Product Of All Coasts.

Fresh off his set as apart of Slugged Sounds “Slugged Nites”, Tre Butler proves why he is one of the top spitters in the entire St.Pete Hip Hop scene on his new EP “To Whom It May”.

Whole diff type of time

Tre Butler is the type of artists that reminds me that people can still be conscious and lyrical without sounding corny or like they are preaching. You definitely can feel that J.Cole and early Logic influence but Tre still stands on his own as an artist. I am a big fan of when an artist sticks with one producer for an entire project, Tre teams up with Six Ave to bring that lush atmospheric production to set the back drop for his bars.

The first track “These Dayz” is just straight bars over a string heavy beat. The story telling on this track is really dope, you can visualize everything Tre is spitting. Despite not having a hook the track doesn’t drag and starts the project off right. The basketball references were a nice touch.

On “L2L” Tre teams up with one of the burg’s finest Onlyonetwo to make what could potentially be a St.Pete Hip Hop classic. The city definitely needs a video for this one, everyone would pull up.

“Live” featuring Ray Champion sounds like some shit that would be on the “Creed” sound track. That Gemini line Tre dropped on this one was dumb cold. The hook from Ray Champion was a nice change of pace this point in the project. It had a bit of a West Coast vibe to it as well.

I was blown away when I first heard “Guardian Angel” the second verse on this track is one of the hardest I’ve heard this year. The atmospheric beat from Six Ave brings this track to a next level, going all in on that heavenly vibe.

After hearing “To Whom It May” I am really hype for whatever Tre Butler has coming up next in regards to a full project. The city also needs a collab track/EP with Josiah Odin. Be on the look out for another performance from Tre at many of the upcoming “Slug Nites” events.

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