Smoked Out, Flexed Out.

Flexhan out of the TRiBE collective is ending out the year with some Cloud Rap vibes to St.Pete on her latest EP “Flex”.

The intro track “Bx4” starts things of with that driving down Beach BLVD with the windows down, sunny beach day vibe showing her ability to create a catchy hook.

The real standout for me is “Ghost Mode”. She had me alone with the cloud rap beat, making me feel like I’m floating through a flying castle in the sky. The washed out early cloud rap, Clams Casino esque production is more of what I would like to see Flexhan spit on. Her flow on the track is very similar to early Xavier Wulf like right after his Etherwulf period.

“Green Light” reminds me of that real underground “Broward County” Robb Bank$ flavor to it. This one is definitely ment to be played loud in the whip, especially that last verse, Flexhan killed it by ramping up her flow.

Despite being only three tracks the “Flex EP” is a perfect introduction to Flexhan. I hope she sticks to a more fun loving “Cloud Rap” esthetic, she could make a whole project of tracks like “Ghost Mode” and it would be a classic. I also enjoyed the different style lighter style of this TRiBE project as opposed to the darker tone of Young Mop’s “St.Creaturesburg”. I can’t wait to hear a full project from Flexhan, the world needs some visuals for “Ghost Mode”.

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