I’m Reppin BTMVLE, Can You Feel Me Down Here!

BTMVLE Studios is home of Street Fashion, Art, and Entertainment provided by in house artists Cowboy By Takeo, BTMVLE, Moose In The Burg, Pollex World, Slugg Sounds, and others. Now you can rep the studio with the brand new BTMVLE Studio’s Shop tee.

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From all the dope events, to even hosting the Bonfire Podcast, BTMVLE is a safe place for Tampa Bay Creatives to get out their vision. The in house artists are usually open for commissions and will work to the best of their ability to bring your idea to life.


Cowboy By Takeo has the good and wares on lock. Bro makes works of art not only on clothing, but also on canvas.


Moose kills it with the clothing, video work, and now jewelry work. The homie is Co-Director and Editor of the Jit Camp Bonfire Podcast, as well as other visual projects that land in his desk


Pollex World brings art and clothing to us when we most need it, not to mention the dope video work.


BTMVLE provides the A1 embroidery, as well as their own pieces from time to time. The homies even dabble with catering from time to time.


$lugged Sounds, has got you covered when it comes to some of the best music the Dirty Burg has to offer.

Burg Life

Shop tees are now only $25, and can be picked up at the studio. This is a very limited release, so don’t sleep on the shop!

Slugg Sounds- While You Wait…

With Burg Day 22’ on the horizon I wanted to show love to one of my favorite $lugg Mixes, “While You Wait…” a mix dedicated to the Burg, that will hold fans over until the official $lugg Sounds project. This that $lugg Shit!


Off rips our host the one, the only, and our everything DJ Donnie Luv sets the vibe. The whole $lugg crew is chanting “This that $lugg shit!” putting everyone on game.

Next the mix rolls into a bouncy new joint fro Jerry Nova. Bro is one of the most slept on emcees in the game, he drops gems on a low key vibe and has a crazy stage presence, I always remember Nova’s bars.

Then we get into “Frio Flow” from BTMVLE Jotta & Donnie Luv. This was the first time I heard this track but now we got the official version with accompanying video by Moose In The Burg.

Next we are greeted by Donnie Luv over a somber instrumental. We get gang shout outs for Arlonzo and Renald Bart. I know what song this beat will eventually be used on, and let me tell y’all it’s a song of the year contender.

Donnie Luv hits us with a $lug N B segment featuring some slow vibes, before she hits us with the fire again. We literally floating in the drank at this point we so $lugged.

Not sure what the title of the next cut is called but it’s a banger, imma call it “Champagne Wishes” for now. This was actually the first time I was introduced to the homie from across the bay, Scxtt Aye on the intro. BTMVLE Jotta paints the picture of him trapping out the Airbnb on sunny Treasure Island. This shit really feel like the sunset at the Don Cesar.

DJ Donnie Luv slows it down with a “Summer Nights” inspired sample. Not sure if any verses are laid down to the final version of this track but I could see Nova sliding on this. Donnie Luv killed it with the vocals though, she’s in that mode. Donnie Luv is gonna have you telling your man “Get Yo Shit Right”.

The Goodfellas are back on what sounds like some players ball shit. We get a barrage of bars from both Jotta and Nova. We gotta get a full version of this on the gang album.

DJ Donnie Luv is back on that hype shit with a track that could be the song of the summer. Donnie Luv drops hella gems on this one. “She wanna brunch than hunch” stays in my head.

The homie Jerry Nova closes out the mix with some laid back but triumphant vibes, sounding mad comfortable on the mic. Like the man said, “You ain’t a $lugg, you ain’t gettin my love”.

This mix is always heavy in the rotation, not sure when if ever these tracks will get official releases but as long as we have this mix to run back, the wait will be worth it.


Little Bull 4U presents “Phases” a mini collection just in time for Summer. Sounds will be provided by the one and only DJ Donnie Luv, with food available from Good Fortune, plus a VIP Sake Tasting with In Between Days, hosted at SAFDS.


This latest collection from Little Bull focuses on designs that will help you throughout the phases of your day, that also allows for total self expression. I can’t wait to see how Little Bull incorporates the pieces into the immersive event.


DJ Donnie Luv always knows what to play to get me moving. Can’t wait to hear what curated selections she has planned for her set. I am hype to hear some Japanese Dance tracks as well as some lofi jazz picks. Its pretty crazy on our podcast we shouted out In Between Days on the podcast and now we are all at the same event.


