AI Of The Beholder

Multidisciplinary artists DATASYNCED is pushing the boundaries of what AI technology can handle, peaking into the future, on the cusp of bringing our wildest dreams to life.


While the focus is on the future, DATASYNCED has used AI to get a glimpse at what vacation spots, wild life, spas, as well as what a dystopian pollution filed future could hold for Earth.


In a future filled with remote work, what will a traditional work space or place of business look like. Would these experimental work retreats be the norm. Once your subconscious is numb would humans be able to go back to their past habits


These experimental concepts for Alkaline Water & Desalination Plants. Due to miss use the risk of losing our clean water supply down the road is a real possibility. It’s time we take the necessary steps to try and figure out an alternative. The desalination or removing the salt from saline water could be one answer to that problem. DATASYNCED has used the AI to generate what these Desalination Plants could look like.

Take A Deep Breath

With all the recent reports of our air quality getting worse, DATASYNCED locked in with the AI technology to create Oxygen Priority Suites designed to increase air quality. Being a person with asthma I can relate to the answers DATA is searching for.


With hospitals these days being so drab and undesirable places, what if the hospital was a bit livelier, would it result in a better environment for those on deaths door, or even those for a short stay. What if you could make your hospital room, feel more like home at the touch of a button.

Mask Up

Depicted in the above scenarios is what the AI spit out when DATASYNCED inquired about 2030 climate change. You thought the masks during COVID where bad, imagine having to use them at all times due to how polluted the air is. Long sleeves and jumpsuits will become the norm, to protect our entire body from contamination. Due to the harsh changes, the sky’s color will begin to change, almost decaying.

Filter that
Who Am I

If y’all think privacy is an issue now just wait until the future. Filters on your phone are just the beginning, wait until we are able to utilize them out in the real world, merging what is real and what is fake. People bitch about finger scanners, it’s only a matter of time before you will be Face ID to get into your records.

Hot Springs

It’s not all bad in the future! These Artificial Geothermal Spring images could be the cure for ultimate relaxation. The hot springs and tub are all one. What if there was a way to make these springs available in all areas, sort of like a deluxe spa experience. Who knows it could even be possible to have this experience in your own backyard.

Wild Life

With various species of wild life being depleted each year it could only be a matter of time before we need to rely on AI animals and insects to take their place, continuing the flow of the ecosystem like nothing ever happen. Personally I feel like this would be a sad outcome. If cloning isn’t up to snuff by then this system could be used to replace animals that are used more for labor, but imagine a whole AI based rainforest, kind of eerie.

The possibilities are vast for what AI technology could do for us in the future. From music, to art, to aspects that will effect our daily routine, it is crucial for artists like DATASYNCED to keep pushing to boundaries of what AI can handle, furthering our journey into the future faster than we know it,