Charge It To The Game.

Clergy and Andy Christ are bringing some of the darkest hip hop the St.Pete scene has ever witnessed on “Juice EP”.

For the past few years now I have seen Andy Christ perform at various show throughout the Bay Area. From Palmer Squares to Xavier Wulf he’s done them all. I was waiting for to finally drop a project after dropping some dope singles with “Cheese” and “Ooo Death”. Andy Christ might not be for everyone but he definitely has found his pocket and his getting better with each release.

On the “Juice EP” Andy Christ shows he’s got single potential with “Cheese” and “Pu” being certified bangers. The visuals for “Pu” really capture the vibe of the track. The track “Charge It To The Game” is a solid tone setter off rips.

The best formula for Andy Christ is to have a banging beat he can just ride over those are my favorite tracks. Not sure what Andy Christ and Clergy got cooked up but after “Juice EP” I’ll be tuned in for sure.