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Coastal Creative hosted its first and last “Creatorsburg” of 2020, allowing creatives across all mediums to share and create new ideas as well as check out their new space located at 2201 1st Ave S, Saint Petersburg.

The community is thriving with local creatives across all mediums.

Throughout Coastal Creatives huge warehouse space, the crew set up various props and photo opportunities, allowing photographers and videographers to get their juices flowing. The event was a great opportunity to check out the space, as well as mingle with fellow creatives on what they are currently working on. The turn out was pretty great despite it raining cats and dogs.

The “Bonfire” podcast is coming soon.

I personally wanted to bring a writers aspect to the event, heading straight to the podcast room. Coastal rents out their studio at prices ranging from $80-$150 depending on if you want video to accompany your podcast. I see this as a great opportunity to strengthen the Jit Camp brand through a different medium, bringing the stories to the next level.

With “Creatorsburg” eventually becoming a monthly event, I am sure Coastal will have no problem filling the space with various projects. The ideas are endless with local creatives having the opportunity to cross paths with each other on a daily basis, which often bring out some of the best collaboration. I just want to thank the entire Coastal Creative team for putting on the event and giving the city its very own “Fantasy Factory”. Jit Camp will support the crew in anyway possible.

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