I’m Rockin With REACH!

Originally planned on including the homies at REACH in my “Across The Bridge” series but love everything they are doing so much I was like why not give them their own shit. Yes they are the premier Vlone location in all of Tampa Bay but it’s their own brands product that I vibe with the most. Everything is within REACH.

Be careful what you REACH for!
This how you roll out a drop.
Just Reach.

For me the essential REACH drop are the Air Forces 1s they blessed us with last year. These joints receive the highest complement I can give, feeling like they are an official collab directly from Nike. But that doesn’t really matter. The “Just REACH” ad campaign is what ultimately sets this release apart from pretty much anything else in the Tampa Bay Area.

Next level box design.
It’s the subtle details.

From the hang tag to the REACH design on the tongue, the brand really pulled no punches. These small deatails as well as an incredible box design shows the love the brand really has in their product. These are super limited so I hope I am able to snag a pair on a restock.

Motel REACH!

REACH also drops limited pieces featuring numerous themes and designs. Has a horror fan this “Motel Hell” styled piece is a must have for me. They also dropped a few Tampa Bay Sports capsules featuring the brands take on some vintage Rays,Bolts, and Bucs pieces. We need a Rowdies and Raptors one for the summer.

Game changer.
Reppin 813
Lotto Boyz

This is the piece that started it all for me. After seeing Famous Kid Brick rock this piece in various pictures, as well as seeing it at almost every pop up or event I went to on both sides of the Bay, I had to find out what brand put out such a next level piece. From the Reach logo, to the palm tree, to the FL lotto sign on the side, this piece is essential for any Florida Jit. They go fast so don’t sleep on the next drop.

Vlone family.
Panther Party.

Besides their own product REACH is the main hub for everything Vlone, Supreme, and BAPE. They are really the only shop I know that has a good amount of vintage BAPE that is pre Nigo’s departure from the brand. The shops hosts a bunch of Vlone pop ups featuring exclusives from the brand.

Nothing over the infantry.

Keeping it in the A$AP family, “Marino Infantry” YG Addie aka A$AP Ant’s Skate Team and brand is on the rise becoming one of the most sought after brands in the culture. Be on the look out for some big things to come between REACH and Marino Infantry.


Keep it locked to Jit Camp for everything REACH. The brand is doing some next level shit so tap in 727!