Lo-Cost, Lo-Fi, Lo-Brow

Built of the motto “Lo-Cost, Lo-Fi, Lo Brow” Almond Records is curating and providing limited run cassettes for the physical media collector.


Recognized as ALM spine 0, St.Pete’s own Freak Scene kicks off the line with their debut album “Freak Scene Is Dead”. Bringing a mix of Noise & No Wave vibes and featuring the bands original line up, this limited run of 10 green tint audio cassettes are wrapped in burnt and damaged libertarian propaganda, matching the tone and atheistic of the project. At this moment this release is currently sold out.


Next up is a favorite of mine, ALM spine 1 is the essential sophomore effort from Open Culture “Ataraxia”. This collaboration with Darkaire is a limited run of 24 clear audio cassettes with glitter actually embedded into the tape. Open Culture is one of my favorite bands at the moment, I just love their vibe and mesh of sounds and styles. They have some of the best visuals in the game today. I have had my eye on this release for a while and will more than likely pick it up soon while it is still in print. Fingers crossed on a follow up release of Open Culture’s debut album Blue.


ALM spine 2 SSXVII’s “FERN” is limited to a run of 9 reclaimed black audio cassettes, each featuring a unique lamented sketch on each package. I am unfamiliar with SSXVII but that is what makes Almond Records so beautiful is their curation process. I probably would not have heard about this release without the work of Almond Records so shout out to them for putting jit on.

I really dig the work that Almond Records is doing right now. Their curation process and care they put into the packaging of each release is top notch. I cannot wait to see what the label releases next. Hopefully we can get a $lugg Mix put on an Orange Cassette one of these days!