St.Pete Hip Hop Pioneers: DJ Shurefire

Before he became the official DJ for YNW Melly, DJ Shurefire dominated the St.Pete party and club scene as the go to DJ. Bringing the best mixes and working with the cities top artists like Famous Kid Brick, Smoothie Bandz, and Playrunna AV, Shurefire showed how crucial a DJ can be in an artists career.

YNW Melly’s official DJ.

In the early days DJ Shurefire made a name for himself in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene as the go to DJ. Along with other big production companies at the time like So Excited ENT & Guta Sound Records, Shurefire was able to make or break the cities top artists. I remember him running the scene back in the day with Brick and Smoothie as well as with Black Boi and City Boi.

Shout out to BTMVLE.
You know we brining that fire.

Once Shurefire became established he was able to start his own label “Call The Fire Department”, helping to break Florida’s top up and coming artists like Rod Wave & YMW Melly. Eventually touring with YMW Melly as his official DJ. No one talks shit on the beginning of tracks like Shurefire, especially on “Self Explanatory” with Playrunna Av.

No one rocks a club like Shurefire.
Free Melly, Free Smoothie.

Despite Melly and Smoothie being locked up at the time, DJ Shurefire has showed no signs of slowing down. Along with RodXTheXGod, Playrunna AV, and Cartier 500, Shurefire went back to his roots dominating the club scene most notably at Turbo Ultra Lounge. Shurefire always has his ear to the streets, so if he co signs an artist you better call the fire department!

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