Second Saturday’s At The Factory: April Edition

Last weekend I checked out The Factory’s monthly Second Saturday event. Featuring a pop up from Before The Storm Studios, a new piece from i.B.O.M.S., and some dope pottery from Fsquared Ceramics.

We are all storm chasers

The main reason I went to the event was to pick up some exclusives at The Before The Storm studios pop up, and chop it up with the crew. BTS is made up of Laurent, Abstract Poet, and Chaddy P, with each member having their own brand within the group.

Very Rvre
Dopest design of the whole drop.

The “Prepare” t shirt in the white color way was probably my favorite piece in the drop. The logo on the back gives off a “Cactus Jack” vibe but with a storm spin on it that makes it even doper. The subtle storm chaser van on the front is a nice touch. The van is becoming a staple of the brand. The camcorder tote bag added some variety to the drop, the zipper addition was fire.

Quality on these are crazy.

A piece I personally picked up, the “Storm Chase” tee is essential. The blue color way is not often used so I really dug it from that aspect, but for me the different storm icons on the front are what make it.

Crazy embroidery on the BTS logo.

The tees are really dope but if your looking for a statement piece from the drop I would say pick up the “Staff” button up. These will have you feeling like your a member of the BTS team.

Concealed United

Chaddy P had some crazy product on display for his brand “Concealed United. Along with some art pieces on the wall, select graphic tees where available but the true gem was the crazy patchwork jeans.

The Abstract

Statement pieces

Chad snapped on these jeans man. Someone bought the jeans and went to change to rock them instantly cause that’s how dope they are. Each piece is unique and handmade by the man himself. Really excited for the future of Concealed United, I’ll for sure be supporting.

City Xf Gxd$

Abstract Poet is by far my favorite collage artist and artists period. His approach pushes the idea of what a collage can be to the next level. If your not getting your album cover done by him your sleep af, I would love to have a custom A$AP Yam$ piece made by him, on some cozy vibes. Not sure if it’s in the works but would definitely rock some Narcotics Half Off product.

The entire BTS team killed it for their first pop up, it’s nice to see The Factory giving such dope creatives a place to showcase what they can do.

Calling My Spirits

It’s always a treat when i.B.O.M.S. showcases a new piece. At this point it’s safe to say i.B.O.M.S. is my favorite living artist and his new piece “Calling My Spirts” further solidifies that. I loved the globe like head with the sun inside, as well as the abundance of blooms on display. The headless birds are becoming a staple of his work. Whenever Jabari adds in a little ice to his pieces they just hit different. The icy bite mark as well as the drip on the neck and wrist are standouts of the piece.

My favorite all time work from i.B.O.M.S.

Over time this piece has really grown on me, to me it is the perfect example of i.B.O.M.S. style. I love seeing it every time I go to The Factory. From the Dragon Balls in Ashi’s hair to the ones in the ball pit, this is a master work.

Fsquared Ceramics
That’s just the Wave

It was really cool meeting and chopping it up with Fsquared Ceramics. He’s got some really amazing pieces on display. Might need to pick up one of his pieces for my cacti.

Can’t wait to come back next month for the Rishi Beats cypher featuring the homie Johnny Adama, as well as the other awesome creatives being showcased.

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