Beyond the algorithm, above the likes and engagement, Pollex World still remains despite a brief hiatus, the gateway is now unlocked enter Pollex World Order!

Still rendering

Taking influence from themes of dystopia and cyber space Pollex World is able to capture the unrendered vibe other brands just can’t grasp. It’s not just about the product it’s about the individual.

Who, what, where?
Pollex propaganda

Pollex spreads propaganda through various outlets such has product, posters, cards, and messages on your feed. The always popular Pollex World TV is when Pollex takes over full control of your senses, mind, body, and soul. It starts out small with just one Pollex World tee, but eventually your entire fit is Pollex Wolrd, it’s best to just embrace this.

The Pollex I Met
One eye above all 👁

It’s comforting knowing that Pollex World is always watching with one eye open. When you embrace Pollex World instead of rejecting it, decisions and actions become second nature. Instead of going for other brands and lifestyles you will be drawn to Pollex, going deeper and deeper into the truth.

Don’t be a drone be a Cowboy!

With back to back drops pretty much selling out in March, Pollex World is showing no signs of slowing down. It is futile to try and escape, so just sit down, relax, and embrace P.W.O.

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