Give Me The Green Light: “The Nest”

With Green Light Cinema having its opening weekend I had to come out and support the growing cinephile scene in the 727.

“The Nest” and “12 Hour Shift” are the first two films on the slate.

I was hoping to see some classic art house flicks but Green Light is really off to a great start with their opening film “The Nest”. Director Sean Durkin known for his 2011 film “Martha Marcy May Marleane” brings us a new kind of family drama with “The Nest”. Durkin shoots and sets the film up with such a sense of dread that at times it has a horror vibe. Jude Law is always on the top of his game but for me the standout of the film is Carrie Coon. As the film goes on she begins to smoke more and more cigarettes portraying to the viewer her state of mind after her family is moved across the pond.

They aren’t recliners but I’ll take it.

From a theater aspect I feel it is the perfect setting for a local art house theater. Parking is close by which is always a plus and concessions are on hand before and during each showing. The picture and sound quality was top notch, as well as theater temperature not being to cold or to hot. The seats don’t recline but they also don’t hurt my ass like some of these big chain seats do.

I am looking forward to attending Green Light at least once a week. I feel the film choices will take me out of my comfort zone, opening me up to the vast reaches of the cinematic landscape I have yet to conquer.

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