looking for without putting you to sleep like other products.

Most places burn their Gyoza but the Shiso girls make it just the right amount of crispy so you get some crunch in every bite. All of their Gyoza is homemade. The Pork Gyoza with an extra side of Gyoza Sauce hits different after a GD pre roll. For the Vegans I would stick with the Vegan Sausage Gyoza also with an extra side of Gyoza sauce and a GD pre roll.

The purple slaw on top of the Bao Buns adds a little extra crunch to the chicken.

When it comes to Bao Buns, Shiso Crispy by far has the best steamed buns around. Depending on what the special is I usually order the Bang Bang Chicken Bao Buns with my favorite purple slaw on top that adds the perfect sweet and savory combo. I would recommend smoking a GD Pre Roll before you eat the chicken baos buns for a heightened flavor. The BBQ Beef Short Rib Buns also pair well, so why not get an order of each.

The new Japanese Doughnuts are made for those late weekend nights.

For dessert I would say start with a GD CBD Pre Roll, then enjoy an order of the Shiso girls newest creation “Japanese Doughnuts”. The cinnamon cream cheese that comes on the side is heaven sent. The best time to enjoy this pair would be as a night cap, both the doughnuts and the pre roll are great for sharing.

Next time you hit up the Shiso Crispy food truck be sure to try out these pairings with Green Diamond CBD pre roll joints.

I Dream A Vending Machine.

Why buy candy from a vending machine when you can get some dope art instead.

From Zapp’s Chips, to Speed starting Keanu Reeves. Lucid Vending machines contain a variety of goodies.
Some of the items come in from out of state, so be on the look out for rare finds.

Kayla Cox and Chance Ryan brought the “Lucid Vending “ concept to the Tampa Bay Area about a year ago, with their first machine “Flower Maiden” making her debut in Studios at 5663. Unlike regular vending machines “Lucid Vending” has their machines stocked with local art, abstract items, some vintage pieces, as well as my late night go to “Zapp’s Voodoo chips”. Each machine is custom painted to be the perfect pair for any brick and mortar location easily adapting into the vibe of the location, with the goal of building revenue for local businesses and artists.

“Flower Maiden” in all her glory.
The “Flower Maiden” machine is located at 5663 Park Blvd.

A few of the artists featured in the machine have studios at the location. The first featured artist is John Gascot brings his “Latin Pop” flavor to the machine with these earrings, perfectly capturing his esthetic.

These earrings designed by John Gascot are now available in the “Flower Maiden” machine.

Loy the next artist featured in the “Flower Maiden” machine is all about the Feng Shui vibes. Loy’s work is all about the aura her pieces give off.

This Hip-Hop Buddha is one of my favorite pieces from Loy.
The “Mothership” vending machine is looking for a home.

At the Lucid Vending is looking to put their second machine the “Mothership” in a local brick and mortar location. The machine is no cost and they even pay rent, as well as give your business free promotion for hosting the machine. Be on the look out for a huge collab between Jit Camp and Paradise Pin Co. on some dope NBA2TAMPABAY pins making their way onto the “Mothership” soon.

Art That Kills.

With three drops under their belt the Paradise Pin CO. is raising the bar when it comes to designer pins.

As A PlayStation fan the “Ape Escape” pin is very nostalgic.

With CEO Lost N Sound producing the product and artist Austin Marin designing each drop to have its own distinct feel. The first drop was the Ape Escape pin. As a fan of both games I could see this pin being in any old school gamers collection. This one was always the hardest to get into the net.

“Glockstalgia” is probably my favorite pin so far they company has dropped. My name for it is “Art That Kills”.

Next up Paradise brought us their first original design “Glockstalgia” a gun with that old 90s water era color pattern. This is my favorite pin in the collection so far. Every time I see it I just think “Art That Kills”.

“Donald’s Dimensional Drip” is definitely the most ambitious pin the company has dropped to date.

The newest pin to date is “Donald’s Dimensional Drip”, putting us all on the ducks wave length. I feel this is Paradise’s most ambitious drop to date. This one has so many layers and details to it sort of bringing that Mishka vibe from the early 2010s.

All of the pins are $8 on the Paradise Pin Co. Big Cartel Site. The fourth pin is rumored to be a taco design. Be on the look out for a NBA2TAMPABAY X Paradise Pin Co. collab coming very soon.

