Stone VS Earth

Photographer Stone is able to capture moments in time, with his Polaroid esthetic giving off a sense of nostalgia despite being in the now. I wanted to shed light on a few of his photos that highlight his artistic touches.


This first photo I call “The Jungle” is one of my favorites. The faces being covered adds to the mystery, who are these men? The crispness of the photo gives it that 90s grunge vibe you would see on the streets of NYC.

Laid back

I dig how lived in this photo feels. It could be pre game or post game chillin but either way the homie is laid back. This one has a slice of life type feel we can all relate to.


Backstage photo shoots are always a dope concept to me. Which photos make it and which photos don’t. Yes we always see the glamorous model with the edited photos but what if the raw cuts was the norm?

Red Ballon

This photo has EP cover vibes to me. It offers the viewer many questions. Who is this girl and why does she have the balloons? Are they her ballon’s or are they just wandering like a ghost throughout the streets.


This photo gives off that slice of life feel as well. The all white background makes the denim jacket stand out. Why is the fabric over the light is the first question that came to my mind.


This piece reminds me of something out of a seventies exploitation film. The model fits the vibe to a tee with her luxurious esthetic. Her face gives off a sense of longing. Despite her luxurious life style she appears to want something more, not as content with her current situation.


You can really feel the pain in this one. From the smeared make up, to bathing with clothes on. The viewer is not hip to why the model is in such a state of pain, but her longing gaze tells the whole story.


A follow up to the “Crisis” piece, this next photo reminds me of Lelia Goldoni in John Cassavetes film “Shadows”. Not only does the model look very similar to her, but her current state matches many of the scenes in the film.


This one is some high fashion shit. The old school statue adds a baroque tone to the photo. The model like the statue comes off as a piece of living art, both now being captured in time simultaneously. Medusa faces turn me into stone.


Had to add this one cause it’s gang shit. Despite the Somewhere Store being something in the now, the way Stone shoots Raheem makes the moment feel lived in, with so much history already behind it. In a few years this one his gonna hit way harder, Big NHO shit.

What I love most about Stone’s photos is the sense of nostalgic they evoke despite being taken in current time. Deep down I am an old soul, so to see someone not using crystal clear filters, and looking for that perfect IG look puts a smile on my face every time. Hopefully I can lock in with the homie and have my own time capsule created through Stone’s lens.