What’s In The Unbox?

As I mentioned in my previous article on Toy Pizza, the company Unbox Industries out of Hong Kong is my favorite designer toy production company. Mainly due to their collaborations with Retroband and Fern Toy.

Little is known about the production company Fern Toy but they are by far my favorite designers in the game. Their first piece the FRN001 is the Angry Mother by Japanese artist Hiroki Tsukda is reminiscent of Ancient Mayan drawings. FRN002 the Mindseye Trooper comes in collaboration with UK sci-fi artist Will Sweeney with serval variants of the character. Finally FRN003 ZZAPS is a creation of the LA based company Brain Dead bring a sort of Adult Swim vibe to the line. As of now no word on what FRN004 will be.

The work that Unbox and Retorband have done was definitely brought to a new level last year with their Splatter House line of figures all sculpted by Retroband and The Last Zectron. Together the duo makes up one half of the Deadly Delivery collective. Along with Vilesore and David Arshawsky the Deadly Delivery team brought a new twist on the blind box or mystery box format with the “Who Goes There?” series. The line features a group of gruesome figures that one can get at random or if you buy a case you receive them all.

The group is now focused on a new wave of larger scale “ Who Goes There?” figures with the first being “GENESIIS” designed by Vilesore.

A major project that Unbox has been apart of the last few years is the “Unbox & Friends” project bringing together different designers from across the globe with Too Natthspong giving his mini take on various characters such as Retroband’s “Meats” who even got his own multicolored set.

With a whole new year of product up Unbox’s sleeve I am sure the collaborations will be even better than last years. We have Unbox and Friends Wave 3 as well whatever else is under wraps.

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