Charge It To The Game.

Clergy and Andy Christ are bringing some of the darkest hip hop the St.Pete scene has ever witnessed on “Juice EP”.

For the past few years now I have seen Andy Christ perform at various show throughout the Bay Area. From Palmer Squares to Xavier Wulf he’s done them all. I was waiting for to finally drop a project after dropping some dope singles with “Cheese” and “Ooo Death”. Andy Christ might not be for everyone but he definitely has found his pocket and his getting better with each release.

On the “Juice EP” Andy Christ shows he’s got single potential with “Cheese” and “Pu” being certified bangers. The visuals for “Pu” really capture the vibe of the track. The track “Charge It To The Game” is a solid tone setter off rips.

The best formula for Andy Christ is to have a banging beat he can just ride over those are my favorite tracks. Not sure what Andy Christ and Clergy got cooked up but after “Juice EP” I’ll be tuned in for sure.

Thunder Alley Is Starting To Look Like Jurassic Park.

With the Toronto Raptors officially readying to play the first half of their 2020-2021 NBA Season in Tampa Bay, the community will need to get up to speed on their newest team. From the Vinsanity era, to baby dinosaurs, to ultimately becoming NBA champions in 2018 we cover it all today.

The first official acknowledgement of the Tampa Bay Raptors.

The short lived Toronto Huskies who played in the NBA for just the 46-47 folding soon after. Eventually in 1995 the NBA awarded Canada two new NBA expansion franchises, becoming the Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies, the later would relocate to Memphis. The Raptor name and design was chosen due to the popularity of “Jurassic Park” at the time.

The team was pretty bad their first two seasons, but with a young Tracy McGrady there was not much they could do. They drafted Vince Carter in 1998, Vinsanity was born.

Vince Carter & TMAC put the Raptors on the map.

After a few seasons of only making small playoff runs the Raptors eventually traded Vince Carter to the Nets and TMAC to the Magic in favor of rebuilding with a younger core. Chris Bosh the Raptors 4th pick in the 2003 NBA Draft became the new cornerstone of the team.

Bosh was the man in Toronto before he joined the “Big 3” in Miami.

Bosh’s Raptors met similar results only making small playoff runs in a Lebron James dominated Eastern Conference. The Raptors eventually lost Bosh to free agency due to him joining fellow 03 Draft picks Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. The stage was set for two of the franchise greatest players to bring the franchise to the next level.

DeRozan & Lowry dominates the Eastern Conference for years.

The DeRozan & Lowry led Raptors had tremendous success in the Eastern Conference often ending in the No.1 spot or at least Top 5. Each year their playoff run would go longer and longer always to be cut just short by whatever team Lebron James played for at the time either Miami or Cleveland. This is known as the “Baby Dinosaurs” era.

Kawhi Leonard after his iconic last second shot in the Eastern Conference Finals.
In the 2018-2019 season the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA championship.

With Lebron departing the East for the Los Angles Lakers, Raptors GM Masai Ujiri took the all in approach by giving up DeRozan to the San Antonio Spurs to pick up disgruntled Kawhi Leonard for one season. Even if it was for one season, winning the championship with Kawhi would make it all worth it. Along with some other key pieces featuring Lowry, Ibaka, Marc Gasol, and Danny Green, the Raptors did just that by beating the juggernaut Golden State Warriors who did face some injuries.

Siakam & Vanvleet along with Lowry make up the Raptors new core of stars.

With most of those pieces departing expect for Lowry, the Raptors are focused on building with their championship tested stars Pascal Siakam and Fred Vanvleet to take them into the next phase of Raptors basketball.

Why does every fan design have the Raptor in tourist gear.
Hopefully we get some official gear soon.

Hopefully after learning more about the Raptors the community will support the team, showing the NBA hungry fan base the Tampa Bay Area really has.

A New Era For Rugs.

After Lebron James wore a shirt he designed, Chicago based creator Kris Kites has to capture that moment into one of the most influential rug drops of all time.

Lebron James himself rocked Kris Kites shirt on IG after the Lakers won the NBA championship,
The Kites imprint is front and center on this piece.

