Still Bucced Up

Just in time to kick off the season, the homies at REACH have unveiled a small REACH Buccaneers capsule featuring 1 of 1 pieces all hand picked, washed, screen sized, and tagged in REACH.


As a Buccaneers Season Ticket Holder you know Jit is gonna have to pull up and pick up a few of these pieces. One stand out for me is the dyed long sleeve with REACH in white font right on the top. A majority of these pieces pay homage to the historic 2002 Championship season.

Grey Gang

For those hot game days I’m probably looking more towards the tees so if available any of the grey pieces will do so I can still rep the krewe and the gang. That grey practice tee esque shirt with the black font is a banger. Really love the fact the homies went the extra mile and tag all their pieces, really does make a difference.


Hands down my favorite piece in the collection has got to be the dyed tee. Not sure what size it is but if I can get my hands on it, it’s mine. The dyed look just hits different on a Bucs championship tee.

With the season gearing up and these all being 1 of 1 pieces I would recommend not sleeping on this drop, because once they gone they gone my friends. Everything is made in REACH!

Journey To The Seven Stars

Return to the 5th Dimension with the latest collection from 2001 Odysey.


The latest collection is made up of the brand new “7 Star” zip up hoodie, as well as the latest “Eyes To Lips” tee shirt in the black and white color ways. Despite being dropped a little earlier the extroverted 2001 Denim is the centerpiece/ statement piece of the entire collection.

7 Stars Zip Hoodie
Big Tampa Bay Shit

The brand new “7 Star” zip up hoodie features the 2001 branding on the front right side of the hoodie as well as the showcasing the star logo on the back. Since it’s grey gang all day this piece really stands out to me above other hoodie drops. I really dig the way the stars spell out 2001. The stars will reveal all.

Eyes to Lips
Enter the 5th dimension

Anytime 2001 Odysey incorporates eyes into their pieces they kill it. The “Eyes to Lips” tee comes in black and white color ways allowing for rockability with any fit. Who knows you might even see the black one on the “Bonfire Podcast” down the road. The piece fits very well with the entire theme of the collection, allowing you to rock a full 2001 fit if you layer it right.

The Devils In The Details

The 2001 Denim goes brazy. From the pockets to that 2001 button this is a definite statement piece. A lot of work goes into making these jeans and it definitely is showcased in the cuts as well as the detailed worked mentioned above. Been meaning to beef up my denim game lately and these jeans from 2001 are a great place to start.

Shout out Turbo

2001 Odysey keeps topping themselves with each collection. Each piece continues the story of the brand as well as fits in the elements established. Can’t wait for the next pop up at REACH and hopefully we can see some of these pieces making its way into the store very soon.


Jit Camp is on the front lines to cover and help spread the message of “No More Land” the project to stop homelessness through design. In this 3rd installment we take a look at some past designs in order to create a better future.

Nordic Nomadic Chair by Bjarke Frederiksen

This Nordic Nomadic Chair could be essential for anyone on their journey. It would allow a safe space to camp out for a big but I am not sure if it would be a sustainable shelter. Possibly if you were able to make a canopy feature it could be the one.

GAZIGOGODA aka The Carry Home
By Sejong University Students

The “Carry Home“ set by Sejong University Students is a really dope concept but I am sure how practical it would be on a journey. You would have to some how combine all the bags into one possibly like a Russian Doll effect.

Hat Shelter

These Hat Shelters are a step in the right direction for sure. If they were made of a sturdy material one could just use these as shelter during harsh conditions while on your journey. Possibly if you could fold up the at whole not in use it would take up less space allowing to be carried day to day.


These Selkbags would be nice in harsh weather elements but I am not sure how practical they would in hot weather. If you are able to shed of the layers as well as add in a breath ability feature these could definitely be a step in the right direction. Also they would need to be available in grey.

“Clothes” by Yoshiki Hishinuma (1986)

I am not sure how useful this would be in harsh elements but if you could combine the breath ability of this design with the selkbags you might be on to something.

Nomadic Furniture 3.0

I just love the minimalistic design of this furniture. If one was able to disassemble this into something like the Nordic Nomadic chair it would be a dope resting spot for someone on the journey. If you made a slimmer design it could even be used as a shelter depending on the material.

One Square Meter house by Van Bo Le-Mentzel

The concept of this one is definitely in the right direction. If you are able to combine these One Square Meter Houses with possibly a sleeping bag function they could be a step in the right direction. I am not sure how sustainable it would be in harsh conditions.

