REACHing Out

The homies at REACH are a staple for hype brands like Vlone and Supreme but they also show a lot of love to some of the dope local brands in the Tampa Bay Area, even putting me on to some dope product I wouldn’t have seen before.

Cartel Dept

One of the newest brands making its way in REACH is Cartel Dept. Little is known about the brand at this moment but if their inaugural trucker hat is any clue of what they have to come, Jit is definitely on board. Next time I’m at the shop I will def pick up the black and neon green hat if available. These are limited hats so don’t sleep.

Feelin like Bam imma get right witcha
Limited socks

A brand making brazy noise in the Tampa Bay Area is Fukk Em Worldwide. One of the only brands still keepin it Trill. I am a huge fan of limited wacky socks so when I saw Fukk Em Worldwide socks were available at the store they instantly went to my hit list. I’ve already picked up all the REACH socks so it’s only right to support another local brand. Hopefully this leads to more Fukk Em Worldwide product available in the store or maybe even a pop up down the road.

Shout out Turbo
Big 813 vibes

Now based in LA but originally based in the 813, 2001 Odyssey is one of the first brands REACH put me on to. A few 2001 logo tees are still available in the shop so I would def jump on those before they are gone. I would love to see another pop up down the road since I missed out on the first one. Turbo has been dropping some really brazy product lately from the zip jacket to the rumored 2001 trucker hat, Jit just don’t miss.

The homies at REACH are really doing this shit for the culture, a lot of other brands and shops would be like nah I’m only carrying hype or my brand. Can’t wait to see what else comes into the shop in the future as well as all of the dope product made exclusively in REACH.

727 Classics Review: RodXTheXGod & Playrunna AV- Mud! EP

RodXTheXGod & Playrunna AV are always a deadly combination when they come together on a track, so when they dropped their 2019 project “Mud! EP” it was only a matter of time before it would reach classic status. It’s Tha Circle.

Rap Game Itachi & Kisame

The project starts off with the title track “Mud!”, featuring a menacing beat and hook provided by Rod. It’s always a treat to get a RodXTheXGod verse and this track is no expectation. This beat fits Playrunna AV perfectly, with one of my favorite verses from him closing out the track.

This next one is hands down a 727 classic at this track. “Gangsta Shit” might be my favorite Playrunna AV track to date with RodXTheXGod behind the boards. This track is one of the reasons why Rod is one the dopest producers in the city. No hook nothin, just straight street bars from AV. This one is a killer y’all.

The homies hit ya with a one two punch showing they can take over the streets as well as the club on the JJ Da Jet assisted “BLESSED!”. The hook from JJ is pretty much immortal at this point and is constantly stuck in my head. Both verses from Playrunna & Rod have different flows than they normally use but that’s what makes it so much doper. The video for this song took it to the next level, proving just how important visuals can be to an albums longevity. R.I.P. to JJ Da Jet!

The next track “Around!” is a banger. Rod always comes through with the melodic verses adding something new to each track so things don’t get stale.

The closing track “Surrounded!” has RodXTheXGod & Playrunna AV spazzing on the track. The flows on this joint are crazy, Rod’s hook gives the song an anthem vibe. Once the beat switch happens mid way your like damn they did it like this to close this shit out. Not many people in the scene are taking advantage of beat switches these days so it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

On “Mud! EP” RodXTheXGod & Playrunna AV cement themselves as two of the most dominant forces in all of Hip Hop. Can’t wait to see what the duo has planned next after working on some solo efforts over the past few years, they need to bless the city with a part 2.

The Last 2

Coming off their immortal track “The Last 1”on the instant 727 classic “The Adama Effect”, Johnny Adama & Tjaru link up to craft another classic duo project, that falls in line with the other duo albums that have come out of the burg over the past few years on “Easy Money”.

Tab Rap

The first track “Out My Body” is on some boucey shit. The beat sounds like a magic wand, and the entire project was engineered in house by the master himself Rishi Beats so you know the mix is A1. Tjaru kills the hook and his verse setting the perfect chorus for Adama to drop. Adama snapped with that sped up flow towards the end.

