The Leo, The Aries, and The Sagittarius.

Coming off his No.1 album on my Top St.Pete Hip Hop Albums of 2020, Onlyonetwo is bringing the Leo energy on his latest project “Fire EP”.

This one is for the Fire signs.

The project takes inspiration from the fire signs of the zodiac, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. Being a Leo it was only right for Onlyonetwo to start with the Fire signs first, not being biased or nothing.

The first track “Poison” I feel is meant to represent the Leo side. Not sure if that’s because I could personally relate to the toxicity of the relationship, Onlyonetwo describes on the track. The hook on “Poison” might be his best to date.

To me “Streets Of Rage” captures that fiery Aries energy, this one is the anthem track of the project. If Onlyonetwo does a video for this one he should get a group of people just running in the streets on some “The Warriors” vibes.

The final track “Downfall” seems like it was meant to be on more of a Sagittarius vibe. “Downfall” is on some street conscious shit. So many quotable lines that stood out like when Onlyonetwo spits about a dude that “went up the road and turned troll”. That “imma sing to ya bitch like I’m Liberace” line was the coldest on the entire project.

Each time a listen to “Fire EP” my favorite song changes, each one has a different feel and vibe while still sounding cohesive as a project. Can’t wait for some visuals for at least one of these tracks. If you already wasn’t hype for the next album these “Sign EPs” will contain the burg for now.

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