The Last 2

Coming off their immortal track “The Last 1”on the instant 727 classic “The Adama Effect”, Johnny Adama & Tjaru link up to craft another classic duo project, that falls in line with the other duo albums that have come out of the burg over the past few years on “Easy Money”.

Tab Rap

The first track “Out My Body” is on some boucey shit. The beat sounds like a magic wand, and the entire project was engineered in house by the master himself Rishi Beats so you know the mix is A1. Tjaru kills the hook and his verse setting the perfect chorus for Adama to drop. Adama snapped with that sped up flow towards the end.

The beat on “Patient” for some reason reminds me of the airport. I love how off rips Adama just spazzes on the track. The melodic hook is really solid and works as a good transition between Johnny and Tjaru’s verse. This is my favorite song on the entire project and is pretty much an instant classic at this point,

“Out Of Body” is the turn up track of the project. Tjaru once again kills it on the hook, I love how he is able to change up his flow effortlessly. Adama’s verse is also really dope, especially the way he starts flowing towards the end.

Dubbed “Tab Rap”, The Fix is one of my favorite joints on the project. This would for sure make an epic video. Off rips Tjaru hits you with one of the best hooks on the project. It was only a matter of time before Adama hit ya with that pimp shit. I liked the way each one ended out their verses on some rollin up shit.

I think “Tryna Chill” is gonna be one of those songs for the summer. I love the way Adama starts his verse with that “Iz you tryna link up or somethin?”. Some artists come off corny when they try to do melodic shit, but Adama always kills it, really dug that origami line shout out to Quanzaah.

Capturing that “Tab Rap” esthetic again on “I Can’t Feel My Face” Adama & Tjaru are definitely onto something with this sound. It’s like a chilled out vibe but adds just enough bounce so that we don’t get slump. I know if they made a video for this one it would be some next level shit.

Adama always brings some West Coast Hip Hop vibes to his projects and “Mowet” is a perfect example of that. This the type of joint you just put the windows down and crawl down Gulf BLVD with some loud burning. I c any say it enough but Tjaru did his thing on every hook he graces.

“Diamonds & Gold, Pt.2” is on some old school trill, Southern Hip Hop type shit. I could definitely hear this being played at your local players ball or function. It also reminds me of those old school Devin The Dude smoking tracks. This is definitely rollin up music. That beat is real funky and the verses are pimp tyte, what else could you want.

Adding some versatility to the album “Better Days” is on some introspective shit. I love the message of this track. No matter how bad things get, better days are always coming. The vivid imagery both MCs paint with their lyrics is pretty incredible.

The album ends on the chill “Fall Thru”. I love the hazy hook from Tjaru, it’s almost like he’s rapping after a long night of partying, sort of fitting for the final track. Adama kills it hitting all the high notes for the ladies on his verse. Overall great way to end out the project.

It’s pretty brazy to say but the homie Johnny Adama has dropped three of my favorite albums of the year and it’s not even June yet. He by far is my favorite artist right now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It was really dope hearing more from Tjaru and I an highly anticipating his solo project. Another big shout out to Rishi Beats for making everything come together, Jit highly anticipating his project as well. I can definitely see a “Tab Rap” sub genre being birthed from this project.