The beat on “Patient” for some reason reminds me of the airport. I love how off rips Adama just spazzes on the track. The melodic hook is really solid and works as a good transition between Johnny and Tjaru’s verse. This is my favorite song on the entire project and is pretty much an instant classic at this point,

“Out Of Body” is the turn up track of the project. Tjaru once again kills it on the hook, I love how he is able to change up his flow effortlessly. Adama’s verse is also really dope, especially the way he starts flowing towards the end.

Dubbed “Tab Rap”, The Fix is one of my favorite joints on the project. This would for sure make an epic video. Off rips Tjaru hits you with one of the best hooks on the project. It was only a matter of time before Adama hit ya with that pimp shit. I liked the way each one ended out their verses on some rollin up shit.

I think “Tryna Chill” is gonna be one of those songs for the summer. I love the way Adama starts his verse with that “Iz you tryna link up or somethin?”. Some artists come off corny when they try to do melodic shit, but Adama always kills it, really dug that origami line shout out to Quanzaah.

Capturing that “Tab Rap” esthetic again on “I Can’t Feel My Face” Adama & Tjaru are definitely onto something with this sound. It’s like a chilled out vibe but adds just enough bounce so that we don’t get slump. I know if they made a video for this one it would be some next level shit.

Adama always brings some West Coast Hip Hop vibes to his projects and “Mowet” is a perfect example of that. This the type of joint you just put the windows down and crawl down Gulf BLVD with some loud burning. I c any say it enough but Tjaru did his thing on every hook he graces.

“Diamonds & Gold, Pt.2” is on some old school trill, Southern Hip Hop type shit. I could definitely hear this being played at your local players ball or function. It also reminds me of those old school Devin The Dude smoking tracks. This is definitely rollin up music. That beat is real funky and the verses are pimp tyte, what else could you want.

Adding some versatility to the album “Better Days” is on some introspective shit. I love the message of this track. No matter how bad things get, better days are always coming. The vivid imagery both MCs paint with their lyrics is pretty incredible.

The album ends on the chill “Fall Thru”. I love the hazy hook from Tjaru, it’s almost like he’s rapping after a long night of partying, sort of fitting for the final track. Adama kills it hitting all the high notes for the ladies on his verse. Overall great way to end out the project.

It’s pretty brazy to say but the homie Johnny Adama has dropped three of my favorite albums of the year and it’s not even June yet. He by far is my favorite artist right now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It was really dope hearing more from Tjaru and I an highly anticipating his solo project. Another big shout out to Rishi Beats for making everything come together, Jit highly anticipating his project as well. I can definitely see a “Tab Rap” sub genre being birthed from this project.

It’s Tha Circle

After hearing his name being shouted out on various 727 classics throughout the years, as well as dropping a classic collab EP “MUD!”in his own right with RodxThexGod, the time has finally come for his highly anticipated project. Playrunna AV is the “Motivator”.


Playrunna AV makes the sort of Trap Music that made me fall in love with genre back in the day when I was a jit. The lyrics are more about the trap mindstate and the hustle that comes along with that, rather than just talking about how many guns you got and how many drugs you got. Playrunna’s cool delivery allows the audience to take in all the game he’s putting down. I just picture him in a smoke filled booth with the shades on.

Playrunna is no stranger to making those street anthems, and the homie found another one on “Get Ya Money Up”. This track hands down is gonna be the anthem of the summer, especially if he’s got a video in the works. If this song doesn’t motivate you to wanna get your ass up and go get that bread, than you must just be a buster.

“Ballin On Purpose” is one of my favorite Playrunna AV tracks already. I really loved the song structure as well as the different sounds that pop up throughout the beat. This is definitely one of those flexin tracks you throw on while your gettin ready for the club or function.

On “No Love” we get some introspective vibes from Playrunna. Dealing with success can be hard for some especially for the people around you. Eventually a hater or buster is gonna pop up in the circle but it’s all good cause we ain’t showin them “No Love” like AV says. It’s the sort of boss lessons like this that separate Playrunna from the rest.

The final track “Believe” ends the album out on an inspirational note, with the man himself spitting facts on the intro of the track. AV’s flow on this track is impeccable. I like how at the end AV still shows y’all he can hit ya with that drug talk when he wants.

It would be really dope if AV shot a mini movie with like a blaxploitation vibe featuring all the songs. At Jit Camp during PE we only bumping that Playrunna AV to keep everyone motivated through the work out. This EP is fire front to back of some of the hardest music ever to come out of the 727. Always trust in Tha Circle!