In the past a rug was just looked at as something to place on the floor. After Virgil Abloh debuted his “Off White X IKEA” rug collab the rug became more of an art piece or statement. Collectors across the globe began hanging the famous “Keep Off” rug on their walls and back drops.

Off White X IKEA “Keep Off” by Virgil Abloh
This “Wet Grass” rug is a game changer.
It appears the rug will come in two sizes.

Mostly known for his “imakefakeclothing” movement Kris Kites has dabbled into the rug game. A release date for the piece is unknown at the moment, but if the price tag isn’t to pricy I will be picking up this piece. To hang on the wall or keep on the floor. Now the rug can be used in vast creative ways in your space.

A piece by Kris Kites is one of a kind.

I also need that “Gigantor” chain Mr.Kites!

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Garbäj.

With Winter coming Garbäj Clothing is bringing product made to get dirty.

This “Faerie Ring” crew neck is a big winter vibe.
Perfect balance of fantastical and spiritual.

A majority of the drops Garbäj does factor into the “Recycle, Upcycle, Be The Cycle” movement. Their latest “Faerie Ring” collection bends the fantastical with the spiritual all in one drop. Bringing these images and ideas from the past into something new, strengthens the cycle theme of Garbäj. A majority of the proceeds from each drop go to charities, if you needed another reason to support this dope brand.

The “Gundam” tee brings everything full circle.
The “Nano Particle” tee is one of the harder to find Garbäj releases.

For me the “Gundam” drop hits home the most, bringing something nostalgic from my past, one of my favorite anime’s, into the present. The “Nano Particle” tee is one I own personally, the first piece of Garbäj I was able to get my hands on.

With all eyes on the “Faerie Ring”, I have a feeling Garbäj is planning something crazy for their next drop. The dope visuals they have been dropping recently leading up to each drop, reveals the story of what’s to next to come for the “meant to be dirty” brand.

St.Pete Stand Up.

The Hip-Hop landscape in the 727 is thriving more than ever with drops from UAC and Palm Pact. I also wanted to shed some love on the 727 legend Crown Marquiss.

Palm Pact “Armada” now available on Spotify.

Palm Pact is back again this time bringing the entire burg with them on “Armada”. This project features 20 tracks from the Palm Pact collective Kai Ken, Euphemistic, Bomber, Ryan Rev, and Jolly Green. The homies at UAC, kmon and khol bars came through on my favorite track of the project “In The Moment”. 19 producers came together to create this project, creating the soundscape for each track.

“Black Sheep” My favorite track from UAC.

The UAC collective of Kmon Beats and Khol Barz have been dropping bangers over the last few years. From the “Hi Jack Ep” series to “Saturday With Sativa” UAC is definitely laying the groundwork for what is next to come. Check out their new single “Manifest Destiny”.

Crown Marquiss’s “Live From The South Side” is a classic album in the St.Pete Hip-Hop community.

Definitely the best rapper I have ever heard come out of the burg, Crown Marquiss has been dropping heat since I was a Jit. Whether it’s from “Hit Wonder” or “ 2 Houses” Crown has a solid body of projects that are ready to be rediscovered. As a whole I would say “ Live From The South Side” is Crown’s best project to date with “Crown Vic” being his latest drop in 2019. Crown will always be immortal in the 727 hip hop scene based solely on his verse from the J-Goodie classic “Unsuccessful”, which is probably the best song in the history of the city. I can still spit the entire track verse for verse. Whatever is next for Crown Marquiss I am hoping it drops soon, the burg is ready for some more “Local Muzik”!!!!

Everyone’s A Cowboy.

COWBOY by Takeo is going to have everyone in COWBOY this Fall/Winter with their latest drop exclusively on depop.

This muscle shirt has custom embroidery done by BTMVLE.
They did their thing on this jumpsuit.

Taking a different approach than the shirt game Takeo included the blue muscle shirt and grey jump suit in this collection. Everything is locally curated and custom embroidered right in the heart of St.Petersburg.

Those COWBOY jeans are a vibe.

A majority of this collection is now sold out. I wish I would have snagged the red turtle neck with the yellow COWBOY logo that one was my favorite release. The jeans are definitely here to stay with them becoming the centerpiece of any COWBOY fit.

The red turtle neck was the dopest release of the drop.

With the brand picking up some steam over the past year it is apparent that soon enough everyone will be wearing COWBOY by Takeo.