Hideaways by Rosalie Monod de Froideville

If somehow you made the design of this into a rain jacket material I feel it would be more practical. This would be best used in cold weather elements allowing one to stay safe and warm while being out in the open.

Parasite Emergency Homes by Mike Reyes

These Parasite Emergency Homes would be a great problem solver to give someone shelter as well as make use for abandoned buildings. I am not sure how you would regulate who and when the shelters could be occupied but it is a good way to turn something out of nothing. Maybe they could be used until someone gets back on their feet or just used as a rest stop for the night while on the journey.

Keep it locked to for the latest coverage on the NML project.

Sage The Fox- Genesis Album Review

On “Genesis” Sage The Fox catapults himself at the top of the Tampa Bay Hip Hop Scene, incorporating a darker soundscape that mirrors Sage’s environment.


Sage brings the fire off rips with the intro track “Genesis”. I love the dark atmospheric production, it’s the perfect pair for the dark lyrics Sage spits. One of my favorite lines on this one was “Put a toe on your tag” for some reason that one just kept getting stuck in my head. A great way to start off the project.

Really dig the menacing piano on “Hateful 8”. This track is a little less aggressive than the first but Sage is still talkin that shit. This track has potential to be the next anthem against haters. Sage went brazy with that “Lemonade mix with my lean so simply” line. That pimp walk line went hard as well.

“Grease Monkey” is for all the ragers. That weird anime sound in the background of the beat is some next level shit. For me Sage sounds like he’s in a dystopian world or like something out of “Ghost In The Shell”. The $lugged out beat switch in the middle of the track was a nice touch adding in that Trill element to the already cloudy beat. The video for this joint brings it to another level so peep that for sure.

“Jesse Owens” slows things down a bit, showing the range Sage possesses. I really dig the theme of “runnin it up” connected with Jesse Owens. Again the cloudy atmospheric production is my vibe for sure. I really dug that whisper flow Sage used in the middle of the track.

“Usain Bolt” featuring Remyflows brings a different vibe to the project, more of a triumphant sound. The beat starts off slowly and then finally kicks it which was a really dope element of the track. The hook on this joint is a vibe incorporating so many sounds and vocals.

“Monica Lewinsky” might be my favorite track on the project. From the spaced out cloudy beat to the various flow switch ups throughout the song this one of them ones. This one of them joints you just ride out 2. Would love to see this as the next video for the project.

“Klassic” is on some other shit. From the way the beat goes up and down to the out of this world “Steppin on the beat” hook from Sage. It kinda has that weird Island vibe but if the island was in space or the clouds.

The vocals on “Penny Hardaway” are delivered very well and don’t come off corny. Sage’s flow on this one is flawless, always switching up with the highs and lows off the beat. It was also dope how he flipped Haradaway. I enjoyed how Sage just let the beat ride out at the end of the track.

“Florida Home” featuring Tokyo Blacc is on some big Florida shit. The ripples in the beat make it sound even more spaced out but it’s still mad hard hitting. Whenever the beat goes a little bit harder Sage is always able to match it with his flow and delivery. Tokyo Blacc also did his thing adding in double time flow to his verse. “Ok I’m reloaded!!!!”

“Black Wall Street” is on that angelic shit. This beat sounds like Sage is surround by an all white light but he’s still in all black. I would definitely like to see what Sage would do over some NY Drill production.

The project ends with “SI” which has a little bit more of a club vibe. This is just one of those feel good joints. Despite the darker tone of the project, it was a really dope choice to end out on a sunnier note. This that shit you just jam while your smokin on the beach with your shawty and homies. Mission complete.

“Genesis” is one of my favorite projects of the year. This darker cloudier sound I feel is the necessary evolution of FLA Underground Hip Hop which as of late has been having a renaissance in the Tampa Bay Area due to artists like Sage.Can’t wait to see what’s next from the fox and the rest of the Darkaire family.

Hol Up Fukk Em!

One of my favorite brands in the entire Tampa Bay Area is Fukk Em Worldwide brings us back to the early 2000s with their latest “Baby Fukk” tee collection.

Keep It Trill

I really dig the take the brand did on the classic “Baby Milo” design. My favorite part about each drop from Fukk Em is they are able to always change things up while still staying true on the core elements of the brand, like off rips you know it’s Fukk Em! I personally will be picking up the purple and grey color ways for when I wanna be on my Trill shit or rep the grey gang.

Shout out my dawg Fat Geechie

You can’t go wrong with just a straight up white tee, so why not let people know it’s Fukk Em while your keepin it simple. This shirt was made 2 rock with a pair of white on whites.

