If We Love Each Other

One of Weef’s founding fathers Matt Galloway releases a solo shirt drop titled “If We Love Each Other”, spreading positive vibes in all shapes in sizes.

Founding Father

I am big fan of the vibe and esthetic Matt and the rest of the Weef Boys have been creating over the past few years, so I was hype to see what Matt could bring on his own. I have seen a bunch of his film references in his past works, so working in a different style peeked my interest.

All photos by computer.face 🏕💯💻

These 37 all unique hand printed tees on vintage camo harkens back to that Florida man esthetic Weef taps into time to time. The fact that each pattern and print is different makes each piece stand as a solo art piece. These bad boys are going for $25 in a variety of sizes.

The Holy Mountain

I am a huge cinephile so when I got eyes on this “The Holy Mountain” tote bag it hit all the right buttons. Featuring some of my favorite stills from the film, this is a no brainer for all film freaks and Jodorowsky followers alike.

Whether is his solo work or his work on Weef, Matt Galloway is doing some incredible work, bridging the gap on what we consider art and fashion. Weef The People!

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