Richie Guapo is showing the world how Florida keeps it Trill, with his new brand PERM$ Skateboards.


Skate brands are nothing new to the street wear game but the Trill element Richie Guapo brings to the game, adds a new element to the sub genre. If anyone was gonna make a Trill brand it would have to be Guapo, his EP “Hot Boy Summer” is a FLA Underground Hip Hop classic and is widely recognized with bringing back Trill especially when it comes to FLA.

Feelin like Bam

My personal favorite tee so far is the black tee with that classic PERM$ logo on the front. That purple and gold just hit different on the black. This one is essential for any Tampa Bay Jit on their Trill shit.

That blue hit diff
Candy Paint

The blue on these tees is something I don’t think I’ve quite seen before. It’s got that old school bowling ball look, which definitely adds to the Trill vibe. I also really respect how first and for most this is a skate brand, keeping it true to all three elements that make up the brand Florida, Trill, and skating.

Big 813 shit
Zaza green

I am pretty sure the green color way is sold out at the movement but fingers crossed on a restock. This one has that old school pool table felt material color to it. Reminding me of the classic 8ball and MJG cover. The red on the PERM$ logo just has a different vibe on this piece.

The board match my shirt
White on white

You can never go wrong with a white tee. That purple and gold really shines on this piece. I am trying to beef up my white tee game so this simple PERM$ logo tee might be the latest piece I add to my collection.

Hot Boy Summer 2 otw
Stacked track list

Just in time for the highly anticipated “Hot Boy Summer 2” Guapo is dropping the official tee shirt for the album, featuring the track list on the back. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this historic tee, I am sure once it’s gone it’s gone.

I am really hype that someone else in the Tampa Bay Area really feels as strongly as I do about keeping it Trill. PERM$ is keepin it Trill in the 813 and Prx Jit is holdin it down in the 727. Together both brands are proving FLA can still keep it Trill.