I love the vibe of In Between Days. Once I heard they where doing a curated sake tasting experience, I had to lock in my VIP ticket. From sweet to savory and hot and cold, excited to see what they bring to the table.


I have never had Good Fortune but this will be a great opportunity for me to check it out. Their hand crafted Filipino and SE Asian inspired dishes seem to pair great with the sake and music. Hopefully some noodle dishes and Bao Buns will be on the menu, Jit been craving noodles lately.


Big shout out to Scott and the rest of the SAFDS family for hosting the event. I have so many great memories from the Backlot Breakfasts. I can’t wait to catch the night time vibe.

Get your tickets now, the last event sold out, don’t get caught sleeping. Big shout out to Little Bull 4U for not just throwing a traditional fashion show. Just like the title, there is phases to the event, allowing for a more personal experience.

Ryan Beckford- Offline EP

Ryan Beckford takes it back to his Florida roots on “Offline EP”.


The project starts off with the trippy “Euphoria”. I really dig the various guitar rifts on the beat. This first track transports is right into Ryan’s World, prepping us for what’s to come.

My favorite track off the project hands down is “Cross Roads”. This one has big FLA Underground Vibes from like 2011 type shit. It would be dope to see Ryan dabble more with this Metro Zu esque production.

“Slick Rick” has Ryan on his rockstar shit. Ryan’s vocals pair well with the atmospheric production. Pretty soon all the hoes are gonna be yelling out Slick Rick!

“Russian Bands” is a dope little banger. I could see a video for this with Ryan, masked up with choppers on deck out in the woods.

Pretty sure I first heard “Long Shlong/ Dip” on the DOS Chapter 1 tape but that’s no longer available, so I’m glad to see it make the cut on this project. Ryan’s got another hit on his hands with “Dip” if he promos it right.

Overall pretty solid project from Ryan Beckford. If he keeps sticking to the esoteric Florida Underground style I am all here for it. “Cross Roads” one of them ones.

Nico Suave- Don’t Crash

The homie Nico Suave comes through with the melancholic “Don’t Crash”.


The production sounds like it could be used in a film or show, with a little bit of John Brion esthetic.

Suave delves into the troubles of life, but despite how fast and how hard life comes at him he’s not gonna crash.

Suave’s delivery and flow are really on point, never stepping over the beat or sounding out of place.

The interlude with the child within the song was a nice touch, bringing the listener back to how fast life can move from childhood to adulthood.

You already know I peeped the shout out to the homie Cowboy By Takeo, who along with Pollex World came through with the cover art.

Not really sure what Nico Suave has coming up next, but I am interested to see how this track fits in the context of his next project. If you enjoyed this track peep the homies last project “Blurry Vision”

Scxtt Aye- Doves

After an 11 year hiatus, Tampa’s Hip Hop Urban Legend Scxtt Aye returns with “Doves”.


Out the gate Scxtt hits the listener with that hazy slightly west coast production, giving off mad Tampa vibes. This is Scxtt’s moment and no one is taking him down, cause you never know when your gonna go. Really dope opening track setting the tone for the project.

“In$omnia” is on some Trill shit. Vern Senior comes through with some laid back vibes. I really dig the chopped and screwed element of the hook. Scxtt hits us with a sped up flow, while still delivering each bar with ease. Would like to see a video for this joint.

The new school and the old school join forces on “Diamonds”. This track is just epic, with two of Tampa’s best emcees Scxtt Aye and Jay Browne on one track. You feel the passion and belief in every Scxtt spits. The hook brings the track together, with the pressure creates diamonds connection. Really dig the level change up on the hook as well as the different extensions of it like on that “Old Friends, New Foes” portion. Jay Browne has been killing every feature he is on for the past two years and this song just adds to that catalog. This might be his best feature verse thus far. Oh yeah shout out to them horns on the beat. I feel this track will eventually become a legendary song in the city.

Scxtt takes us back with a soul sample joint on “Rebel”. The structure of this track is crazy. The hook is more subdued but once the drums kick in Scxtt goes off. That get the hell out my dm for a feature line stuck out to me, bro probably gets hit up all the time. Scxtt is on his rebel shit for real, going against the traditional route of constantly dropping music.

“Design” featuring Stoney Hoop is right up my alley with the cool jazzy production. No matter how much good Scxtt does, “Lucy” is always trying to get him off track, but he just stays true and keeps grinding. Planeshift’s own Stoney Hoop pulls up and drops a crazy verse, feeling right at home on the lush production. The track switches up around the mid way point with a metronome over a piano beat, with Scxtt just speaking the truth. The line “I lust after dollar bills, just to keep my mind off the trauma no time to heal” really hit home for me.