You Ain’t Right With REACH, If You Ain’t Right With God.

Coming off the “Script” collection one of my favorite drops of the year, the homies from REACH are hittin y’all with the uppercut on this “Testament” collection that was just made for them sunny Tampa Bay summer days.

The Tampa Bay Tropics color way is brazy.

The slogan that inspired the capsule was made famous in the “Cigar City Champions” fitted commercial. The collection is made up of two tees featuring “You Ain’t Right With REACH, If You Ain’t Right With God” on the back, and the REACH logo on crucifix. The shirts come in Ocean Blue and Creamsicle color way. The shirts are accompanied by two ski masks both featuring the crucifix logo in color ways mentioned before.

So Icy
Perfect for the “Cigar City Champions” fitted
All my Diamonds Aquafina

The “Ocean Blue” color way is very similar to my favorite “Ocean Blue” Cigar City fitted, making the outfit options pretty much endless on this drop. I am not the biggest fan of ski masks but they are a great addition to the shirt, as well as being used as a beanie when needed.

Bucco Bruce vibes
Pull up on your block in a ski mask

The “Orange Crush” color way is on some Bucco Bruce shit. You know Jit gonna be rocking this one all summer and into fall, maybe if we got a throwback Bucs championship hat down the road it would add even more to the drop. The ski gives off an orange cream vibe with the all white and cross logo in orange. The mix and match capability for this collection is next level.

Other than the “Torment” drop because of my love for the film “Motel Hell”, I think this is my favorite collection the homies have dropped to date. If you follow the brand and have been rocking with them for a minute, you really understand the theme and story for this drop which takes the capsule to a different tier. Already got the shirts but will be back next week for the skis. Don’t sleep on this drop, once they gone they are gone. I know for sure that these are gonna be the fit of the summer, so don’t get caught slippin. Everything is made in REACH.

The Syrup Sommelier

DJ Dabs is an underground legend in his own right and one of the only people truly keeping it Trill, legit checking everyone’s pints, not necessarily to call them out but just to put them on game. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Dabs, he’s also been a staple of the FLA Hip Hop scene for a minute now landing some high profile production credits as well making some really dope music in his own right.

I pour the lean in the ice, slushie

I am not the biggest of Spaceghostpurrp as a person but I am a huge fan of his music. There was a time after BMW when his shit wasn’t really hitting the same so he reached out to some other local FLA producers to get his sound right. DJ Dabs flawlessly delivers one of the dopest beats SGP has rapped on before and even since that isn’t his own shit on the “Perfect” beat.

Po it up, Count it up

One of DJ Dabs most underrated beats is “Up All Night”, this shit literally transports you back to the 95. No one is really doing this type of production any more or even at this level.

Some of DJ Dabs best work I my opinion is on his own project PVRPLX LXVN. One of the singles “Narcotics” has a really dope rattling beat but Dabs flips it with his melodic flow, adding his own slowed vibe to the track. “Plot On Me” is also really dope. The airy production and the way Dabs spits over the beat, it’s almost like I’m floating on the top of the double cup in a purple oasis.

Big Marino

At this point DJ Dabs is a FLA Hip Hop institution. I am really hype to see whatever new music he puts out and am really digging the direction he is going vocally. There’s only a few of us left keeping it Trill and DJ Dabs is for sure one of them.

727 Classics Review: Zhudaru1963- Sky Zhone

It’s been about a year since I dropped my original review for the Zhudaru1963 album “Sky Zhone”, so I felt now was the right time to finally canonize the album in the place it truly deserves to be, as a 727 Hip Hop classic.

Sky Zhone achieved

This album was one of the first St.Pete Hip Hop albums I reviewed on my site, introducing me to not just the man himself Zhudaru1963 but also to the entire Zhudaru collective. On this project Kayo Da Beast & Mackey Emmanuel a pretty much on every track, with bits of HeyeYella, Acoupstix, ABR, and Kalixo Rachet. Each artist in the collective brings their own unique sound, but it all still fits under the Zhu umbrella.

Off rips the first thing you should know is any project recorded in the Zhudio has the best sound quality in the area and Sky Zhone is no exception. The first song “Myself” showcases Kayo Da Beast. Kayo is definitely one his introspective shit on this one. Known for his more club friendly records it’s nice to see Kayo get in his conscious bag.

