Toy Pizza and The Knights Of The Slice.

Everyone has hobbies, I happen to have several. One of them being my love for independent and designer figures. Rather than use a known property indie and designer figures give creators the opportunity to make the figures they dreamed of since the sand box days. Probably tied for my favorite company along with Unbox Industries is Toy Pizza and their Knights of The Slice Line. Toy Pizza offers 3 inch figures similar to the size of a regular GI Joe or Star Wars figure.

Jesse DeStasio and Nicholas Fung are the creators of Toy Pizza and KOTS. The original three KOTS figures released as a part of Toy Pizza’s first Kickstarter where Brick, Teal, and Lime. Now after many years in the toy game the crew at Toy Pizza has added many new characters to the universe, each one bringing a new element to the KOTS lore. Each figure features the Glyos system which allows all the figures to be customizable and interchangeable, allowing us the collector the chance to make our own figures. The company is really tuned in to what the fans want even featuring a Patreon page giving supporters a direct line to the source, and not to mention tons of exclusives and goodies.

In 2019 Toy Pizza started a year long Kick Starter project called “Action Figure Of The Month” sending a brand new figure to you door every month. Sadly I was late to the party missing out on the Kickstarter but I have picked up a few AFOTM from the ToyPizza site over the holidays. This model is definitely a big hit for me, cause what’s better than getting a new figure in the mail each month?

Although I was late to the game the KOTS FB group and community is really welcoming to new members. I would definitely recommend the Patreon for anyone interested, I myself am a Lord Of The Lava Slice tier supporter. With the internet nowadays creators are able to get in touch with their consumers, ultimately giving the world doper content.