It’s Tha Circle

After hearing his name being shouted out on various 727 classics throughout the years, as well as dropping a classic collab EP “MUD!”in his own right with RodxThexGod, the time has finally come for his highly anticipated project. Playrunna AV is the “Motivator”.


Playrunna AV makes the sort of Trap Music that made me fall in love with genre back in the day when I was a jit. The lyrics are more about the trap mindstate and the hustle that comes along with that, rather than just talking about how many guns you got and how many drugs you got. Playrunna’s cool delivery allows the audience to take in all the game he’s putting down. I just picture him in a smoke filled booth with the shades on.

Playrunna is no stranger to making those street anthems, and the homie found another one on “Get Ya Money Up”. This track hands down is gonna be the anthem of the summer, especially if he’s got a video in the works. If this song doesn’t motivate you to wanna get your ass up and go get that bread, than you must just be a buster.

“Ballin On Purpose” is one of my favorite Playrunna AV tracks already. I really loved the song structure as well as the different sounds that pop up throughout the beat. This is definitely one of those flexin tracks you throw on while your gettin ready for the club or function.

On “No Love” we get some introspective vibes from Playrunna. Dealing with success can be hard for some especially for the people around you. Eventually a hater or buster is gonna pop up in the circle but it’s all good cause we ain’t showin them “No Love” like AV says. It’s the sort of boss lessons like this that separate Playrunna from the rest.

The final track “Believe” ends the album out on an inspirational note, with the man himself spitting facts on the intro of the track. AV’s flow on this track is impeccable. I like how at the end AV still shows y’all he can hit ya with that drug talk when he wants.

It would be really dope if AV shot a mini movie with like a blaxploitation vibe featuring all the songs. At Jit Camp during PE we only bumping that Playrunna AV to keep everyone motivated through the work out. This EP is fire front to back of some of the hardest music ever to come out of the 727. Always trust in Tha Circle!