Now this project has birthed several 727 anthems but the first one is “No Cap” featuring Kayo, Mackey, and the infamous Playrunna Av. Mackey Emmanuel is hands down my favorite melodic rapper but he can also hit you with them bars. Kayo is always able to get a track hype as well, with one of the craziest flows I’ve heard from him. Anytime we get blessed with a Playrunna AV verse we should always appreciate it. This hook is by far one of the things I’ve caught my self singing all year.

My favorite tracks from Zhudaru1963 himself are those dancehall island hits like “Slow” and “Mi Luv Yuh Body” both featuring Kayo. Anytime Zhu & Kayo get on a record it’s guaranteed to take over the clubs. This one is heavy in the summer party mix.

“On Go” featuring Kayo, Mackey, and HeyeYella is one of the more chiller vibes on the album. This is the track you put on when everyone smokin vibing out after killing half a bottle of hen. I always will remember this one from the “Sky Zhone” commercial that would show up on IG.

Every classic album needs a smoking song and “Burn Slow” is just that. Imma need another Alexis Julianna & Mackey collab cause they brought big Neo Soul vibes. This that late night smoking with your girl type song, shit maybe even put a movie on.

Ever since I heard “True” I’ve been patiently waiting for a Kalixo Ratchet project. This is the definition of that 727 street shit. Would love to see Playrunna AV and Kalixo jump on a track together, that shit would be classic.

It wouldn’t be a Zhudaru project without an appearance from Acoupstix. “Arrogance” is one of the most triumphant tracks I’ve heard in a minute. I just picture Acoupstix chillin in the jungle riding on an elephant, maybe even smoking one with him.

HeyeYella is hands down one of the top lyricist in the entire scene, “Real Spill” is a perfect example of that. It’s brazy how much yella switches up his flow on this track, even referencing it in the track.

“Go Off” is the big anthem/posse cut on the project with Mackey delivering one of my favorite hooks on the project. I can spit the ABR verse word for word and can’t wait to see him and the rest of the crew perform it live. HeyeYella snapped on his verse as well, building the anticipation even more for that secret EP they keep telling me is out. Shout out CLP Nation!

The closing track on the album is one of the best songs ever created in the scene and is by far my favorite track on the album. From the out of this world hook by Mackey to his even brazier verse what is their not to love. Kalixo also does his thing on the track adding into that hustler vibe the beat sets up. But Foreal though that Mackey Emmanuel verse is one of the hardest verses I’ve ever heard in my life no bap. Also peep the video directed by Moji it’s classic.

Think of this project like the 727 version of Wu’s “Enter The 36 Chambers”. That project introduced us all the members of the crew and had us waiting to see what each member would do on their own project. After “Sky Zhone” I couldn’t wait to hear Acoupstix “Couped Up” and Alec Burnright’s “Mofongo+”. With other projects from HeyeYella & Playrunna AV rumored to drop soon I can’t wait to see what comes out the Zhu next. Also shout out to Quanzaah, Rishi Beats, Smokey, & Johnny Adama.

Curated Market: May Edition

With two insanely successful “Curated Markets” under their belts, the homies from Curated Heat are back for the newest installment of the vintage market pop up series, per usual the vendors list is stacked with some familiar and new faces.

Despite being the ones curating and hosting the event, the Curated Heat crew will be bringing some fire to their booth this month. I know for sure Frank will have some exclusives and new product on display, fingers crossed on a dope old school film piece.

Prop in the house

Fresh off a successful “Drip Con”, Proper Jones is ready to bring some brazy product to this months “Curated Market”. I am sure he stashed away some exclusives he’s been waiting to drop on everyone, but patience is the key. At months event he came through with some insane wrestling pieces, fingers crossed on some old school ECW gear!

Drip or Drown

Someone I also look for on the vendors list is @selvagemchic. Her tent set up is always so welcoming and she is bound to have some next level custom pieces available. Who knows what kind of hidden gems she didn’t roll out for “Drip Con”, that she will unveil at the “Curated Market”.

