813 Essential Reviews: Lil Fancy & E $krilla- Twins

Bringing a more street sound that has been missing in Tampa Bay Hip Hop scene, Lil Fancy & E $krilla push the sound forward on “Twins” with production mainly handled by Heavykev and the rest of the infamous Key Kartel. Free $krilla!


The project starts off with the bouncy “Right Over Left”. Fancy & $krilla made the perfect ride out music. The flows go brazy as well as the bars. The brim line from Fancy was a standout for me. Heavykev went stupid with the beat.

“El Stupido” sounds like it’s straight outta Brash Bandiboot. Whenever $killa or Fancy use that sort of whisper flow it’s my favorite. It’s so menacing yeah coherent even that the opps get the message. Definitely one of my favorite joints on the project.

Heavykev has one of my favorite producer tags in the game. “Wit My Naybor” is one of them ride out joints for sure. Peril Sensei & ACE NH where nice additions to the track adding in a more double time flow to the ride out sound.

“Fruit Shit” featuring Yung Slugga is some gangster shit for sure. I love that haunting sound in the background of the beat, setting the tone for Fancy & Slugga. From the John Cens reference to the Blueprint line this one has it all.

“Block Hot” featuring Q5 & Yung Slugga will definitely hit home for all the block stars. Q5 went brazy on his verse, really dug his verse. Fancy has one of the best voices for Rap I have heard. Fancy’s lyrics always feel 100% and original, he’s really out here in his own lane.

“Ceiling Fan” featuring MTE Sosa is exactly my vibe. This one reminds me of one of those old school Gucci Mane joints where him and the squad just rip a menacing piano beat. The way $krilla & MTE Sosa’s flows meshed on this one was an interesting route to go with, big vibes.

“Owe Me One” puts Fancy & $krilla in a more melodic lane but the way Fancy flips his vocals doesn’t come off as corny, he’s still on some gangster shit.

“Walk In” has one of my favorite hooks from $krilla. His faster pace flow over the glistening piano keys is the perfect pair. All the cheese references at the end of the track was definitely a highlight and dope rhyme scheme.

“Unfook” produced by Heavykev puts Lil Fancy on his western shit. The beginning sample sounds like some shit out of an old Cowboy movie, with Lil Fancy as the shooter. This one has big anthem vibes for me.

“Meg The Stallion” feels like it could be played at an Island Strip Club. The sort of Grave Mix aspect Richie Guapo provided on his remix of the track really brought a different vibe, which was a great change up at the mid point of the project. Definitely one of my standouts. This one on some Trill shit, on Prx Jit!

We are right back on that hype shit with “Once It Started” produced by Key Kartel’s own Thump Money. Love the energy and menacing piano beat on this one. The gravely whisper flows from both Fancy & $krilla bring it all together. Fancy went stupid on the hook.

“Highkey” featuring Peril Sensei just makes me wanna get in my whip and ride around the block as fast as possible burning the loudest za . The beat provided by Heavykev is light hearted but still fits in with the rest of the beats in the project. $krilla went brazy when he said “Yes I love my choppa but this Nina come in handy”.

“Of Course” puts Fancy & $krilla back over some menacing piano keys provided by Heavykev. Who knew a piano could hit this hard. One of my favorite Fancy lines is when he says “I’ve been off the porch for like 24 years, but I’m 25.”

Really love the approach Fancy & $krilla took on for the “Day N Night (interlude)”. The more slowed down track feels like something they crafted after a long day in the trap. The dreamy production by Santiago Purp brings the listener into the clouds with Fancy & $krilla.

One of my standout joints on the project is “Gucci Print”. Fancy’s deep voice brings this haunting vibe to the song, working as the perfect companion to Heavykev’s menacing beat. The video takes this joint to another level so I would definitely check that out.

“Briminal” is on some wavy shit. Both Fancy & $krilla approached this track with a more lighter flow but it works with the hazy beat. Whenever the duo pop up on a more slowed down beat they still bring mad energy, just from a different approach.

“Summertime” produced by Heavykev is on some big Tampa Bay shit. This that track you just put on at the function or beach event and will have everyone goin brazy. This is one of my favorite hooks from Fancy, I really dig when he brings more of those melodic vibes.

The beat “Ayy” starts off as some Kingdom Hearts sounding shit but then transforms into one of the hardest Trap beats I’ve ever heard. Fancy & $krilla just spazz over the flute and piano sampled production. This that shit you just way your Glock round to. The flow $krilla used towards the end of the track was a dope touch.

At this point “Meg The Stallion” is a Tampa Bay classic track. This shit needs to be playin at all the strip clubs on both sides of the bay.

“Dangerous” ends out the project on a more hazier vibe. Again Fancy is killin it with these melodic hooks. Some how the duo is able to make the tracks feel light while still saying some of the hardest street shit in the game.

For me Lil Fancy & E $krilla make the perfect street music that fits the Tampa Bay Area. You can have fun to it while still being on some gang shit. Key Kartel crafts the best soundscapes for Fancy & $krilla to reek havoc in. Really hype for Fancy’s upcoming project, but until then imma have the whole 727 ridin out to “Twin”. You know how we bumin, free $krilla!