813 Essential Reviews: Vern SR And Deezy Wee The Reaper: Sparxky & Dutch

Every once in awhile there comes a time when two of the undergrounds best come together and create an essential record. On “Sparxky & Dutch”, Vern SR & Deezy Wee The Reaper create a sonic adventure filled with pimp tyte beats and smoked out bars.


The project kicks off with the eerie “Sockem Bopper”. Verb’s flow is so cool and laid back but the way he delivers each line is what makes them stick. Deezy has one of my favorite voices in rap, this beat was made for him to reap over. Deezy has quotables for days, but the Barney Rubble line was my favorite. Great way to start off the project.

“Bussin” is that ride around in the whip making plays type track. Despite being smoked out, Vern & Deezy still got that smoke, so you better come correct. One of my favorite Vern lines is on this track when he says “ I’m an alchemist, turning nothing into something”.

“Big Tokin” gives off that day time pool party vibe. Everyone chilling on floaties smoking loud having a blast, cannon balls and everything. This is how you make a dope song about smoking without it coming off as corny or played out.

“Tube” has a bouncy beat with some hard hitting bass. The concept of this track is dope with Vern & Deezy watching themselves on TV, possibly the latest episode of “Sparxky & Dutch”. Deezy keeps is flow slower on this track but Vern speeds things up a bit on his.

“Two Lics” is on that reap shit. If they catch you lacking, Vern & Deezy just might have to hit a lic real quick. I really enjoyed the more playful vibe on this track, with Vern & Deezy taking pleasure in finding a new victim.

Now let’s get into one of my favorite tracks off the album “Putty Cat”. This one has always stuck with me, probably due to the atmospheric beat. Deezy gets in the zone on his verse, with each line creating a visual in your mind. I like the way they went back and forth on the hook. Vern’s flow is pretty sped up on the track but he rides the beat with ease.

“Mattress” sounds like it was straight out of Miami Vice, that sax hits. Deezy’s rhyme scheme on this track is very inventive, especially towards the mid point of his verse. Vern pulls up on his pimp shit, putting all his bitches in check. Just a really feel good track, love the vibe especially when things slow down at the end.

“Bruce Willis” will have you chirping back for sure. Hands down the craziest beat on the project, the homies slide this joint bringing high energy and good vibes. Vern drops mad Bruce Willis references throughout his verse.

“Stuntin” low key has that Metro Zu vibe to it but through a Tampa Bay filter. Deezy has a more slowed down flow on this one but it adds to the laid back vibe, but once he comes back in on the third verse things keep speeding up. This the credits rolling at the end of the movie type vibe.

When it comes to 813 Essentials I would say “Sparxky & Dutch” is a cult classic. Both emcees have cult like following which only grew after this project. I also really dig how they low key made a stoner rap classic as well. With part 2 on the way fans on both sides of the bay will be running back this essential for years to come.

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