“Letters” continues that Planeshift esthetic with Scxtt spitting over some dusty production. Really dope structure to the song, giving off the vibe as if Scxtt’s voice is coming off the unsent letter he sent to the person he is referring to on the track.

“Karma” featuring Guy Average is how you make a song with a message while not making it preachy. The bars are unreal on this track but the standout was “ I’m hoping that you feel me, hear my language through brail.” No matter what detours life throws at you, just stay on track and don’t run any red lights. The end portion of the track was really dope, adding even more to the message of the track. God don’t need nothing but Lucy needs all of you.

I think “Bluumoon” is my favorite track on the album. Shit ain’t going to get better if you just drown your pain in drugs and money. Scxtt is so wrapped up in what he’s got going on he hasn’t even checked on his loved ones. The mid way beat change really did it for me. That boom bap style piano beat makes Scxtt up his game delivering what could possibly be his best verse to date, giving off Nas and Joey Bada$$ “1999” vibes. Scxtt’s mom at the end closes out the track perfectly.

“Sundaze” delves into themes of faith. Faith is a big part of this album. If you look at the rest of the album until this point as a week and then the weekend, it’s like Scxtt has been doing bad all week but now that it’s Sunday he can get right with God. Sounds Annon’s verse has so many quotables . From selling the deacon a pack to having one foot in the church and one foot in the trap, it was dope of he continued the theme on the entire verse.

“Eden” featuring Songbird Shella is an uplifting song. Despite doing bad sometimes, Scxtt has found happiness with what he has around him or his “Garden Of Eden”. That one bar about flicking his wrist and turning lemons to lemonade was cold, as well as the apple bar right after that. Songbird Shella added an Angelic vibe to the song. At the end of the song the metronome and piano beat returns with Scxtt doing his own ode to Jay Z as well as showing his confidence with himself.

“Petals” has Scxtt on some almost spoken word shit. The imagery on this one is next level, some true poetry. The prayer towards the end of the track really gets you in your thoughts. Your imperfections are what make you not what break you.

The project closes out with the soulful “Magic”. I really dug all the No.1 pick references in the track from Kyler Murray to Cam Newton. Scxtt is really talking that shit on this one, putting all his doubters on notice. When that lush sax and the drums come in towards the end of the track it really is magic.

Scxtt Aye more than delivered on “Doves”. From the conceptual way you can look at the album to the relatable themes on each song. It’s hard for artists to make more faith based concepts relatable to me but Scxtt did it. This project might not click with some of y’all off rips but once they do, your gonna be like yo this the best shit I’ve heard all year. If Scxtt Aye is Tampa’s Hip Hop Urban Legend, then I’m hear to tell you the legend is true. This is what it sounds like when doves fly.

Frankie X- Angels EP

Outside World’s own Frankie X gives fans just what they need for the summer, a mix of bars and bangers on “Angels EP”.


After dropping a few singles like “Janet” and “Gyalis Freestyle”, I had big expectations for Frank and he delivered, blending more melodic songs with a couple certified bangers.

The project starts off with the aggressive “The 24th Hour (Intro)” Great way to start off the project instantly locking in the listener. Frank rides the hard hitting beat with confidence, proving that he’s the best Rican rapper. The “Imma Tiger to these rap cats” line was a stand out for me.

“Benz Baby” is one of my favorite tracks on the project. The Spanish guitar sample on the beat gives it that Latin vibe, which Frank thrives on. This track shows the perfect balance between dope bars and a melodic flow. Sometimes emcees hit the melodic flow but don’t have any substance to their bars, Frank is the contrary.

“Elevate” featuring Rich Lex is on some triumphant shit. The flutes and the trickling hi hats give off a summer time vibe to me. It’s a feel good joint, but still on some flex shit at the same time. Rich Lex does his thing on the track. I really mess with Frank’s double time flow towards the end of the track.

“Taboo” featuring ASM Swerve is my favorite song on the project, they had me at the Sade sample. Really dope way to flip a classic track that we all know and love with out coming off as corny. Frank and Swerve both hold their own over the more smooth tropical production.

“As Friends” with Aja Iman is a really dope duet style track, giving both a female and male perspective. On this one Frank asks a common question “Can we fuck and still be friends doe?”. Frank killed it with the vocals and melodic flow, coming from the male perspective. Aja Iman cane at it from the female perspective, floating over the beat with some Jhene Aiko like vocals. Really great song.