Super Slimy

Red is always a vibe for me so I might have to pick this one up as well. I like the way “Baby Fukk” looks on the red tee, allowing his yellow hair to stand out.

In My Mind

This is my favorite release from Fukk Em Worldwide 2 date. They constantly kill it with each drop but for some reason this 1 was super nostalgic for me.We definitely need 2 see some “Baby Fukk” plushies drop after this release. Don’t sleep on this drop y’all cause once they gone they are gone.

Korrupt In General

After a successful duo Pop Up earlier this year. The homies from General Public & Korrupt Anarchy are back at REACH this weekend but this time Repent Miserable will also have some exclusives for you to secure.

General Public
Imma dawg yeah yeah

My favorite pieces from General Public always feature their signature “Dawg”. The latest drop they did was on these hoodies featured about but I am sure they will have a few different logo tees as well as some Pop Up exclusives for the Tampa Bay family.


Korrupt really went brazy on these rip and repair denim for their latest collection. Can’t wait to see what other pieces they could possibly have in store for us at the pop up but that purple Third Eye hoodie is a banger.

Repent your sins
Who says life can be miserable

I am not to familiar with “Repent Miserable” but that is the beauty of the Pop Ups REACH does putting the rest of the Tampa Bay Area on game. I hope Miserable has a few of those tour tees still available, those are a vibe. They just dropped some new Varsity Jackets that have some brazy details on them. I feel varsity jackets are mad underrated so I cant wait to peep in person.

You know the homies at REACH are always on their Heathy Boy shit so the good people at “Sea Smoothie” are pack in the area to bless Tampa Bay with some power packed natural fruit Sea Moss smoothies. Might have to pick up that KRPT Berry featuring Blueberry, Blackberry, Banana, Kale, Sea moss, and Agave, it’s only right for the event.

The stacked Pop Up is running through Friday & Saturday so pull up for that KRPT, GP, or Repent Miserable gear! Also plenty of REACH & Hunts Fabrications pieces will be available as well, REACH Denim goin brazy lately!

Devil In A New Dye

Hunts Fabrications are taking their dying technique to another level, experimenting with all new fabrics, colors, and styles.

Smoker 💨

Since the last article Hunt has included name and sizing tags on each piece to acknowledge it’s 1 of 1 status. All the tags are hand signed by the man himself, with washing instructions on the back.

Muddy Love ❤️

“Muddy Love” comes in a size small featuring a mixture of Chocolate and Carmine Red. The hits of brown reference the mud while the red and pink hit straight to the heart. This one has a chocolate covered cherry vibe.

Sailors Delight🧜‍♀️

This mermaid inspired piece features the colors Magenta and Deep Purple. The white hits are reminiscent of mermaid scales bringing the whole theme of the piece together. Available in Medium.

Cotton Candy 🍭

This “Cotton Candy” piece in size XL is one of my favorites of the latest collection. Featuring the colors Turquoise and Raspberry. My favorite pieces are the ones that look like they have faces on them. At the lower left hand side it appears to be a KAWS esque face.

Lemon Zest 🍋 🍸

The pattern on this “Lemon Zest“ piece is not like most dyed pieces I have seen. I really dig the mix of Lemon Yellow and Jet Black to create sort of a silver electric vibe. This piece is available in a size medium.

Sierra Mist 🥤 🍋

I really love the crystallization effect on “Sierra Mist”. The Light Green and Medium Blue create almost an ice cube effect in the center. This piece is available in a size small.

Sherbert 🍧🍊🫐

This “Sherbert” piece might be my favorite of the whole collection. Combining three colors on this one piece, the colors Turquoise, Hot Pink, and Gold Yellow really come together to create something reminiscent to one of the lost underrated frozen desserts. This piece is now available in a size large.

Orange Creamsicle 🍊

Back at it with the three color technique, Hunt incorporated Brilliant Orange, Hot Pink, and Lemon Yellow to create the “Orange Creamsicle” effect. I dig how the colors blend to create a white effect for the cream. This piece is now available in a 3XL

Mood Swing 🧬 😃 😡 😈

“Mood Swing” might be the first jacket piece featured from Hunt but it’s definitely a game changer. Turquoise, Hot Pink, and Jet Black come together to create a mind melter of a piece. The purple effect that appears at certain points is a dope color explosion. Now available in a size 2XL.

Now Available In REACH 🏕💯🙌🏽

After this collection I know Hunt is bringing his technique to the Tank Top & Denim game so definitely keep it locked for that. Hit the homie up for commission work, I’d know he would love to make your Dye Dreams come true. Now available in REACH!