Is There Poetry On Neptune?

Neptune is a monthly poetry and art magazine created by St.Pete poet Denzel JG. The magazine contains works from local artists across all mediums in the Tampa Bay Area.

Denzel started the magazine during the pandemic, adding to the plethora of work he does for the St.Pete poetry scene. Between the Community Poetry gatherings at Black Crow from 3 to 4:30 p.m, and hosting the KSPL Virtual Poetry Hour every 3rd Sunday of the month on TheStudio@620’s Facebook page. Neptune is the next big pillar of the St.Pete poetry scene.

Although I am a writer I have yet to really dabble with the whole poetry thing, but after reading Neptune my creative juices have been flowing.

Loved the Hip-Hop vibe on this one.

I really dug the Hip Hop vibe of Stephanie Sarkissian’s poem “Simple Joys”. Being a Hip Hop head myself, the rhyme scheme and flow on this one is very similar to how a rap song is structured. But at the end of the day Hip Hop is a form of poetry.

All audiofiles can relate.

On the poem “NPR”, Denzel JG expresses his NPR addiction in poetry for. The rhyme scheme on this one is really dope as well. The imagery Denzel is able to create with his words is amazing. I could clearly see Denzel chilling listening to NPR while raccoons harass him.

Two of my favorite things “The Flintstones” and the “Buccaneers”.
Rowdies rule The Bay.

Neptune is not strictly a poetry publication, the magazine also offers a platform for local artists and photographers to show their work. Two of my favorite pieces from this months edition had big Tampa Bay Sports vibes. Both pieces done by James Hartzell are very different in style. “Bam-Bam Buccaneer” is more of a tattoo style piece combing Saturday morning cartoons with America’s new favorite Sunday past time. “Rowdy and Proud” is an ode to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. Anything that deals with the Rowdies is going to be dope for me, but the way Hartzell portrays Al Lang Stadium is just wonderful. I would love to see his game on a game day poster.

Quarantine vibes.

This photo by the man himself Denzel JG has an eerie vibe to it. It’s almost like confinement in a way not just mentally but physically.

2021 already looking brighter.

Neptune also features more essay pieces like Jonathan Kile’s “The Best New Year”. Kile’s take on why 2021s New Year felt a little different than those of the past. “Sweet Dreams” by Brooks Peters, has more of a short story vibe but it definitely has my wheels turning. Maybe I should drop that short western story I have in my head.

Neptune magazine will be in my monthly reading rotation from now on. Shout out to Tombolo Books for putting me on. The magazine just inspires me to want to create more of my own work, and possibly even get into writing poems of my own. Be on the look out for Jit Camp in Neptune very soon.