It’s always something special when two of 813s dopest emcees come together on one track. “No Bonnie” a flip on the “Me and My Girlfriend” or “03 Bonnie & Clyde” style track puts Frank and Jay Browne on single mode, going against the traditional Bonnie structure. Jay Browne has been killing his features over the last few years and this is no exception. This song could have came out corny as hell but Frank and Jay really did their thing on it.

The close out track “Bite The Bullet” is on some introspective vibes, a nice change of pace at this point in the project. I really dig the message of this song, with Frank saying despite being right or wrong, he’s gonna be the bigger person and “Bite The Bullet”.

Really solid EP from Frankie X. A lot of these tracks are going to be heavy in the rotation for the summer. The only thing is I wish “Janet” was on here but I could see how it wouldn’t fit sound of the of this project.

VibeTime Art Expo

The homies over at VibeTime Magazine are back with their very first art expo. Guests will feast their eyes on some dope art from featured artists Ale Salamán, Nathaniel Perez, and Takeo from Cowboy By Takeo guests will also be able to participate in the art by bringing their old tees and sweaters to be refreshed with live screen printing.


I definitely like the interactive aspect that VibeTime is bringing for the expo. Most art shows you just view the pieces and keep it moving, but allowing people to get more hands on with the work is what will keep them coming back.

It is definitely smart to keep the Expo’s featured artists section to only three, allowing guests to spend a little bit of time at each artists booth, making the experience more personal.

Big vibes

I am unfamiliar with Ale Salamán and Nathaniel Perez but the expo gives me the perfect opportunity to get put on. Each of the featured artists seems to have a nice variety of styles that everyone will appreciate.


The homie Takeo has been in the lab going crazy as of late. Between his recent collabs with ABSTRACTPOET and his latest splash collage pieces, Cowboy is really elevating his game.

So come out and support dope art and good vibes. I really mess with what VibeTime Magazine has been doing as of late, from merch, to events, to the upcoming magazine, they are definitely a worth keeping your eye on, cause it’s only up from here.

Lil Fancy- Fan Favorite

Lil Fancy moves his way to head of the class on “Fan Favorite”.


Lil Fancy is in rockstar mode out the gate on “Less Go”. Fancy really stepped up his ad lib game on this project, adding in screams as well as other sounds to create the vibe. No one is really coming with this many wild flows and rhyme schemes. The “Crash Bandicoot” style beat fits perfectly with Fancy’s zany style. Fire track.

“MARSHAWN” featuring Indie.Indigo is a certified head knocker. The only track to have a featured artist on it, I really liked the dynamic and energy between Fancy and Indie. I didn’t know what to expect but the duo meshed well. Fancy kicks things off with that “Ahhhhhhhh” ad lib, just in case you wasn’t ready. I really dig Indie’s vocal change up on this joint. The beat provided by Heavy Kev sounds like a laser gun, adding to the chaotic vibe of the song. Shout out to Arkive

I think my favorite track on the project has got to be “Foreign”. The screeching beat provided by Key Kartel’s own Dinero Taranto sound like a jet taking off. I really love the energy Fancy radiates off this track, can’t wait to see it live.

That bell doe. “Makes No Sense” has one of my favorite hooks Fancy has done so far. Even though he’s going through some things, the percs got his back. Key Kartel really did their thing from a production aspect on the whole project. It sounds new and refreshing while still keeping it Tampa Bay.

“Ain’t Hearin It” produced by Heavy Kev is one of the more light hearted joints off the project. That “Take me to your maker” line gets stuck in my head after each listen.

“Finally Up” was made for all the celebrations and just enjoying life. Dinero Tarantino adds in some interesting sounds in the background of the production, while still hitting us with some scattered hi hats.

One of my favorite Lil Fancy songs to date has got to be “AMG Benz“. From the video to that ear worm hook this one’s got it all. My favorite part is when fancy spits “Stop Drop and Roll”. This one’s got hella quotables like that “Booty like Rikishi” bar. Heavy Kev really did his thing on this beat, giving us a more chilled out lush beat, while still making it work with Fancy’s flow.

This project has been in heavy rotation since it dropped. I even peeped this before the Kendrick album no cap. I love the aura Lil Fancy brings to the game. The entire Key Kartel produced the hell out of this project. We definitely need to see more visuals off this joint, but for now we finally up.