Kris Kites and the Rise of DIY Jewelry.

As the years go on new trends come and go. But what remains the same is the impact a creator or artist can have on a piece. In recent years the trend of DIY jewelry has taken the world by storm. From earrings to chains this so called “fake jewelry” is popping up in vending machines in Portland to going on tour with artist J.Balvin. The latter is the case for Chicago based artist and creator of Kristopher Kites whose chains have been seen on some of the biggest acts in the game.

With pieces ranging from anime to wrestling fans of all genres can appreciate the work Kites is doing. My personal favorites are the Sting chain and the various Naruto chains that were available on the site. The regular chains can go for around $300-$600 depending on the character and size. My favorite part about the Kites chains are the big links that surround each centerpiece.

In the past it was all about how much bling you had but now it’s about the artistry of the piece your wearing. Not only does each piece represent a character or something pop culture related but you know it was hand crafted by Mr.Kites himself making it even more special. Over the past few years Kites has held pop ups at various Complex Cons with Complex Con Long Beach 2019 featuring is most challenging pieces to date.

The Astroboy and Sailor Moon Kites Cases

For me the two Kites Cases are the next evolution in Kites career. I could easily see a Goku or Akira Kites Case coming in the future. These pieces make a statement without having to be flashy. These pieces are a little pricier than the regular chains Kites offers but definitely worth it. As of now the only available Kites Case is the Sailor Moon one going for $4,000.

At the moment I do not have a Kris Kites chain of my own but I am working on it. I unfortunately missed out on the Black Friday sale he had which sold out pretty much all of his stock, which just means more pieces will be coming soon. Hopefully he blesses me with that Gigantor chain I’ve been bugging him about on IG.

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