NBA to Tampa Bay?

With pro teams in 3 of the 4 major sports in American is it time for the Tampa Bay Area to finally get an NBA franchise. The area is the last major market in Florida not to have pro basketball. Teams like Orlando Magic and Miami Heat where born to rivals with Tampa.

The only pro basketball in the Tampa Bay Area is the Tampa Bay Titans out of the newly founded The Basketball League. This is a new upstart league but I would hardly even call it semi pro.

For team names I was thinking the Tampa Bay Tropics paying homage to the sunny weather and already built in fan base of the Will Ferrell film “Semi-Pro”. The Secondary logo could be similar to the Heat’s MH logo featuring a TB.

The second name I was thinking could be the Tampa Bay Gasporillas paying homage to the pirate history of Tampa Bay. The area could House a giant pirate ship, and after every 3-pointer a pirate “Argh” would go off.

A Tampa could come to Tampa one of two ways. Tampa could be given an expansion franchise by the league, or a current team could relocate to Tampa. If the New Orleans Pelicans were to relocate Zion Williamson could be the face of our franchise. We could even keep the Pelicans name since it’s the official bird of St.Petersburg.

Amalie Area is a possibility to play all the home games at with a future stadium maybe being built to house both the Rays and the Tropics. A majority of basketball fans are forced to either attend Heat or Magic games to get their NBA fix but with the Tropics in Tampa Bay they won’t have to travel an hour plus. I definitely think the Bay Area is ready for pro basketball and would be open to bringing basketball to the Bay Area. “Let’s get Tropical Tampa Bay!”