A Gulf Coast Revolution In Real Time

Over the last seven months or so a group of about 20 like minded folks have been operating an independent online radio station in the Gulf Coast of Florida, called Sector FM. The station has garnered a cult following with a few hundred listeners tuning in each Sunday. The station and its residents are our neighbors ushering in a movement most of us can relate to on a daily basis. This is what makes my connection with Sector FM so special.


A majority of the residents broadcast for about one hour weekly, which translates to about 15-20 tracks per episode. The station usually goes live for the entirety of Sunday but also splices in some shows on Wednesday for a mid week vibe. If you have missed out on past episodes or want to relive some of your favorite moments, check out the archive found on Mixcloud.

I think the diversity of styles found amongst the residents is what makes Sector FM so special. You can get put on to the station by Radio NHO, but throughout your stay can end up getting put on to shows by Johnny Champagne and Alien House. Now I look forward to hearing all the shows from each resident, to indulge in whatever new tracks are fancying them as of late.

Some of my favorite new shows I have been put on to as of late are Champagne Radio hosted by the one and only Johnny Champage, and any time Zoo Ghostly drops a dedicated Hip Hop mix like the Nas episode and most recently the Madlib episode. The Alien House shows have really been sparking my interest as of late so add them to the list as well.

Of course I have my favorites though. Radio NHO hosted by my brother Raheem Fitzgerald is a must listen each show. Reminiscent of his “Fix My Brain” playlist each show puts you into the mind of the Abstract Poet, crafting a bridge between his musical influences and his art. The Searchers Hour hosted by They Hate Change is always bound to either put me on to a new track that gets put into the weekly rotation, or reminds me of one I had deep in my brains archive like Jet Life “Still”. Cowboy Radio hosted by the homie Takeo Faison is always a vibe. It’s dope to see Cowboy flex his muscles in a different arena other than on a canvas or cloth.

The movement has gained so much steam around the Gulf Coast that residents have been popping up at live shows, further brining the community together by getting us all under one roof. If I know one thing, the Gulf Coast supports its own and will definitely show out at each of these live events.

The revolution is real and it ain’t stopping. With new residents being thrown into the mix at a rapid pace, and live events rocking out, Sector FM is in a special place right now. I look forward to seeing the station and its residents grow as well as the thriving community we call home in the Gulf Coast.