7Sinclair- Stories Of A Sinner

Tampa Bay’s sinner of the year 7Sinclair, gives a look into his life on “Stories Of A Sinner”.


The kick off with mad energy out the gate on the title track “Stories Of A Sinner”. The violin inspired beat is pretty dope, giving a triumphant vibe to the song. Chicks think they can play 7Sinclair but he’s already got em. Really solid way to roll into “AMG”.

The strings on “AMG” give off a out west vibe. It’s dope to see the confidence 7Sinclair has in his bars, makes it feel authentic. The piano break down towards the end was a nice way to switch up the vibe. Crazy flows up and down this track, I can see why it’s a fan favorite.

It’s safe to say “Me, Myself, & I” is my favorite track on the project. I am pretty sure everyone can relate to what 7Sinclair is spitting on this joint. I really mess with the vocals on this track. I could hear this getting played everywhere from the clubs to the radio. This gotta be the next video.

“Gone” is a straight banger. I dig 7Sinclair’s take on the FL Drill sound that has been making noise in the Tampa Bay Area over the past year or so. The vocal switch up towards the hook is one of my favorite moments on the project.

The beat on “Open Door” gives off crazy cloud rap vibes. Once again 7Sinclair does his thing with the vocals, never over doing it. We need more tracks like this.

“Closed Door” seems to have a lot of anger behind it. Even when things look rough, 7Sinclair is gonna pull through and make it work. Even when things feel up, it can all come down just like that.

The project closes out with “Hero”. This one is a really inspirational joint. People slept on 7Sinclair before but he’s better than ever on the top of his game.

Really solid project from 7Sinclair. I like the fact I can play this project at pretty much any point in the day and it fits. The vocal ranges and choices he picked on this album really fit well with the themes and production behind them. 7Sinclair progresses more with each project, and “Stories Of A Sinner” is no exception.