Carry Your Adventure
The Armory
The Bandito Pouch is Very Rvre

Fresh off their appearance on the Bonfire Podcast and sick commercial, Takeo & Moose are bringing in the big guns for the “Curated Market”. Plenty of “Carry Your Adventure” bags will be on display as well as product from both of the homies. I am so hype to see the new Aqua logo tees Cowboy has been hinting at, as well as the rouges gallery of fire arm plushies Moose has been cranking over the past few weeks. Pretty sure TK is brining out some of the statement piece “Cowboy Jean Jackets” he has been working on as of late, but the only way to find out is to pull up on the homies and show love, tell em a Jit sent ya!

Shout Out “Oh Yeah Creamery”
We need another REACH collab A$AP!!

I tried Matt’s Fat Cookies at the first “Curated Market” and have been raving about them ever since. They had me at the “C.R.E.A.M.” Wu cookies but after I got through half of a birthday cake cookie I was sold. Fingers crossed on another REACH collab/ Pop Up, Jit is highly anticipating that one. Maybe we will even see an exclusive “Curated Market” cookie on the table.

With such a stacked and versatile vendors line up, it’s safe to say this is the biggest “Curated Market” to date, being on Memorial Day Sunday might add in to the excitement as well. Big shout out to Curated Heat for putting these events on and helping build the culture in the Tampa Bay Area, but especially in Jit’s home, in the sunny 727.

Long Live The New Flesh

After dabbling with a few NFT drops over the past year or so, Robert Gallardo is dropping one of his most ambitious collections, with some new NFTs based on 7 pieces of artwork he created on vintage digital.

Cybermonk artifacts

Inspired by some of the work Warhol did with Blondie, using a desktop computer, Rob did his own take on that concept but in Cybermonk fashion he spread the concept across various digital platforms both from past and present.

High Art

The Marilyn Monroe piece done on the Mac Book Laptop has the biggest Pop Art vibe to it, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pop Art done so well from a digital aspect.

Very Rvre

The Mona Lisa iMac piece might be the most ambitious in the entire collection. Many won’t understand just how dope this piece is, as well as its meaning and connection to the rest of the pieces in the collection.

The Abstract

The more surreal or abstract piece done on the old school desktop is hands down my favorite in the collection. The weird Microsoft Paint esthetic takes it to the next level. Whoever is able to get their hands on this one def is getting the crown jewel of the collection.

The remaining pieces in the collection are done on Etch A Sketches and old school Texas Instrument calculators. I am not really sure how he did that shit, but I guess that what makes him the Cybermonk am I right?

The entire the collection will be available for sale as NFTs on June 1st, purchasers of the NFT will receive the physical copy of the piece from the man himself. Please someone give this man his own art exhibit or just a solo installation he definitely deserves it, but until then Jit Camp will continue to spread the word of $GREY throughout the Burg and FLA!

Philly Vibes In FLA

Straight out of Philly, Niiks has touched down in sunny Orlando, ready to prove he has a place in FLA Hip Hop.

Now streaming everywhere

Adding to his successful single “Hold It”, Niiks decided to drop a small EP/deluxe edition for the single including 4 new tracks. “Hold it” is still one of my favorite tracks from Niiks, I really love the way he flows over the more up beat tracks. His melodic vocals add to the vibe of the tracks, many of them are still stuck in my head. All the production on the project is solid, complimenting Niik’s vocals.

Shout out Balaclava Boys

“Say Sum” starts off the project, with Niiks brining a faster flow on this track than on the others. Niiks has proved himself on various tracks and singles, now y’all can’t say nothing to him.

“Rubber Bands” was destined to be the next single, this one is a smash. The hard hitting flute sampled beat slides. Niiks doesn’t come off as corny at all, he’s definitely 100%, I feel that’s what separates him from a lot of the others artists out there, “Walked in with a brick in my pocket”.

“Again” might be my favorite beat on the project. This is another banger for sure, but Niiks is versatile enough that the tracks don’t become tired out played out.

“Nails” is on some more melancholy type shit but it’s still a vibe. Niiks flow on this one is more slowed down, allowing the listener to take in everything he is saying. The beat is still hard hitting but not necessarily in the trap sense like the previous ones.

Niiks is on to something for sure, he makes just really dope music to vibe out to, totally fitting the FLA vibe while still retaining his Philly roots. Be sure to check out his new video “Color Blind” featuring some Balaclava Boys gear, we running it up all summer in the 727.