Pop Up Double Up

With two successful pop ups to start off the year featuring brands 2001 Odyssey and the immortal Vlone, REACH is ending out the month of April with a double up pop up featuring brands “General Public Streetwear” and “Korrupt Anarchy”.

Ohio’s own General Public Streetwear has been dropping some really dope product in their area for a minute now. My favorite pieces from the brand are anything with the Dawg featured on it. They didn’t just use a regular dog for the logo, they added their own flavor with intricate details in the face and collar.

Where my dawgs at?
Those General Public sweats are a vibe

Korrupt Anarchy aka KRPT is bringing their own flavor to the culture by providing a more anarchy punk vibe. The “Gun Club” collection is really solid, especially the red color way. The brand new neon “Karma” collection is a different look for the brand, dabbling in an unexpected color way.

Love that gun sound
Anarchy rules

REACH is consistently working with other brands outside of their own, whether it’s selling the product in the store or hosting a pop up, they are always showing love to the culture. I was unfamiliar with both brands prior so they definitely put me on. Really hype to see what both brands have to offer at the pop ups, fingers crossed for some exclusive Tampa Bay product.

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