Cowboy X DEPOP: Tha Re Up

We take it back where my love for Cowboy By Takeo began, on the DEPOP page. The homie is dropping all the one of one statement pieces on here, for the true fashion sommeliers. Here’s a feature on a few of the pieces available in the shop.


Known for their Cowboy Ink splattered jean jacket statement pieces, Cowboy By Takeo flip the concept by adding the technique to pants. The vintage reworked denim is layered with a colorful pastel ink which are then in an over for multiple sessions, allowing each layer of color to pop, everything is done in house.

Whole Lotta Yella

Love the yellow hits on these Classic Levis 511 straight denim are a total vibe. I am pretty sure the yellow jean jacket is my favorite jacket piece so this feels like a companion to that. Anytime the Cowboy logo is incorporated even in small hits I’m sold. Shout out to Balaclava Boys and Fuck Tha Feds. I like how the ink almost looks like distressing.

Blowin Minds

Really dig the logo hits on the front of these Dickie carpenter denim. The ink work on the back pockets is brazy and really the centerpiece of the pants. The blue, pink, and green color splashes surprisingly work really well.

Sun Burst

The whole front of the canvas is used on this piece, coming off like an exploding sun with orange, red, and white hits. No Cowboy branding on these but the minimalism works well on this one.

Whole Lotta Cowboy
The pocket work

From no logos to a whole gang of Cowboys. These Levi carpenter denim jeans might be my favorite piece of this latest drop from Cowboy. The color work on the back pockets reminds me of a graffiti wall tagged by Cowboy.

Kaleidoscope Cowboy

I really dig how the Cowboy logo looks in white especially surrounded by the barrage of colors Cowboy implements on these vintage Levis 501. I would love to see Cowboy possibly flip this approach onto tees.

Rainy Dayz

The color drip at the top of these Levis 517 reminds me of rain that would appear on a painting but the whole idea takes another form when it’s splashed on vintage denim. For some reasons these joints remind me of NY and now I wanna bump “Hardknock” by Joey Bada$$.

Cowboy Le Fleur
Devils in the details
Next level distressing

These reworked Levi 501 capris are some next level shit. The homies at Cowboy incorporated hand embroidered flowers into the piece, brining the detail work to the next level. The pattern going down the sides of each leg is a dope touch that one might not notice on first glance.

Jackpot 💰
Au Revoir 👋

That dollar sign just hits different on these Carhartt blue jeans. One of my favorite touches Cowboy does is whenever he used a big splash of different colors he always incorporates a little white to make the whole picture pop.

Hit up the Cowboy By Takeo Depop site for all of these pieces. Commissions are always welcome so bring your ideas to life. After this insane collection of denim jeans I hope an anticipated denim collab is in reach.