A Testament To The REACH Pack

The homies at REACH are back with the latest addition to their “Testament” collection, featuring the iconic quote “You Ain’t right with REACH, If You Ain’t Right With God”.

The brand new “Hemp” color way with cream 3-D puffed ink might be my favorite of the entire collection. It’s probably the hemp and cream color combination but this piece has a bit of NYC vibes to me like some 90s Era shit. Whenever I see this shirt I just wanna put on some Wu Tang or Griselda.

The last two color ways in the collection had more of a summer time vibe but this one was made for the upcoming Fall and Winter days. Since I have the rest of the collection it’s only right I go pick up the latest installment, you already know it’s gonna be heavy in the rotation.

Just like everything the homies drop this piece is very limited and once it’s gone it’s gone. Everything is Made In REACH.